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An Open Letter To The V.c Of Unilorin By An Aspirant

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On behalf of my beautiful and handsome aspirants I speak!!!

I could remember vividly what you said few weeks after the conclusion of this year’s post-utme .

You said that this year’s admission will be based on merit if I’m not mistaken. But as we can all see now, 42% were reportedly said to have made the first batch list while
58% upwards were thrown into exile of frustration, worries and confusion.

Alas! Your words didn’t stand or you didn’t stand on your words rather!

But why? Have we not got enough potentials to be among the elites which are supposed to be admitted? Or have we however offended our creator?

Even the first batch list itself took almost a perdition-time to be released leaving all aspirants in commotions and thinking maybe Unilorin has been sleeping or forgetful about its 2020 admissions.

And now, I see again the so-much hyped second list which has been the most talk-of-the-town since the first batch list has. elapsed. Aspirants have waited and waited and waited to the extent that main percentage of them had already given
up the tide and had gone to retake another JAMB form. Oh my goodness!I say this is unfair.

Is it that the school doesn’t cherish and appreciate hard work or what? Please we need to know! And besides, why has the second batch list also took this long before it’s release? Or are we to say the list haven’t even been
compiled? We don’t even know maybe this is being done deliberately!

Moreover, everyday we hear different rumours and speculations concerning the list and all this has caused a lot of fuming minds and heart. But why?

And for Goodness sake, this is Friday, 4th of December 2020, the list is nowhere to be seen and we are already getting closer to the Matriculation period according to the school

Furthermore, this moment is crucial because it has caused a lot of pandemonium in the midst of great aspirants. Oh, how I wish you could visit the homes of aspirants seeking and hoping for the next admission list in their various homes
and see the looks on their faces, mehn! You will really see that it’s not smiling at all. We need actions!

And as a matter of fact, it’s not easy waiting for a year at home. If not for the encouragement of our older ones and the courage we summoned last year to go for Gold because we all know fully well the benefits of education for our future
purposes and careers even for the fact that most aspirants do get fed up because of the way admission has been difficult across our institutions.

Perhaps, we wrote Jamb in February with all heads boiling, waited till August before post utme came out again. I remembered those periods, it was like hell because we are just so anxious for the p.ume exam date to be announced since March for goodness sake!

And here we are again, December! And we haven’t been admitted? Looking at all the struggles, the hustles and the
tossles, why have we deserved this? Should we say this is intentional?

Even respective of our post utme scores and outcome, we were still denied the first list.

Come to look at it, most guys hustled hard to get all this registration money right from the get-go! Starting from JAMB form right to POST UTME form, I know some!

Now, will it be right to forfeit us our admission rights and generally our education rights to be precise?!

In conclusion, using this pleasant medium to plead to this great institution, I say; please release this second list including our names on it for God sake, we have done all possible best we can do and right now we don’t think we deserve any tragic outcome. We want admission! We want
education! We want University of Ilorin.

All protocols duely observed, we urge all Unilorin management to do something about this because literally speaking, we are tired and we want things to be wrapped up quickly!




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