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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Personal Computer (PC)

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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Personal Computer (PC).

Things to Consider When Buying a PC… It can be quite confusing when it comes to buying a new laptop or desktop PC. People find it very difficult to compare prices, features, etc, to find the computer of their choice. This post will highlight 10 things to consider when buying a computer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Personal Computer



  • Budget


The first thing to consider is your budget. You will want the best but you have to go for what you can afford. So stick to your budget.


  • Brand and Service


Brand is the most important thing when it comes to computers. When buying a computer, you have two choices: Brander PC or Assembled PC. Branded PC is bought as it is released by the company and it’s more expensive than the Assembled PC. In the case of Assembled PC, you can select from different companies e.g., monitor from Samsung, keyboard from Zenith, etc.

Another important thing is service. Your computer may need repairs and you have to travel long distance to repair it. So ask if home service is available for at least a year.


  • Warranty


Internal parts like the Motherboard, DVD Writer, SMPS, etc should have warranty of at least 1 year. Some brands provide 3 years warranty but under certain conditions.


  • Processor


If you do not want your PC to be hanging, then processor is very important. People think Core 2 duo processor is the best, but I recommend i3 or i5 processor. If you are a developer or a game lover, you must go for i7 processor to enable your computer run fast and smoothly.


  • Hard Disk


Hard disk ranges from 40GB and above. The 40GB cannot store large amount of data so if you want to store large amounts of data, then I recommend you use 500GB hard disk. There are also 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, etc.


  • Ram


This is also very important. The RAM depends on the processor and the capacity of the hard disk. Your computer must have 2GB RAM for better use but if you want to use 4GB RAM, I recommend you use 2GB + 2GB RAM because if any stops working, you will only need to replace one which will save your money.

Install RAM as follows:

  1. i3 Processor with 500 GB Hard disk = 2GB RAM (minimum).
  2. i3 Processor with 750 GB Hard disk = 2GB + 2GB RAM (recommended).
  3. i3 Processor with 1TB (1000 GB) Hard disk = 4GB + 4GB RAM (recommended).
  4. i5 or i7 Processor with 500 GB Hard disk = 4GB RAM (minimum).
  5. i5 or i7 Processor with 750 GB Hard disk = 4GB + 4GB RAM (recommended).
  6. i5 or i7 Processor with 1TB (1000 GB) Hard disk = 8GB + 8GB RAM (recommended).


  • Graphic Card


Minimum of 500MB graphic card is needed for usage these days, but I recommend 1GB graphic card for developers and gamers.


  • Operating System


You must install a genuine operating system. If you will be using windows operating system, you might want to reconsider buying MAC. MAC uses a different operating system from windows but however, you can install windows on MAC.


  • CD/DVD Drive


Today the use of CD/DVD drive is reduced because of flash drives but you still have to check it on your PC before buying. You have to check if the drive is capable of reading both CD and DVD and if it can burn data.


  • Size and Type of Monitor


The latest trend is now LED monitors because they won’t affect your eyes. 18inch LED monitor is mandatory but I recommend you should buy at least 21inch LED monitor for better vision.

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