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15 Tips on How to Apply and Work for Google

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15 Tips on How to Apply and Work for Google.

Work for Google… Google is one of the largest and richest corporations in the world with interest in everything digital. It started off as just an online search engine, then a rival to Yahoo and Bing. Over the years Google has expanded from just being a search engine to building mobile apps, to owning Android Operating System (OS), to being an advertisement giant on the internet to website development to provide internet services and much more.

Tips on How to Apply and Work for Google

15 Tips on How to Apply and Work for Google

In this digital age, our lives are synchronized with the internet from our social media accounts to applying for jobs online and so much more. As a tech company and a youth-friendly organization, the allure of working in Google is understandable. With the good reviews Google gets for its staff-friendly environment it creates for its employees to having a high welfare program, this allure is even more stated.

You must have asked this question severally, “How do I work with Google or get a job at Google?” Almost every young educated person I know wants to work with Google and you can imagine the number of applications it gets daily.

In this article, I would be explaining 15 tips on how to work with Google. Of course, you need all the help you can get to help you secure your dream job of working with Google. They are stated below.

Tips on How to Work With Google.

1. GET RELEVANT SKILLS – You should realize by now that with the increased competition for jobs available at Google, applicants or candidates with the most relevant skills are better placed to be selected for employment.

For example, if you intend to work as a programmer with Google, it is important to not just learn the relevant programming skills but perfecting it till you become an expert in that field. The same applies other jobs at Google such as marketing and others.

2. SHOW PROOF THAT YOU ARE INNOVATIVE – Google as a company is known for its innovative and ground-breaking ideas and such ideas are cultivated and grown by Google workforce. It is only fair that when Google recruits people into its workforce, those who have proven history of relevant innovative ideas in their field would be selected to continue its tradition of being a leading playing in digital content development.

3. APPLY FOR INTERNSHIP AT GOOGLE AND REFERRALS FROM ITS PARTNERS TOO – Applying after internship at Google would mean you are familiar with the Google culture and its aims and objectives. It would also mean you are familiar with work at Google and your productivity can be fast-tracked as you don’t have to be trained again. Referrals from reputable sources are also good too. If you are an alumni of a prestigious university, for example, a referral from a leading researcher in a related field would be important.

4. SEARCH FOR GOOGLE DESIGNATED RECRUITERS – You would mostly find these persons on LinkedIn and can connect with them. If you don’t have an account, you should create on and make sure you include necessary details to boost your portfolio.

5. Become an expert in your field but become knowledgeable in other fields too. Have a rounded view of the world as you might have to work on many projects even outside your primary field and would require the knowledge you have acquired over time.

6. Focus on your skills and innovations instead of your grades if they are too low. In fact it is better to leave them out of your CV until it is required just as you would do to references.

7. Acquire as much experience as you can before applying to work with Google because by then your portfolio would be good and well-rounded and the work experience and acquired skills improve your chances of getting a job with Google.

8. Make sure your CV highlights all the relevant skills you have learnt, the seminars you have attained and the certification you have. A packed CV gives you an advantage.

9. Prove whatever technical skills you have by stating them when you apply.

10. State what made you attracted to working at Google.

11. If you have worked on project as part of a team before, highlight it.

12. Have good interpersonal skills

13. State in clear terms how you can improve Google

14. Have good communication skills

15. If you have ideas on how to improve a department at Google, state it. Being innovative and forward-thinking would endear you to the HR Personnel.


Even with the competition you face with others to work at Google, once you follow the tips above, your chances of getting to work with Google are increased.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

♦ Do I need to have a degree to work with Google?

It depends solely on the job requirements of the position you are applying for. If it’s a marketing job, a media publicity job or a customer care representative job, degrees are usually a requirement.

On the contrary, there are cases where having a degree isn’t a strict requirement. For example, programmers have been employed at Google who have no degree. In this case, more emphasis is placed on the mastery of the programming skills, the experience with programming and how innovative the candidate is which would be stated when his or her portfolio is made available or during the interview.

♦ Do I have to be present a Google headquarters to submit my application or work at Google?

No. Being present in person is not a requirement except otherwise stated. Google has many work at home programmes which suit everyone. Google also has partners and subsidiaries in many countries of the world you can work from.

In this digital age and with Google at the forefront of driving this digital expansion, applications and interviews can be submitted and conducted online respectively. Video calling features aid the interview process and saves time and cost for both parties.

♦ Can a foreigner work with Google?

Certainly. Even if you are recruited to work at Google Headquarters in the USA, the company can help you obtain a work permit which would make you work legally in the USA.

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