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10 Worst Courses to Study in any University in Nigeria

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10 Worst Courses to Study in any University in Nigeria.

Worst Courses to Study in any University in Nigeria… While how good a course is sometimes depends on the area of specialization the student ventures into and how well he or she studies the course, there are many course that are the worst to study in Nigeria. For many reasons which might range from the non-specialization of the course to no low demand for the persons who specialize in the course.

Worst Courses to Study in any University

10 Worst Courses to Study in any University in Nigeria

Many of these course would be perfect to study in other climes but in Nigeria, there are just not fit for the job market as the wages might be low, there might be low demand for the graduates of the courses which would mean low employment rates and the course might be seemingly irrelevant – seeming because the reality projects that- in Nigeria.

  1. Physical Education

Helping folks reach their fitness goals could be a noble pursuit, however it’s one that comes while not nice monetary reward or job opportunities. With scant on-line job postings and therefore the third-lowest median beginning wage of the 129 majors we have a tendency to check out, the probabilities of finding work as a recent grad are not terribly promising.

Some graduates head back to high school and train to become chiropractors or physical therapists, which provide higher salaries and a lot of hospitable job markets.

A better bet: Fitness junkies might go any with a degree in health sciences. This broader major still touches on science, biology and health, however it’s higher earnings potential.

  1. Crop Science

Crop science majors emerge from faculty as consultants on foliage however not within the type of money. With fewer than four hundred on-line job postings altogether of 2013, graduates WHO are not going into the private corporation have slim prospects for locating employment. Courses in greenhouse management and plant biology will created students for jobs as plant and soil scientists upon graduation.

A better bet: however regarding instead majoring in architecture, that puts you guilty of coming up with the layout of the plants, not pruning them?

  1. Animal Science

Animal scientists work closely with farmers and ranchers to implement new technology in maintaining quality stock. Be ready to check animal anatomy and perform dissections. Several animal science majors pursue advanced degrees in specialties like nutrition and life science, however animal scientists—who typically hold an expert or doctor’s degree degree. 

A better bet: Graduates wanting to bring home a lot of bacon will communicate food science as a viable different. Professionals will fancy a more well-off way. Students take courses in food chemistry, food internal control and management, and food biological science, among different subjects, to make sure that they’re well ready to stay the food provide safe and healthy.

  1. Music

Only a get ready to observe cash as a result of their inventive skills, and musicians are not any exception. Not everybody will win a Grammy. However associate college boy degree in music does not essentially cause a life on the road making an attempt to form it huge together with your band.

There abound opportunities as music academics in faculties and as non-public instructors, albeit not a large amount. Expect to pay heaps of your time active your craft and playacting before of professors.

A better bet: If you’re resolute following a career in music, think about adding a second major as insurance just in case the cruel music occupation is not kind to you. Any space of interest can work, but history could be a sensible possibility as a result of it’ll provide perspective to the music history categories you may take as a part of your primary major.

  1. Christian Religious Studies

Christian Religious Studies majors will expect to pay time learning a biblical language, doing service work and finding out abroad. Several students maintain to school, which may cause a footing as a philosophy or spiritual studies teacher. However a academic degree alone in biblical studies will not internet you the maximum amount.

A better bet: A a lot of general concentration in philosophy might work miracles for students’ career prospects. This major does not essentially shut the door on a spiritual profession; Pope John Paul II was a philosophy major, after all. A median mid-career wage of $78,300 for philosophy majors does not hurt, either.

  1. Early Childhood Education

With very cheap beginning and mid-career salaries on our list, kid and family studies majors may need bother providing for his or her own families. Students will expect to require courses covering topics like up to date family problems and kid and kid development. Observation-based studies can function the backbone of most analysis work, and graduates can have down pat the phases of human development from female internal reproductive organ to grave.

A better bet: Why limit your focus once you might study one thing a lot of large-scale, such as sociology? Majors find out about human interaction in society, with a spotlight on analyzing the intricacies of relationships among teams. Social science graduates area unit a lot of enticing job candidates in an exceedingly wide selection of fields, even those apparently unrelated to social science, as a result of their understanding of human interaction and robust analysis skills. By mid-career, the median wage of a social science major is fifty eight on top of that of a toddler and family studies major.

  1. Home Economics

An academic degree has become the quality for associate increasing range of entry-level positions, however is it extremely definitely worth the blow to your (or your parents’) bank account? It depends on what you study. Whereas a serious in finance may okay place you on the trail to a remunerative career, a degree in underwater basket weaving will not.

We examined employment and earnings knowledge for 129 common faculty majors to spot courses of study that generally cause little salaries for each recent graduates and knowledgeable employees. We have to study and focus in majors that are not in high demand on the net job marketplace. Finally, we have a tendency to check out professions associated with these majors to examine which of them have the foremost discouraging long prospects for job growth. 

Pursue anyone of those majors if that is wherever your passion lies, as a result of what you study in class is simply one part of the general package you gift to prospective employers. Simply be ready for the truth that some majors will limit your career opportunities and earnings potential when graduation. Take a glance at the 2014-2015 list of the ten worst faculty majors for your career.

  1. Social Studies

Social Studies is actually one of the courses students who study it certainly regret. The option of being a teacher in the field in Nigeria is even limited because there’s a new requirement that prospective teachers need to have a degree in education, at least so as odd as it might seem, social studies education is pushes a social studies degree further down the rank. 

  1. Theatre Art

In Nigeria, the drama and performing arts industry isn’t exclusive to graduates of theatre arts and they face even more competition from graduates of other fields who take up most of the positions. Take a look at Nollywood, for example.

  1. Library Science

Library Science is seemingly redundant since libraries are mostly not functional, made worse by the onset of the digital age. The only options for those who study this course would be to get academic appointments and the academic retainer level in Nigeria for library science is actually low.

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