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CenturyLink Career Guide and Application Requirements

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CenturyLink Career Guide and Application Requirements.

CenturyLink is one of the most successful telecommunications companies in America. The company presently employs over 43,000 people and operates worldwide. It has earned a spot on the Fortune 500 list due to its immense success on the communications market. If you looking for a job in this company, this article will guide you n how to apply, the requirements and the job openings.

CenturyLink Career Guide

CenturyLink Career Guide and Application Requirements

Note: you must be up to the age of 18 to be deemed eligible for the hiring process.

CenturyLink Employment Opportunities

The following are the main options that are available to job seekers on the company’s careers portal:

  • Century Link Careers in the Contact Center Department
  • Canadian Century Link Careers
  • CenturyLink Jobs in the Cloud and Networking (Product Development) Department
  • College Recruiting CenturyLink Jobs
  • Century Link Careers in the Corporate Sector
  • CenturyLink Jobs in the Engineering/ IT Department
  • Field Technician CenturyLink Jobs
  • Century Link Careers in the Finance/ Accounting Department
  • Global CenturyLink Jobs
  • CenturyLink Careers in the Human Resources Department
  • CenturyLink Jobs in the Marketing Department
  • CenturyLink Careers in the Retail Department
  • CenturyLink Careers in the Sales Department
  • Work from Home

CenturyLink Application Procedure

Visit the CenturyLink application portal at www.jobs.centurylink.com to view all the available positions at the company. You can select your preferred department and location to find the job that best suits your needs.

Click on the job titles to read the full description of the positions. If you can comply with the requirements of any position you want to apply, you will be required to fill out your CenturyLink application online.

In order to begin the online application, you will have to set up an account on the CenturyLink application portal by providing your full name and email address. Then you can begin to fill out your job application form on the portal. The application form has the following sections:

  1. My Documents

This is the first section of the form. You will be required to provide your resume and cover letters. Note that uploading your resume is mandatory while attaching a cover letter is optional.

  1. Personal Information

This section requires you to provide your full name, phone number, email address, and complete address. This will be used by the Human Resources department to contact you regarding further hiring processes.

  1. More Information

This section requires you to provide additional contact details that will be used by the Human Resources department to contact you. You will also be asked whether or not you would agree to be contacted regarding other available positions in the company.

  1. Prior Work Experience

This section requires information about your previous employment. It is mandatory to include details about one position, but you can include other jobs you think is necessary. You can create a brief overview of your professional experience, which could recommend you for your position of interest.

  1. Education

This section required information about your educational background. Note that this section is optional.

  1. US Mobility

This section requires you to mention whether or not you would be willing to relocate for job-related purposes. You will also be asked to mention at least one of your preferred destinations.

  1. General Mobility

This section requires that you include your preferences for international relocation.

  1. Job Specific Information

This section requires you to answer a pre-employment questionnaire, which includes:

  • Diversity Information: this requires information about your gender, ethnicity, race, disability and veteran status. Note that this section is not mandatory. If you do not feel comfortable to answer these questions, you can choose the “I do not wish to disclose answers” option.
  • Application Questions: this includes questions meant to verify if you are able to comply with the eligibility criteria of the company. You will be asked about your legal ability to work in the U.S. and also any assistance you might require with your work visa. You will also be asked if you have had any previous job with the company.

The second part of this section requires you to answer questions regarding your level of experience in your chosen department and your salary expectations.

  1. Submission

This is the last section of the form where you are required to review your application then submit to the Human Resources department for formal assessment. You can check your application status by logging into your account on the portal.

CenturyLink Job Openings

♦ Intern-Job Description and Duties

The company’s internship programs are meant to provide an opportunity for employees to get a first-hand experience in the telecommunication sector. The best interns may be offered permanent jobs at the company at the end of the program.

Salary and Compensation

The salary for interns is usually negotiated during the interview with the hiring manager. But typically, the rate provided by the company varies between $14.00 per hour and $19.00 per hour.

♦ Product Manager-Job Description and Duties

The product manager is responsible for coordinating the development of the various projects in his/her department. He/she has to ensure that the project is able to meet the client’s demands and also ensure that the projects can be completed according to deadlines.

Salary and Compensation

The salary for this position ranges from $46,000 per year to as much as $103,000 per year, according to the experience and performance of the employee. They are also entitled to bonus packs to repay their dedication to the company.

Benefits of Working at CenturyLink

  1. Healthcare CenturyLink Benefits: Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, Paid Prescription Plan.
  2. Insurance CenturyLink Employee Benefits: Basic Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance.
  3. Financial Century Link Benefits: Competitive CenturyLink Salaries, Performance-Based Bonus System, 401(K) Retirement Plan.
  4. Paid Time Off CenturyLink Benefits: Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Sick Days, Voluntary Time Off.
  5. Special CenturyLink Benefits: CenturyLink Employee Discounts, Wellness Program, Voluntary Lifestyle Benefits.

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