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65 Sweetest Happy Birthday Wishes and Text Messages to Love Ones

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65 Sweetest Happy Birthday Wishes and Text Messages to Love Ones.

Have you ever thought about the perfect birthday wishes and text messages you could send to a loved one or loved ones? The perfect text message which would capture how you feel about them, how to appreciate them and let them know you value their friendship and love. Whether for a friend, siblings, parents, spouse or lover and for relations, knowing how to send the right messages would ultimately strengthen the bond you have with them.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Text Messages

65 Sweetest Happy Birthday Wishes and Text Messages

Most times, the real issue is, how does one fit what one truly wants to say to a loved one in a text message without being too bulky but still pass the message across? The importance of sending messages on such occasions cannot be overemphasized. Everyone loves to feel appreciated, valued and, especially, loved.

Below are our pick of the sweetest and most heartwarming happy birthday wishes and text messages to send to love ones. We have made 65 of our best picks. Do enjoy

Birthday Wishes and Text Messages to Friends and Lovers

  1. As you clock another milestone in life, I wish you the best of what life has got to offer. Happy birthday, the dearest of friends!
  2. If I have any regret about meeting you, it is about not meeting and knowing you since birth. Friends do not come any better than you. Have a fun-filled birthday, Sammy.
  3. The world was blessed the day you were born. Continue to spread the kindness you are known for. Have an enjoyable birthday, Sandra!
  4. If I had to make a list of dependable and trusted friends, you would top it every time. Age with grace, Mr. Johnson.
  5. You have a heart of gold and even the sun can’t match the brightness you bring to the lives of everyone around. May your birthday bring you good tidings.
  6. I had to cancel this text twice because it nearly doesn’t capture all I wish for you. May God give you long life, prosperity and happiness.  Amen! Happy birthday!
  7. I hope your birthday is simply like you–fun, sweet, and surrounded with love! Happy birthday needs to you, my friend.
  8. Your love gently caresses my heart. Your bosom could be a home of comfort. Caressing you is that the best feeling ever. You aptly balance my home and life. God would bless you nowadays and forever. Happy birthday, dearest wife!
  9. I carry you in my heart all over I am going. Your love could be a recent wine refreshing to my soul. You are doing most to stay my life and residential going. Nevertheless you manage to forever stay lovely on behalf of me. I celebrate you on this special occasion. Happy birthday love.
  10. From the moment I laid eyes on you , I knew you were the one I needed to complete my life. You are the best there is amongst spouses. I’m blessed to have found you, virtuous girl. Could you reside long to relish the fruit of your labour. Happy birthday, lover of my heart.
  11. Your delicate nature belies your strength. My heart trusts you. I have confidence in your talents. You rise to the occasion and I’m ever pleased with you. Happy birthday, wifey!
  12. You balance chores with quickness. Your multitasking talents forever leave me in awe. I’ve fully grown in your love to realize you are the one for me.  Have a really happy birthday, my love.
  13. Those scars on your abdomen, a woman’s badge of honour – a mark of unselfish love. Forever reliably, indefatigably caring for the kids and I. You be all the love life. Happy birthday.
  14. I thought no woman could have my love unless my mother…then I met you.
  15. It’s your special occasion and my heart overflows with joy. Thank you for being in my life and loving me.
  16. You’re God’s special gift to me. The perfect wife.  I chose right when I chose you because you were made for me and I for you.
  17. You’re the partner I selected. The partner that has blessed my life richly. You’re the most suitable person I could fall in love with. You’re the one – my one. Happy birthday, my heart.
  18. I’m head over heel in love with you. Even now you should know this is true. My heart beats like a child’s for you. I hope your birthday brings you all the happiness you should have.
  19. You accepted who I am and helped me work on my flaws.
  20. You stood with me through thick and thin when nobody would. You loved me as I am and helped me grow. May our love last forever. Happy birthday, darling.
  21. Life is better knowing that the person you love most loves you back in equal measure. Happy birthday, my heart!
  22. Ring the bell, sound the alarm. Today an angel was born and it is you, my darling! Happy birthday, love!
  23. You know my deepest fears and  thoughts. You are my friend and lover. Cheers to ur continued love. Happy birthday my love, my heart, my wife.
  24. The world is better with you in it. Cheers, lovely. I hope you’ve experience a tremendous birthday!
  25. I hope your birthday is sort of a cupcake–wrapped in a beautiful paper and heaped high with sweet, sugar-coated goodness and a cherry on prime.
  26. I love you more than you can imagine. Continue to be your loving and caring self. Happy birthday, lovely.
  27. The cake is baked, so let’s celebrate your beautiful life so far. Happy birthday wishes to you, my friend.
  28. A want could be a very little gift wrapped infatuated, and sent on a prayer. I want you the most effective birthday ever. Happy Birthday to you, my best friend!
  29. Could the sunshine of the sun shine on your birthday brightening your spirits and warming your soul as you start another year.
  30. Rather like your cake, you bring joy, light, and sweetness to the globe. Relish your birthday celebration.
  31. Every year another candle is lit on a cake for you. Recognize what that means? You radiate life and more. Happy birthday.
  32. Let’s get out of this place, there’s a celebration to have! I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday!
  33. My house is your home, and if I actually have a meal, it’s is yours too. Let’s share in our love. Happy birthday.
  34. Your issues become my issues as a result of that’s what friends represent. Thanks for being my friend for one more year. I hope your birthday is the best there is.
  35. A relief is sort of a nice try of jeans. They’re comfy and cause you to look good! Thanks for being my friend for one more year. Happy birthday to you!
  36. It’s time to celebrate! Raise your drink! Nowadays is your birthday–your twenty ninth, I think! Wink, wink! Have a good one!
  37. I’m tickled pink to be your friend, I’d be therefore blue while not you. Orange you glad your birthday’s here? Let’s paint the city red like we have a tendency to used to!
  38. This year there’s only 1 candle on your cake as a result of you’re the sole one United Nations agency matters on this special occasion, and this one moment is supposed just for you. could all of your needs return true.
  39. On the day of your birth, God gave United States of America the most effective gift. I love you, friend.
  40. Nowadays is your birthday, it’s time to cheer. Let’s count the blessings of another year,
  41. You’re a masterpiece, a tremendous work of God, painted one stroke at a time in glorious detail. Your life still replicate that you’re as you start another year.
  42. 2 birds of a feather, we have a tendency to flock as one. We have a tendency to fly high and sing, you can’t clip our wings. Let’s fly this coop and celebrate your birthday!
  43. Twinkle, twinkle, very little star. If I may place you in a very jar, I’d offer you to my friend therefore beloved, as a gift, lightweight from on top of.
  44. It’s your birthday! Which means you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy!
  45. Happy birthday to you, you’re beloved through and through! Happy birthday my jewel, happy birthday to you!
  46. I can’t offer you diamonds; I can’t offer you gold. however I will offer you relationship deep, forever yours to carry. I like you on your birthday and forever.
  47. There’s no love on earth greater than your love. Happy birthday, my heart.
  48. The sun rises on your special occasion, every ray of sunshine bring you good tidings.
  49. What number smiles have you ever smiled? What number tears have you ever shed? The years pass in moments, and before you recognize it you’re dead! Sorry to possess to inform you of that on your birthday!
  50. We have a tendency to may wear black and be unhappy, since your thirties square measure currently within the past. However i say we glance forward to moments ahead, and build plans for having a blast! Happy fortieth birthday!
  51. It’s your birthday! Here’s hoping that your dreams square measure massive and your issues square measure tiny. Have an amazing year! Happy birthday needs to you, my friend.
  52. I hope that this year you may dream as massive because the clouds, as way because the moon, and as deep because the ocean. Dream typically and with abandon, and will each dream return true.
  53. If birthdays were butterflies, they might float gently by, filling the globe with color and joy. Happy birthday, darling.
  54. You’re not old; you’re vintage, retro, old-school, a blast from the past! In different words, every year of life adds to your coolness factor!
  55. Sparkle, sparkle, glimmer, gleam. Your birthday’s here, it’s not a dream. Razzle, dazzle, flicker, flash. You’re the star of the birthday bash. Here’s hoping your day is choked with shimmer and shine.
  56. As you stroll down the trail of life, here’s hoping you ne’er take shortcuts. relish each moment, every day. Happy Birthday my friend!
  57. Keep calm, and sparkle on! Happy birthday!
  58. You are taking the cake! … and therefore the presents … and therefore the smart needs. After all, you’re the birthday boy/girl!
  59. Whether or not you’re on prime of the globe, on elation, over the moon, or in cloud nine, I hope your birthday is as happy as you create me!
  60. You recognize why we have a tendency to place all those candles on prime of your birthday cake? It’s because you bright light to a dark place!
  61. Another year, another candle! Disguising your age is sort of a scandal! Don’t worry, your secrets would always be safe with me. Happy Birthday my friend!
  62. It’s your birthday, however rather than enumeration years, count smiles, count blessings, count friends, and keep them guessing.
  63. You recognize your life could be a success once you have an exponent as true as you! relish your special day!
  64. It’s your birthday, and that I can’t stop smiling once I explore you–you’ve got a bit one thing, one thing on your face!
  65. It almost seems like yesterday when we became friends but our friendship seem to have lasted for a lifetime. Happy birthday, Rita!

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