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100 Intel Phone Interview Questions for Internship – Expected Questions

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100 Intel Phone Interview Questions for Internship – Expected Questions.

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Intel Phone Interview Questions for Internship

100 Intel Phone Interview Questions for Internship

  1. Tell me a little about you
  2. Professionally, what would you consider your greatest strength?
  3. Professionally, what would you consider your greatest strength?
  4. Why exactly do you want to get this job?
  5. Why should we employ you?
  6. What exactly would you be bringing if you are employed to improve on this job?
  7. What exactly is your personal philosophy?
  8. Describe yourself in a sentence?
  9. What do you feel makes you stand out from the crowd?
  10. What motivates or inspires you?
  11. In what ways would you define success?
  12. Five years from now, what do you hope to achieve?
  13. How would this job position compliment the career path you have chosen?
  14. What are your hobbies?
  15. What were the duties assigned to you in your previous job?
  16. How would you describe your work style?
  17. What did you enjoy doing most in your last job position?
  18. What exactly did you dislike most in your last job position?
  19. What would your previous boss say are your best strengths?
  20. What would your manager say are areas that you need to develop more?
  21. Describe how you come to a decision about anything
  22. What would you contribute to make Intel Phone better?
  23. What are you expecting in your next job?
  24. Describe your leadership style
  25. Can you describe the best manager you ever had?
  26. Can you describe the worst manager you ever had?
  27. How do you consistently effectively manage your time?
  28. How are you planning your career development?
  29. How do you plan to self-improve in the next year?
  30. How has your education thus far gotten you ready for this job?
  31. If you got this job, what exactly would your goals be?
  32. How do you organize yourself?
  33. Do you prefer working in: In a team or working alone?
  34. Can you describe a situation in which you had to demonstrate leadership?
  35. Give an example of how you handled criticism of your work?
  36. Describe a time you had to deal with heavy workload?
  37. If you were asked to take on more duties than you could possibly finish by the expected deadline, what would you do?
  38. Can you give me an example of a time you had to follow a directive you didn’t agree with?
  39. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond expectations at work.
  40. Have you ever worked with someone who refused to be committed to a job? How did you handle it?
  41. Have you ever had trouble working with a previous boss?
  42. Can you tell me about a period your manager disagreed with something you did? How did you handle it?
  43. How do you handle stubborn clients?
  44. How do you handle situations that are stressful?
  45. How did you handle a co-worker always antagonizing you at work?
  46. Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a colleague?
  47. Describe a time you failed at your assigned duties?
  48. How do you give someone news which isn’t good?
  49. Have you ever gone against administrative directives? Why did you do so and what happened?
  50. Can you give me an example of a disagreement you were involved at work? Describe how you dealt with it. 
  51. Explain what teamwork means to you specifically?
  52. In a place of work, mention five things you look out for
  53. How would you handle a colleague you don’t get along with?
  54. How well do you adapt to changes around you?
  55. What are you most passionate about?
  56. What goals do you think Intel Phone Company possess?
  57. Who inspires you the most and why do you think so?
  58. What’s motivation for coming to work daily?
  59. Describe how it was like working at your last firm?
  60. Mention some of your workplace values?
  61. Do you prefer a more planned work environment or one where you can be more independent?
  62. What workers with which personality types do you work most productively with?
  63. Which off-work activities are you involved in and how does it add value to your work life?
  64. How would friends and family describe you?
  65. It seemed you were attached to working with your last firm? How quickly can you adapt to working with Intel Phone?
  66. From your CV it seems you have been changing jobs frequently. Why is that so?
  67. If you got this job, how long do you plan to work with Intel Phone?
  68. How much did you earn at your last job position?
  69. What do you expect to earn at Intel Phone?
  70. Why have there been significant gabs in your job history?
  71. What have you been doing in between job and how has it improve you as a person?
  72. You have no prior managerial experience so what makes you think you are qualified to head a team?
  73. Why do you want to join Intel Phone?
  74.  What do you hope to achieve while working at Intel Phone?
  75. Why should we give you the job in spite of the numerous other qualified applicants for this job?
  76. If you received a better offer, would you quit Intel Phone to take up the offer?
  77. Can you tell me the other companies you are applying to?
  78. Why did you work as a freelancer for such a long period of time?
  79. What made you to leave your last job position?
  80. Tell me the reasons why you want to leave your current job?
  81. In your CV, you seemed to have done jobs that aren’t related to your chosen career. Why is that so?
  82. If you had to start living your life all over all, what exactly would you change? What would you do differently?
  83. If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?
  84. If you could back to the university, what would you have done differently?
  85. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
  86. Tell me one new thing you learnt by yourself in the last year?
  87. You would be working in the phone design department, what about Intel Phone design would you change?
  88. You have three minutes. Sell one of Intel Phone products to be?
  89. Which competitors’ phone product in our product range do you think we should match?
  90. How did you know about this job vacancy?
  91. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?
  92. If you were given the opportunity to become Intel Phone boss for a day, what are the first five things you would do?
  93. What makes Intel Phone unique from our competitors?
  94. Which Intel Phone product or service should we work on or begin?
  95. Which Intel Phone product do we need to phase out?
  96. How would you review our customer service?
  97. What do you think about Intel Phone generally?
  98. What do you think of Intel Phone products? How can they be improved?
  99. How much do we pay you?
  100. Do you have any questions for me? 

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