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15 Ways to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions

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15 Ways to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions.

Common Admission Interview Questions… So you have applied to a school of your choice and you have been notified of the interview date. Expectedly you are jittery and anxious because you don’t know what you expect and you are pressed to make a good first impression because, after all, you would have to be dealing with the interviewer subsequently when you start school.

Answer Common Admission Interview Questions

How to Answer Common Admission Interview Questions

Not to work, you are not alone. Most students are anxious about admission interview questions and rightly so. The interview questions are basically a way of the interviewer who is representing the school to gauge many things about you from your educational life to personal life to your general outlook on life.

Luckily, we have you covered and we would be addressing the common admission interview questions and how you can successfully answer them.

These are common admission interview questions and how you can answer them. Make sure you study the questions and the similar ways of addressing them.

1. Why did you choose this school and not any other school?

When answering this question, start by stating how the school better aligns with the course or subject you intend to focus on. Mention the great reviews about the school you have read and heard about and how it was recommended by someone you trust.

2. Tell me about yourself.

You start by stating your name, age, and a few other personal details. Don’t give away information that are not relevant to the interview like your parents being divorced or losing your grandma of recent. That information isn’t relevant.

3. Why did you choose your course of study?

State what you like about the course of study, its relevance and how your acquire skills would help you study it better and how it would in turn help further your goals of reaching a chosen career field.

4. What do you think you can contribute to this school?

If you are a sports person, for example, you could say apart from your educational inputs you hope to help take the school sports team to greater heights.

You hope to learn as much as possible while in school, participate in educational and other activities which are even inter-school to bring glory to the school.

5. What do you hope to achieve during the duration of studentship in this school?

Be honest and use your imagination. “I hope to not just get certified and pass in flying colours, but I want to learn as many skills as possible which would help be reach the very pinnacle of my chosen career.

I want to take advantage of the numerous facilities the school has to self-develop and become better when I graduate than when I got admission. I intend to leave my mark in the annals of the school.”

6. What do you think are your best achievements?

Mention what achievements you have made so far and state the best of them all. How about this example?

“During the last Christmas break, I took time out to learn web development just to fill the free periods I had and in three (3) months, just from watching Youtube videos and downloading materials from other websites, I learn how to design basic websites.

Just last week when my sister wanted to state a non-profit charity with limited funds, I helped her design a beautiful and functional website and it has been serving its purpose. She and every member of my family and friends were so surprised because they didn’t know I had such skills and had been learning privately. It made me so proud.

7. How would your friends and family describe you?

My friends and family would say I am very opinionated and always try to overcome every obstacle. I try as much as possible to make peace with people I have wronged and they can always count on me.

8. What is your greatest strength?

I am very analytical. I try not to miss anything as I pay attention to detail. This has made a lot of people depend on me especially in situations such as even management and I am easily assigned leadership roles because my analytical skill means I plan well.

9. What’s your greatest weakness?

I always ensure I win arguments or come out tops in discussions and competitions and when I lose it hurts me badly and my mood affects those around. I have in the last few years started to work on my weakness and there’s been significant improvement. I have learnt to listen to other people’s opinions and realize I don’t know everything about all life issues. I have been better off as I have learnt a lot from listening to people during discussions and arguments instead of being obsessed with winning the arguments.

10. If you had the Power to change one of your Past decisions, which would it be?

If I had the power to change one past decision it would be to focus more in literature class while in school and try out writing more. It took me a few years after to realize I loved writing and I would take writing as a career instead of being in science classes more.

But I have realized no knowledge is wasted and the lessons learnt in science classes can be put to good use as a writer and help me become a better writer.

11. What’s your opinion of this school?

The school is a top rated school. It seems to give a lot of focus to the arts as it does to the sciences and that would help me become a more balanced and educated person.

12. Which person has had the greatest influence in your life?

My father. Growing up I spent a lot of time with him and with him I learnt a lot of skills. Unlike what I hear about a lot of fathers he is open with us his kids and he treats my mother right and I have never seen him humiliate her before. That has really impacted me as I consider him a role model.

13. What’s your philosophy about life?

Live and let’s live and always try to be a better person than you were yesterday.

14. If you had to pick three books to read for a year outside your academic work, which would they be?

There are many books I love but if I had to chose three they would be:

  • Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown;
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie and;
  • Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

They are so many questions and consequent answers which are asked during admission interviews but the ones stated above are the common ones. Make sure you research about the school and course before going for the admission.

Be very honesty as honesty is a virtue that would endear the interviewer to you.  Make sure you take time answering the questions and be articulate with your answers. Good luck with the admission interview and see you at the top!

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NG Team.

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