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Check Out 23 JAMB Questions From Last Days at Forcados High School in 2022 UTME

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The forth coming UTME, we would like to be of help by bringing to you some of the questions that appeared in 2020 English Language from the book, “Last Days At Forcadoes High School”.

We believe this will help you in your revision and give you an idea on how the questions will likely look like.
Now The Questions
1. Sorry, does anyone know you’re here? Does Daddy….? who said this and to who?

A. Mr. Solade to Mrs.Solade

B. Mrs. Solade to Mr. Solade

C. Jimi to Wole

D. Wole to Jimi

The correct answer is = C

2. Who were the two people Seyi lawal and Jimi met coming out of the principal office?

A. Efua and her Mother

B. Mr and Mrs Solade

C. Caro and Nene Ekpo

D. Teacher okoro and mama Silifat

The correct answer is = A

3. What did Wole pick up from Jimi’s Table beside Jimi’s music CD’s, chemisty and Mathematics Textbooks?

A. a pen

B. a watch

C. a book

D. a toy

The correct answer is = B

4. Who was the teacher to whom the students called “cane”?

A. Mr Bade

B. Mr Okoro

C. Mama Silifat

D. Mr Solade

The correct answer is = A

5. What is the name of Efua’s Aunt?

A. funmi

B. Moni

C. Mrs solade

D. Nene ekpo

The correct answer is = B

6. “Nene, this is my niece Efua Coker”. Who made this statement?

A. Moni

B. Efua

C. Mrs. Ekpo

D. none

The correct answer is = A

7. Who laugh in such a way that showed only his upper teeth?

A. Seyi Lawal

B. Ansa boy

C. Kemi

D. Wole

The correct answer is = D

8. Who was Efua related to?

A. Arisa

B. Jimi

C. Mrs. Alli

D. Mr. Mallum

The correct answer is = C

9. In three words, describe the principal ( Mr. Mallum) as described in the novel.

A. small, wiry and spoke through his nose

B. fat, smooth-cheeked and loved his job

C. tall, good- looking and funny

D. wicked, ugly and tall.

The correct answer is = A

10. What was the early morning surprise Jimi get while he was still half-asleep?

A. Mrs Solade’s return

B. Mr. Solade’s return

C. Tupac Shakur’s return

D. Wole’s return

The correct answer is = D

11. Who was the best student in chemistry?

A. Ansa

B. Caro

C. Nene

D. Jimi

The correct answer is = D

12. “come here, you pretty child; I hear you will be going to the same school as my daughter.” Who made this statement and to whom?

A. Aunt Moni said this to Efua

B. Efua to Aunt Moni

C. Mrs. Ekpo said this to Efua

D. Aunt Moni to Mrs. Ekpo

The correct answer is = C

13. “No more chains in trousers or dangling earrings for the girls. There will be an inspection of fingernails and socks during assembly. Principal’s orders” who said this?

A. the senior prefect

B. principal

C. head boy

D. non-teaching staff

The correct answer is = C

14. ________ had been expelled from two different schools and kicked out of the university.

A. jolly

B. Jimi

C. nene ekpo

D. wole

The correct answer is = D

15. “Forcado is a nice school. They always have excellent results. I told a few people you were coming”

A. Aunty moni said this to Efua

B. Efua said this to aunty Moni

C. Jimi said this to Wole

D. wole said this to Jimi

The correct answer is = A

16. “What is this good –for-nothing doing in my house”. Whose words were these?

A. Jimi

B. Mrs Solade

C. Mr solade

D. Wole

The correct answer is = C

17. “I could hear his voice from a distance, rowdy and full of fun as usual,”to whom were these words said to and who said it?

A. Ansa to Nene Ekpo

B. Nene ekpo to Ansa

C. Efua to seyi lawal

D. Jimi to Nene ekpo

The correct answer is = A

18. What was the name of Jimi’s elder brother who stays abroad?

A. Wole

B. Femi

C. Ansa

D. Jolly

The correct answer is = B

19. What did papa Solade do after knowing that Wole and jimi still saw secretly?

A. he flogged jimi

B. he flogged wole

C. sent jimi away to Ibadan

D. sent jimi’s mother away

The correct answer is = C

20. Jims, we have a prefect meeting with Mr Mallum now’ who made this statement?

A. Seyi Lawal

B. Mr Mallum

C. Mrs. Solade

D. Femi

The correct answer is = A

21. In chapter two, after the national anthem and assembly prayers, who gave a brief talk welcoming everyone?

A. Seyi Lawal

B. Jimi

C. Mrs Solade

D. The principal

The correct answer is = D

22. What prefect was Jimi?

A. food prefect

B. assembly prefect

C. health prefect

D. the headboy

The correct answer is = C

23. Someone called Jimi after he left his food and got outside the gate of his house, Who is it?

A. Jimi uncle

B. Seyi lawal

C. Mr.mallum

D. Ansa

The correct answer is = D
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