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Common Difference Between the Mercedes Classes – All Models

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Common Difference Between the Mercedes Classes – All Models.

Difference Between the Mercedes Classes… Mercedes Benz is a world-famous automobile maker in the world, especially famous for its high quality cars. It is one of the German-based automobile companies along with German carmakers such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

Difference Between the Mercedes Classes

Common Difference Between the Mercedes Classes

With the advent of many Mercedes cars, one of the most asked questions is, “What is the common difference between the Mercedes classes?” How does one differentiate one Mercedes-Benz class from the other one? Mercedes-Benz uses a car numbering system which is similar to what other German car makers do to their different models of cars.

Except you are very familiar with Mercedes-Benz car models, it is usually difficult to tell the difference. That question and the confusion which made you and other people ask the question is why this thread is necessary.


A-Class was the first car model launched by Mercedes-Benz. It is very popular because of its unique fuel efficiency system. It is typically a four-door back and was made available in 1997 with subsequent remakes over the years.


The B-Class was the second car model launched by Mercedes-Benz. It is very popular judging from the fact that the German car maker had produced and sold over in 2013 since the care model was first launched in 2013. Mercedes-Benz B-Class is marketed as a sports compact car.


Of all the car models/ series produced by Mercedez-Benz, the C-Class is the cheapest and, hence, the most affordable of them all. Make no mistake- being the most affordable and the cheapest doesn’t make it of poor quality. You would be getting your money’s worth when you buy it or even more.

There are different types such as the C300 and 350 sport sedans, and the exclusive C63 AMG


The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is wholly a coupe class which the German car maker is offering to the public. There are options such as the two-door coupes which are the CL550 and the CL600, and the AMG types which are the CL63 AMG and the CL65 AMG.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s full-sized sedans. You have the options of sedan or coupe. Further more, you can choose the option of the E350 turbo-diesel sedan, the E550 sedan, the coupe, or the wagon and the E63 AMG


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s full-sized SUV which comes in options such as the GL350 BlueTEC diesel, GL450, and the GL550.


You love luxury cars? Then you would surely love this series. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s crossover-luxury SUV and it is very popular among car lovers all around the world.  There are options such as the ML350, the ML BlueTEC which runs on diesel , the ML450 which is the hybrid (petrol and diesel) , and the ML550. There is also the ML63 AMG option.


Love minivans? You would surely love the Mercedez-Benz R-Class. There are two options of the R-Class which are the R350 crossover and the R350 which runs on diesel. If you are looking to get a Mercedez-Benz family car, this is your best buy and the perfect option for you and your family.


Now for those who love sedans that come with luxury, the S-Class is the choice in the Mercedes-benz car series. There are hybrid options( which run on diesel or petrol as you wish) such as the S400,  the S550 sedan, and the S65 AMG. It is the flagship car in the luxury sedan range


Arguably Mercedes-Benz most beautiful car yet, the recent model R231 is the one. Known for its beautiful aesthetics, this car series is a sight to behold.

This an SUV series suited even more for off-road driving. It is a roadster. Manufacturing or the SL-class or SL Roadster begun as far back as 1954.

Only a few other Mercedez-Benz class can match the SL-Class ruggedness off-road. Even the military uses it which says a lot about its toughness and durability. One of such tough off-road SUVs in the Mercedez-Benz series is the G-Class.

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