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Acrimony Best Movie Review: Summary of What Acrimony Entails

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Acrimony Best Movie Review: Summary of What Acrimony Entails.

Acrimony Best Movie Review… Acrimony tells a story about an unaware psychologically deranged Melinda Moore played by Taraji P. Henson. The movie opens up in a court room and then we see Melinda in a therapist’s office where she recounts her past.

Acrimony Best Movie Review

Acrimony Best Movie Review

As a college student, while trying to get into her dormitory on a rainy day, Melinda clashed into a mechanical engineering student- Robert Gayle played by Lyriq Bent. Sure there were a lot of kicking and slapping but after that came the chemistry. Shortly after she lost her mom and became $ 350,000 richer with a house weird to her. Rob was there to comfort her. They heated things up, hence a start of a relationship.

Robert was an ambitious guy who had a vision to design a battery which he hope would bring him his desired end. Nothing would make him happier. Melinda on the other hand, blinded by love for him would do all to make sure that his dreams be realized.

Melinda’s anger surfaced after Rob cheated on her which led to her losing her ovaries. Apparently she had sustained injuries while slamming her car against his recreational vehicle. Melinda eventually forgave Rob and got married to him despite her sister’s disapproval.

The movie progresses eighteen years later where we see a more grown up Melinda and Rob still jobless in his quest to get Prescott industries to finance his research. Melinda grew resentment towards Robert and his persistence on living his dream while she worked her butt if to pay the bills. Being so frustrated, her love for him turned cold, she was simply bearing with him.

Rob met Diane whom he cheated with years ago in front of the Prescott building. Apparently she works there. He then begged to have the letter he has been sending for years, reviewed.

Being lawfully restrained from sending letter and going to Prescott industries, dejected Robert took a delivery job managed by the Moore sisters and their husband.

Mel became more demented than ever after her sister found a purse with Diane’s ID in Robert’s delivery bus. Consumed with anger,  she filed for a divorce and kicked him out of the house.

Shortly after the divorce settlements were made, Robert finally got a deal with Prescott industries then proposed to Diane. Melinda felt betrayed. She felt as though Diane was reaping from where she never sows.

Melinda became psychotic, trailed Robert and Diane’s daily activities. Diane was living what could have been her life- her penthouse, her yatch. Just like the tag on the poster, “Hell has no furry like a woman’s scorn”. The thought of this betrayal her made her sneak into their boat while on their honeymoon cruise. Melinda shoots Rob. In an attempt to take his life, an anchor chain pulled her off the boat drowning her.

There are different criticism of “Acrimony” being too deficient and overrated but I love the storyline and I think Taraji did a good job with the role she played. Her reaction to what she viewed as a betrayal may have been overboard but no woman would fold her hands and watch another enjoy what she’s been toiling for.

Melinda’s left Rob in a really messy condition. Here lies my criticism, did Rob die or not?? I think they left that part out.

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