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16 Reasons You Have Not Gotten To… Where You Wants To Be

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Do you sometimes wonder why
you are not successful yet ?
Does it disturb you that you are
not yet where you want to be by
now? I am sure I’ve got some
answers for you.

Here are 16 reasons you are not
yet were you want to be;

1) You Haven’t Really Decided Yet Deciding where you would
rather be is the first step to
getting there. If you cannot
define where you want to be,
then it doesn’t matter if you
remain where you are. When
you know where you are going,
it is easier to recognize the
opportunities that will take you

2) You Have No Goals To Get You
There: Goals are blue prints to
your desired future. Is not
enough to know where you will
rather be; how to get there is
equally important too. Goals help
you stay on course and focus on
what matters. Without goals you
are likely going to drift and
wander through life and end up
achieving little or nothing.

3) You Don’t Believe In Yourself: If
you do not believe you can, you
will never make any reasonable
step towards your goals. Many
judge their abilities base on the
opinion of others. Discover your
strengths and take pride in
them. Whatever you chose to
believe about yourself affects
your performance.

4) You Have Allowed Fear To
Paralyze You: It could be fear of
failure, fear of perfection or any
other kind of fear. The smart
way to deal with you fears is to
take a bold step forward. When
you just focus on them, they
seem to magnify beyond
proportion. However, when you
face your fears and doubts, new
worlds will open to you.

5) You Act Without Thinking: Some
people often act on impulse the
moment an idea hits their mind
without thinking it through.
Acting without thinking easily
leads to disappointment and
frustration. Someone described
the idea of acting without
thinking as shooting without
aiming. And that’s true. So next
time you want to act think it
through first. If it is worth it,
give it your hardest hit.
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6) You Think Without Acting: While
some act without thinking,
others think without acting.
Both will give you the same
result – keeping you where you
are. You may be good in
churning out good ideas like an
idea factory but if you do not act
on those ideas, it makes no
difference. Learn to work on
your ideas, refine them and act
on them.

7) You Are Not Willing to Start
Small: Great things start small. I
believe you’ve heard that. Don’t
wait to start big. A journey of a
thousand mile begins with a
step. Start with what you have
where you are and there is no
telling how far you can go.
Learn to start small and go on to
make a big difference.

You Are Waiting For The Perfect
Time: If you fall in this category,
here’s a lesson for you from the
wisest man that ever lived, “He
who observes the wind and
waits for all conditions to be
favourable will not sow, and he
who regards the clouds will not
reap.” The truth is there is
practically no perfect time so if
you keep waiting for it. You are
going to wait till the end of your
life. And guess what? You still
won’t find it!

9) You’ve Not Learnt What You Need To Learn: Never run from
what you know you need to
learn. To attain a new level, you
require a corresponding
knowledge. Often times what
keep us stagnant is ignorance.
When you know what you are
supposed to know, you will
likely do what you are supposed
to do. Take time identify and
learn what you need to learn
and your world will change

10) You Still Love Your Comfort
Zone: For whatever we desire in
life there is a certain risk and
price to pay. You must have
heard that if you want what you
have never achieved before, you
have to do something you have
never done. That’s simply the
way it is. If you want it bad
enough, step out of your
comfort zone and pay the dues.
Stop playing safe; you never can
tell how far you can go until you

11) You Are A Quitter: Many of us
lack patience. Learn not to quit
too soon. Give your dreams time
to materialize. Those who quit
never knew how close they
were to achieving their dreams.
Every successful story I have
heard was dotted with pains,
failures, challenges etc. What if
they had quit? Once you are
convinced it’s what you want,
hang on till it becomes a reality.

12) You Are Imitating Someone
Else: It pays more to be YOU.
Real success favours originals;
stop competing with and
imitating others. You may have
some weaknesses; we all do.
Keep working to be the best
you can be. Imitation is only

13) You Are Still Holding On To Your
Past: We are likely not going to
make any meaningful step
forward if we still hold on to our
pasts. Many are good in using
their memories more than their
imaginations. Your memory
favours your past, your
imagination favours your future.
Holding on to past hurts makes
the future look dim and cripples
meaningful steps towards it.

14) You Are Still Playing The Blame
Game: Many are good in
blaming situations,
circumstances and people for
whatever goes wrong in their
lives. Well, you are likely going to
remain where you are until you
learn to take responsibility for
your life. Nobody else
determines what happens in
your life but you. The earlier you
accept that the better.

15) You Lack Discipline: Nothing
worthwhile is ever achieved
without discipline. You certainly
lack discipline if you allow
irrelevant things to waste your
time, get you distracted and
derailed from your major aim.
You must learn to manage your
time and stay focused in
achieving your goals.

16) Time And Chance Happens To
Them All: You may have not
been guilty of all these points I
mentioned above. You’re sure
you have followed every success
principle you know of and it
seems you are not there yet.
Well, all I can say is HOLD ON a
bit more! It is not over yet (I am
trying not to sound like a
preacher). There’s a season and
time that makes it all beautiful.
Wait for it. It could just be one
more step, one more
opportunity. You never can tell.
We all won’t get there the same
time and yours could be next

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