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Baken Hugles Job Application Guide and Career Requirements

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Baken Hugles Job Application Guide and Career Requirements.

Baken Hugles Job Application… Baker Hughes is one of the most successful companies in the oilfield sector in the U.S.  The company is currently operating worldwide and is a member of the Fortune 500 list. If you are seeking for a job at Baker Hughes, this article will guide you on how to apply, the requirements and job openings.

Baken Hugles Job Application

Note: you must be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible for employment at Baker Hughes.

Baker Hughes Employment Opportunities

The following are the main departments you can apply to:

  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Administration and Office Support
  • Engineering Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Field: Operators, Engineers, Specialists
  • Finance Baker Hughes Jobs
  • HSE and Security Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Human Resources Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Information Technology Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Legal Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Marketing Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Manufacturing Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Operations Management and Support
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Quality and Reliability
  • Repair and Maintenance Baker Hughes Jobs
  • R&D Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Reservoir Consulting
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Sales and Account Management
  • Supply Chain Baker Hughes Jobs
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Technical Support and Geosciences
  • Baker Hughes Jobs in Technology Support

Baker Hughes Application Procedure

Visit the company’s employment portal at www.bakerhughes.com/careers to view the complete list of job opportunities. You will be able to explore the career departments in the company to get an idea of the positions available at Baker Hughes. You are required to send in an online application form through the company’s employment portal.

The application form is quite easy to fill out. The following are the main sections featured in the form:

  1. Upload Resume/CV

This is the first section of the application form which requires you to upload your resume to use the data-fill tool on the portal. This tool will transfer information from your CV to relevant sections in the form. However, you can fill out your form manually if you do not wish to use the data-fill tool.

  1. Candidate Information

This section requires you to provide your complete contact information which will be used by the Human Resources specialists to contact you for upcoming steps of the hiring process.

  1. Work Experience

This section requires you to provide an overview of your professional experience. You will have to make separate entries for each of your previous positions you deem relevant for the employment process.

  1. Education

This section requires you to provide information about your academic background. You must include at least one entry for this section. You should aim at creating an overview of the educational programs you have been enrolled in.

  1. Company Questions

This section features a short questionnaire meant to assess your ability to comply with the eligibility criteria of employment by the company. You will be asked about your age, your legal authority to work in the U.S. and also any previous employment you may have had at Baker Hughes. Note that this section is mandatory.

  1. Attachments

This section requires you to upload your resume along with other documents that you deem relevant to the hiring process.

  1. eSignature

This section requires you to read the Data Accuracy Statement featured on the Portal. You will also have to certify that the information you have provided is correct and complete. You will be required to provide an electronic signature to validate the document.

  1. Diversity Part 1

This section features questions regarding your gender, ethnicity, race and veteran status. Note that you are not obligated to provide this information if you do not wish to.

  1. Diversity Part 2

This section requires you to provide information about your disability status. You can also choose not to disclose this information. You will also be required to provide your name and the current date to validate the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form.

  1. Job Preferences

This section requires you to mention your preferences according to your willingness to travel, preferred job type, preferred schedule type, preferred shift type, preferred job function, and your location preferences.

  1. Summary

This is the last section of the form which requires you to review the form and make corrections where necessary. Then submit your form to the Human Resources department for formal assessment. Note that you will be able to track your application status on the portal.

Baker Hughes Job Openings

Intern-Job Description and Duties

The company provides young professionals with opportunities to acquire new skills from some of the top professionals in the oil processing sector. The interns will get a first-hand experience of the oil industry.

Salary and Compensation

The salary for this position ranges between $20.00 per hour and can get as high as $39.00 per hour.

Baker Hughes Jobs in Management

If you are seeking a management job at Baker Hughes, you will find the complete list of the available job opportunities on the company’s employment portal. Then you will have to submit your application online to be considered for your position of interest.

Benefits of Working at Baker Hughes

  1. Healthcare Baker Hughes Employee Benefits: Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, Mental Health Care Plan, and Paid Prescription Coverage.
  2. Financial Baker Hughes Benefits: Competitive Baker Hughes Salaries, Baker Hughes Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401(k) Plan, Equity Incentive Plan, Supplemental Workers Compensation Plan.
  3. Insurance Baker Hughes Benefits: Basic Life Insurance Plan, Supplemental Life Insurance Plan, Disability Insurance Plan, Occupation Accident Insurance Plan, AD&D Insurance Plan.
  4. Paid Time Off Baker Hughes Employee Benefits: Paid Vacations, Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays, Sick Days, Volunteer Time Off, Bereavement Leave.
  5. Special Baker Hughes Benefits: Baker Hughes Employee Discount, Employee Assistance Program, Legal Assistance, Tuition Assistance, Professional Development Program, Job Training.

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