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Aramark Career Guide and Application Procedure Online

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Aramark Career Guide and Application Procedure Online.

Aramark Career Guide… Aramark is one of the most successful food services and catering providers in America. The company specializes in providing food, facilities and uniform services to healthcare, business, education, sports, business, industry, corrections and leisure companies. Aramark owns over 216,000 employees currently and is one of the most trusted American employers.

Aramark Career Guide

Aramark Career Guide

If you are interested in working at Aramark, this article will guide you on how to apply, the job requirements and job descriptions.

Note: the minimum age for employment at Aramark is 18 years.

Aramark Employment Opportunities

  1. Aramark Careers in Food Services
  2. Aramark Careers in Culinary
  3. Aramark Jobs in Food Service Operations
  4. Aramark Jobs in Nutrition and Dietetics
  5. Aramark Careers in Operations
  6. Aramark Careers in Operations and Production Management
  7. Aramark Jobs in Retail
  8. Aramark Jobs in Transportation
  9. Aramark Jobs in Corporate Aramark Careers
  10. Aramark Jobs in Information Technology
  11. Aramark Careers in Supply Chain and Procurement
  12. Aramark Jobs in Finance
  13. Aramark Careers in Human Resources
  14. Aramark Jobs in Facilities
  15. Aramark Careers in Environmental Services
  16. Aramark Careers in Facilities and Custodial Management
  17. Aramark Careers for Biomedical and Imaging Technologists
  18. Aramark Jobs in Remote Services
  19. Aramark Jobs in Sales
  20. Aramark Jobs in Territory Sales
  21. Aramark Jobs in Business Development
  22. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Catering and Event Management
  23. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Hospitality
  24. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Uniform and Laundry Services
  25. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Retail
  26. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Food Services
  27. Hourly Aramark Jobs in Facilities and Maintenance

Aramark Application Procedure

Application is done on the company’s online employment portal which can be accessed at www.careers.aramark.com. You will find the complete list of job openings on the portal to choose from. Once you have choosen the job opening you like, you can then fill the application form. Below are the main sections of the online application Form:


  • Resume


This is the first section of the Form which requires you to attach your resumes either by uploading them from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Please note that this section is mandatory.


  • Enter your Information


This section requires you to provide your contact information which includes address, emails address, phone numbers so that the Human Resources specialist can contact you for the following steps of the hiring process.


  • Work History


This section requires you to provide to give detailed information about your professional experience. Note that this section is mandatory.


  • Level of Education


This section requires information about the highest level of education you have completed. You will be required to mention the name and address of the institution and the degree you have earned.


  • Applicant Signature


You will be required to go through the company’s privacy statement and also to include your electronic signature to validate the document.


  • EEO Questionnaire


This section requires information about your gender, race, and ethnicity.


  • Pre-Employment Questionnaire


This section is meant to verify whether or not you comply with the employment eligibility criteria of the company. Note that you are required to answer all questions in this section to be able to proceed to other sections of the form.


  • Self-Identification Questionnaire


This section requires information about your veteran status.


  • Submit


This is the last section of the Form. Once you have completed your form, you are required to submit your form to the Human Resources department for assessment. You can keep track of your application status on the employment portal.

Aramark Job Openings

Cashier-Job Description and Duties

Cashiers are responsible for conducting customer transactions quickly and efficiently. They are to address customers politely to provide them with the best possible customer experience.

Salary and Compensation

The salary begins at minimum wage and gets as high as $13.00 per hour for experienced employees.

Chef Manager-Job Description and Duties

The Chef Managers supervise food production and kitchen activity. They create and develop menus and coordinate the planning process. They also interact with the customers on daily basis to make sure they are satisfied. They are also in charge of staffing, scheduling, as well as training new kitchen employees.

Salary and Compensation

The salary ranges from $40,000 yearly to $66,000 for experienced employees. They are also eligible for benefit packages.

Benefits of Working at Aramark

  1. Healthcare Aramark Benefits: Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, and Paid Prescription Plan.
  2. Financial Aramark Employee Benefits: 401(k) Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Competitive Aramark Salaries.
  3. Special Aramark Benefits: Aramark Employee Discount Programs, Aramark Employee Assistance Program, Education & Tuition Reimbursement Plans.

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