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10 Most Essential Questions to Ask in a Broken Relationship

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10 Most Essential Questions to Ask in a Broken Relationship.

Questions to ask your partner in a broken relationship… At some point in everyone’s life, you need to experience a broken relationship. If you have not been broken up with, then there is something wrong somewhere.

Every broken relationship teaches that life can, must and will go on but also reveals what matters most in relationships; What do we need out of relationships, What do we get out of relationships?, How much do we give? and How much do we take?.

When the person you love breaks your heart, you cannot help but have few questions you wish you could ask him/her. Below are 10 major questions to ask in a broken relationship:

  1. When did you realize you no longer have feelings for me?
  2. How was our sex life?
  3. Do you think this relationship would have worked in the future?
  4. Can we really be friends?
  5. How long have you wanted to break up with me?
  6. Was staying faithful too hard?
  7. Did you ever think of someone else during sex?
  8. Would you have preferred an open relationship?
  9. Is there anything you thought I should have done differently?
  10. Don’t you know I cared about you? I would have done anything to ensure this relationship works.

These questions will help you find out what really went wrong I your relationship and what chances you have left. You might be surprised how getting to know the reasons will be of relief to you and remember, broken relationships do happen but life goes on and what will be, will  be.

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