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10 Best Australian Universities for Graduate Employability

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10 Best Australian Universities for Graduate Employability.

Best Australian Universities for Graduate… There are many Australian universities which are rate highly but which are the 10 best Australian universities based on Graduate employability? This article will be based on their QS World Graduate Employability Ranking for this year.

Best Australian Universities for Graduate

10 Best Australian Universities for Graduate Employability

  1. University of Sydney

First on the list of 10 Best Australian Universities for Graduate Employability is the University of Sydney and it number 5 on the QS World Employability Ranking for this year.

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 making it the first university of Australia and it provides study programs in about 400 areas of study. The school has the best scores for an Australian university for 3 of the 5 indicators which are: employer-student connections (for which it’s rated number 12 in the world), partnerships with employers (for which it’s rated number 14 in the world) and alumni outcomes (for which it’s rated number 27 in the world).

  1. The University of Melbourne

Melbourne is comely referred to as the ‘cultural capital’ of Australia and if you visit the city you would discover why when you visit the city taking in the architectural designs which would match many a city in Europe.

The University of Melbourne has an alumni would be the envy of schools around like 4 Australian prime ministers and 5 governors-general. The school is the list as one of the world’s top universities and rates as the first in Australia.

The University of Melbourne is number 6 on the World Graduate Employability Ranking for this year partly due to the caliber of its alumni and its popularity, and it rates highly for all of the 5 indicators. It is Australia’s number one university employment reputation and the number 2 for alumni outcomes, partnerships with employers, and graduate employment rate.

  1. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) was founded in 1949 is world-class for teaching and research with about 250,000 persons being its international alumni.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is the most preferred for the most important employers of labour in Australia and it is number 24 for employer reputation, number 28 for graduate employability world over. It is rated number 2 for an Australian university for alumni outcomes, with many famous and successful persons like Rebel Wilson, the present

  1. The University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland (UQ) is 1 of 3 Australian members of the global Universitas 21 (a leading global network of research-intensive universities), and one of the first members of the reputable Group of Eight coalition. For graduate employability, UQ  is rated 48 in the world this year, with number 3 in Australia for the partnerships with employers indicator.

  1. Monash University

Monash University is the largest university in Australia and in the top 100 QS World Graduate Employability and one of the first members of the reputable Group of Eight coalition. It provides study programs in more than 150 fields with special attention given to additive manufacturing, drug development, domestic violence, and sustainable design.

Monash University is number 59 on the QS World Graduate Employability.

  1. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

An institution that founded about 30 years ago, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) rated number 10 amongst the top 50 young universities in the world,  as listed the QS top 50 under 50 2020. For graduate employability, UTS is rated number 64 in the world and gets its highest score in the graduate employment rate branch at number 49, with the latest figures showing that 78 % of undergraduates living in employment are in employment 4 months after graduating.

  1. Australian national university (ANU)

The Australian National University (ANU) always in the list of the top 5 Australian university is one of the world’s best institutions for research and education, rated number 73 for graduate employability this year, having gone up whooping eleven positions from last year. ANU graduates are influential in many spheres such as politics, arts and so much more.

  1. RMIT University

Next on our list of the best Australian universities for graduate employability is RMIT University, a globally recognized institution with a highly-regarded reputation in technology, design and enterprise. It places 85th for graduate employability overall this year, and achieves its highest score for the graduate employment rate indicator. Graduates of RMIT University have gone on to pursue remarkable careers in engineering, filmmaking, the sciences and other fields.

  1. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is rated in the 101-110 category especially in the areas of strong industry connections and business connections for graduate employability overall and comes 140th in the world for its employer reputation, and proudly displays the second-highest score for employer-student connections of all the ranked Australian universities.

Some of QUT’s notable alumni include several politicians and members of the Australian Parliament, as well as journalists and reporters, television presenters, and actors and actresses.

  1. Macquarie University

Macquarie University is one of Australia’s best schools for tertiary education, rated among the top 2 percent of universities in the world, with a research percentage that’s rate in the world’s top 1 percent according to the QS World University Rankings® 2020.

It’s also popularly known for its producing graduates who are in high demand from all fields of study, sitting in the 111-120 range for graduate employability overall and currently rated 2014 in the world for its employer reputation, along with getting a remarkable score for its graduate employment rate, more than other universities in Australia.

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