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2022 Election Predictions in America Who Will be the Next President

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2020 Election Predictions in America Who Will be the Next President.

With 2020 mid-term elections almost here, the speculations and predictions are back in full swing.  Here we have listed the list of the predictions for the 2020 presidential election in Nigeria. Who would become the President of the USA in 2020?

2020 Election Predictions in America

2020 Election Predictions in America Who Will be the Next President

The arrangement of this list is based on the poll result conducted by www.predictit.org . It should be noted that the politics of things could change with the every changing dynamics of the US political atmosphere.

1. Donald Trump

Incumbent President Donald Trump has the power of incumbency. He is certain to run unchallenged by any Republican Party member and the party has increasingly won many elections since the 2016 Presidential elections. He has somehow managed to have a following of people who follow his now famous campaign slogan “MAGA!”( Make America Great Again).

Recently, according to an opinion poll by credible non-partisan American opinion polls, Black and Hispanic confidence in Trump’s administration has up more than 100% to about 37% from what it was during the 2016 elections.

2. Joe Biden

Most opinion polls until recently would rank Mr. Joe Biden low until recently when most people have indicated with their poll votes that they would actually want him as President. The name factor works certainly. Mr. Joe Biden is a recognizable name and has been without damaging scandal or controversy so far.

He was Vice President under the Obama administration and would sure enjoy support from Obama loyalists in the party and beyond.

3. Kamala Harris

Harris recently told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt that she’s “not ruling out” a 2020 presidential run. However her actions could speak louder than her words. She was the first elected person to insist that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen  resigns over the Trump administration’s family-separation policy. She has additionally somewhat recently stating that there would be no receiving of money from company PACs.

Kamala Harris has been really involved in Health and Immigration committees and issues for a while now and she has been arguably the most vocal proposed Democratic Party candidate recently. She has gained traction with a lot of Americans. With the clamour for a female President in many years and she doubles as a woman of colour, the moment is gaining that Kamala Harris has been tipped as the candidate to watch out for.

4. Bernie Sanders

In 2016, Sanders was one in every of Democrat candidates. He fell short that year, however his progressive views have drawn him many followers amongAmericans . 2 years before he was beaten to the ticket by Hillary Clinton however he continued to stay politically relevant thanks partly to his group Our Revolution. He’s dedicated to discussing health and education problems. He would be 77 Years by the time the elections arrive and most people are uncomfortable with this.

Many of his supporters still feel that Bernie was cheated out of the nomination by the Democratic National Committee  and that supporting Hillary Clinton was a miscalculation. Her defeat at the elections was proof enough for them assert this and that Bernie would have been a far better candidate.

5. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is legislator from Massachusetts and may be a fierce opponent of the present president. She’s going to be the forerunner for Democrat candidate in 2020.Signs that she’s going to run workplace area unit evident as she is already raising cash for her campaign. At the instant she has $12.8 million to her name, that is far quite the other candidate. Same as Sanders she belongs to the leftist advocate.

6. Cory Booker

Senator Booker hasn’t conclusively stated in clear terms that he would run for presidency but he however has stated that he is focused on getting Democrats stay in office for the 2020 mid-term election and might make up his mind soon. Good luck, Cory! We hope you make that decision soon!

7. Kirsten Gillibrand

A legislator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand is represents on the legislative seat once occupied by Hilary Clinton. She gained broad support once advocating against gender impropriety. Once the allegations of assault against Al Franken became public, Gillibrand initiated the many calls that he resigns from office.

She worked in the Bill Clinton presidency and she has criticized him saying he should have resigned especially in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal which rocked his last term in office.

If she gets to be the one to run against Donald Trump the campaign would be really exciting. Why? When Trump’s sexual assault allegations where brought up, Gillibrand was at the forefront of insisting he steps down as President.

8. Mike Pence

He’s the U.S Vice President  is unlikely to run as a Republican candidate in 2020 and even so is unlikely to be nominated as one, however his chances are high that truly quite smart. just in case Trump gets impeached (and the likelihood grows larger each day), Pence can mechanically become the President.

He can then need to, for the remainder of the term, persuade the of Republican Party to be their candidate.  If he decides to run, Mike Pence can do well at the polls when the time comes. It is unlikely but if for many reasons Trump gets iumpeached, Pence would be in poll position to take advantage of that.

9. John Kasich

John Kasich is the Republic governor of Ohio and although he ran as a nominee in 2016, he is not certain of running in 2020. His style of politics differ from Donald Trump’s and has been one of the most vocal critics within the Republic party of the incumbent President.

10. Amy Klobuchar

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar currently represents Minnesota. She is big on women rights and immigration too. She has been known to oppose Donald Trump on many issues and has consistently called him out for what she thinks are his misogynistic ways.

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