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10 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

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10 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Cristiano Ronaldo.

Things You Didn’t Know About C Ronaldo… While everyone has attested to the fact that C. Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers and sportsperson and his life is public knowledge, there are many things you might not know about him.

Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About C. Ronaldo

10 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo or C. Ronaldo or CR7 as he is fondly called is a footballer for Portugal and currently for Juventus F.C of Italy.

He had won 5 UEFA Champions League : one with Manchester United and four with Real Madrid F.C, winning an incredible three consecutively.

1. Twice Ranked number one on Forbes’ world’s highest-paid football players list

When the earnings of C. Ronaldo were combined from salaries, bonuses and earnings from non-football earnings were put together, he earned $73 million in 2013-2014 and earn $79 million in 2014-2015. In the 2014-2015 earnings of $79 dollars , he was only beaten to the number one position by famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on Forbes’ list of The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes.

Consistently, C. Ronaldo has be listed as one of the world’s most marketable athletes for more than a decade and even SportsPro magazine ranked him as the 5th most marketable player in the year 2012.

2. Most followed sportsperson across social media platforms

For many reasons ranging from C. Ronaldo’s showmanship and his lavish lifestyle which he never fails to display on social media to interact with his teaming fans, he has been the most followed person on social media for many years now.

As of today, C. Ronaldo has more than 300 millions followers across all major social media platforms. This massive social media fanbase has not been beneficial for his image alone as his sponsors made an incredible $936 million in terms of media value across his social media accounts from June 2016 to June 2020.

To further take advantage of his massive followership, C. Ronaldo release two mobile apps with one released in the December of 2011, launching an iPhone game which is called Heads Up with Cristiano,  with a dedicated social networking website and mobile app in the December of 2013 called Viva Ronaldo.

3. Top scorer in Real Madrid’s and Portugal’s history

Ronaldo has score and incredible 451 goals for Real Madrid in his 9-year stay in the Spanish LaLiga club. CR7 is also Portugal’s all-time highest goalscorer with 85 goals.

He has broken countless footballing records for both Real Madrid and Portugal.

4. A great philanthropist

You might not know but C. Ronaldo is also a generous philanthropist.

Despite what most people think and the sort of selfish image he exudes, Ronaldo is actually a very generous person and gives with his heart.

Ronaldo donates blood regularly which he has explained is one of the reasons he doesn’t have tattoos as tattoos could expose the skin to infection of which would make him ineligible to donate blood regularly.

The four-time UEFA Champions League winner also donated his personal money to charitable organizations and to charitable causes. For example, in 2009, Ronaldo donated 100,000 pounds to a hospital in which his mother was treated for an illness.

Later in 2012 CR7 took care of the treatment bills of a boy with an illness which was terminal – cancer. Two years on in 2014, the former Real Madrid superstar paid 50,000 pounds surgery fee for a young child and even did a hairdo in a zig-zag fashion to commemorate the boy’s scar.

Ronaldo is an ambassador of the “Save The Children” Foundation and continues to support charitable causes around the  world.

5. Ronaldo over came a heart condition

Ronaldo was diagnosed with a heart condition when he was just 15 years old. He was diagnosed with what is called ‘a racing heart’. Doctors warned that the heart condition could put Ronaldo’s life at risk if he continued with the tedious and very physically demanding path and activities of football.

The heart condition could have been the end of Ronaldo’s career but he got respite when he underwent a laser operation which was performed on his heart to cauterize the affected part of his where he had issues. When he healed, Ronaldo returned to training and there was no looking back since then.

Ronaldo has proven he is a fighters and no illness should stop anyone from achieving their dreams one way or the other and he continues to be an inspiration to millions of heart patients around the world.

6. He is completely teetotal and straight-edged

While it is common for most young celebrities and sportspersons who are not even as successful and famous as Ronaldo is to indulge in alcohol and smoking, CR7, surprisingly, doesn’t do drugs, alcohol and smoking. Uncommon, right? Yes, it sure is but there’s a story behind that.

When asked why he doesn’t indulge in alcohol and why he actually dislikes the substance which is widely consumed among his circles, Cristiano gives a reply which is even more touching. As regards being teetotal, Ronaldo said the consumption of alcohol led to his father’s tragic death because his father was a chronic alcoholic and he doesn’t want to walk that path.

When also asked why he stays away from having tattoos done on him and never smokes, the Portuguese and Juventus star man said his regular donation of blood means he doesn’t have to do tattoos.

7. Named after a great U.S President

Most people do not know that CR7 was named after former U.S President Ronald Reagan who died just a month before Ronaldo was born.

8. He impressed scouts with his footballing abilities in just 3 days!

In 1997, when Ronaldo was just  12 years old, he impressed Sporting CP agents during a 3-day trial at the club and he was signed for a fee of 1,500 euros!

9. Most FIFA Balon d’Or wins

Along with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo has for Balon d’Or wins which is awarded to the best male footballer every year.

10. He has an international airport named after him

Yes, you read that correctly. After Portugal won the Euro 2016 on June 23 of the same year, the Madeira Airport in Funchal, Portugal was renamed after the football superstar to become Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport.

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