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10 Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International Student 2022

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10 Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International Student 2020.

Tuition Free Universities in Germany… Have you wondered why it seems almost all international students want to study in Germany? Whenever you view international universities for students most recommendations are for German universities, right? That’s because Germany is the top destination for free and quality education! Which is contrary to what’s obtainable in most developed nations of the world where university education runs into tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International Student

10 Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International Student

Combined with the tuition free universities in Germany is the relative low cost of living in most German cities compared to other developed countries. Germany’s immigration laws and system are also relatively more relaxed.

Below are the full list of tuition free universities in Germany for international student;

  • Frankfurt University
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • University of Mannheim
  • University of Cologne
  • RWTH Aix-la-Chapelle University
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Hamburg
  • Free University of Berlin
  • University of Leipzig
  • University of Rostock

1. Frankfurt University.


It was founded at the beginning of WWI in 1914 and has grown to become a 45,000 student capacity university with 4 campuses. It lays claim to an alumni of Nobel Prize winners.

2. Humboldt University of Berlin.

Humboldt University of Berlin is famed for its alumni who have gone on to win the most prestigious awards in various fields of endeavour! If you are looking for a top-tier school majoring in the humanities and arts then Humboldt University is the university you definitely want.

3. University of Mannheim.

This university may be a comparatively young university that was supported in 1967. International students that are accepted to college of city will study in grad school, college of Humanities, college of social science and Law, etc.

4. University of Cologne.

If you’re inquisitive about learning at an enormous German university, positively take a glance at University of Cologne. It presently has 45,000 students, that is one in all the most important student body in European nation. Owing to that, the university offers varied courses on varied subjects. Make the most of the many courses and study no matter you desire!

5. RWTH Aix-la-Chapelle University.

does one need to check at a German technical university that’s stratified within the high in European nation for engineering, science, and medication as a world student? If affirmative, you ought to positively think about learning at RWTH Aix-la-Chapelle University! it’s glorious in those fields, and additionally it’s one in all the foremost internationally minded German universities. Its partnerships with glorious establishments like TU earthenware and ETH Zurich. International students are welcome at this nice university in European nation.

6. Technical University of Munich.

Asides its famed football club, Bayern Munich and its storied history, this university is also located in Munich. This prestigious school has 17 Nobel Laureates as its alumni since its inception about 150 years ago. It’s perfect for biomedical developments. What more proof is needed to assert that it is a top-tier school?

7. University of Hamburg.

Since 1919, this university has educated thousands of students, several of whom have enriched the lives of the many around the world. With  a net worth with the 600 million euros region, it’s and continues to be one in all the most effective German universities for international students.

8. Free University of Berlin.

Established throughout the conflict Era, the Free University of Berlin pictured the liberty of the city district, that was the stark distinction to the dearth of freedom in East Berlin. International students will attend this recognized university for free! therefore apply!

9. University of Liepzig.

www.uni-leipzig.de/en  This city is especially interesting because it has a lower cost of living than most of the city universities on this list.

10. University of Rostock

As stated on the official website, www.uni-rostock.de/en has a 14,000 students capacity with staff numbering about 3,000 and one of the oldest universities still functioning in Europe.

How to Apply for Admission to Tuition Free Universities in Germany.

www.daad.de is the best website to search out information about universities in Germany. With DAAD, you’ll explore for any undergrad or postgraduate (Masters or PhD) courses in these Universities.

On the left section of the page, you’ll research your search result by getting into a keyword like “Business”,  “Engineering” or any filed you’re inquisitive about so the search returns solely business or engineering-related courses.

Whatever the course you select, you’ll any filter (under Degree/level) by selecting whether or not you’re looking for a Bachelor, Master, PhD / doctor’s degree, school assignment Course, Language Course or a brief Course. If you selected entered Engineering on top of and opt for Master degrees, search the DAAD website, you’ll see Master’s courses in Engineering.

You can also opt for the sector of study by selecting one in all the choices underneath “Field of Study”. There are several choices in this category however the necessary here is that the last one “More”. There you’ve got “Tuition fee”, opt for “none” so you simply courses in faculties wherever tuition fees aren’t paid.

When you click on a selected course, you’ll see all the main points there; course summary, admission necessities, language necessities, course programme and the way to use. Some need that you just apply on to the varsity whereas alternative raise you to use through Uni-Assist.

The course page link is usually enclosed, click www.uni-assist.com  to browse additional details, particularly the documents you wish to submit. Since necessities and procedure vary slightly for each establishment, browse additional details on the web site of the establishment you would like to use to.


Do note that most German public universities are tuition free but to be certain you have to check the www.daad.de website regularly to see update list of tuition free universities in Germany. Private universities, however, require you pay tuition fee in Germany.

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