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Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria 2021/2022 and How to Apply Online

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Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria 2021/2022 and How to Apply Online.

Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria 2020… As you might know already, with the positions of director and manager come many duties and requirements.

Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria

Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria 2020

So much is demanded of persons who fill these positions but first, what are director and manager jobs? What are required of persons who fill the positions of director jobs in Nigeria? Furthermore; what are the duties of director and manager jobs in Nigeria? We would be treating all of these and more in the subsequent paragraphs throughout this article.

General Requirements for Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

While exact requirements for Director and Manager jobs vary from job to job, below are the general requirements which applicants for these job positions are required to have.

Applicants for Director and Manager jobs should have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in management or business administration or a course of steady related to the industry they intent to work in
  • Be excellent communicators and have above average communication skills
  • Good and proven history of management, planning and organizing skill which has yielded tangible results
  • Must have good leadership qualities
  • Must have very good interpersonal skills
  • Have to have very good analytical skills which can be employed to the advantage of the firm
  • Have the ability to take calculated risks
  • Be able to tinker innovative drive amongst team member and fuel the innovative drive of the firm or organization
  • Must have a good reputation and not one which would cause embarrassment to the firm or organization
  • Must be ambitious, driven and innovative
  • Possess project management skills and be able to give a good work output even with available resources
  • Must have experience is leadership positions

General Duties for Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

  • Direct, supervise and oversee the work activities of the employees and the positive outcome of running the company or firm.
  • Properly assign duties to employees and departments of the company. The duties have to be ones that match with the skills of the employees and which compliment their strong points.
  • Implements the policies, aims, objectives and goals of the organization or the firm to ensure it sticks to its mission as stated in the business plan.
  • Guide and assist employees where necessary and organizing training seminars or programs to improve the skills and ability of the workforce.
  • Ensures the organization or company sticks to the budget set aside for the business year and maintain its running costs according to schedule.
  • Plans, develops and execute the budget of the firm for a fiscal year.
  • Acts as the go between for the employees and the Board of Directors to relay information and communicate concerns to help resolve misunderstandings and ensure the smooth running of the company or organization.
  • Manage and identify the strength and weaknesses of employees and departments and how to improve on the weaknesses and maintain the strengths.
  • Drive the push for taking advantage of market opportunities, maximize the value of operational costs, foresee and prevent investment losses and business risks and generally improve the stock of the company.
  • Make decisions which affect each and every department positively.
  • Setup meetings with the Board of Directors of client companies.
  • Represent the company in inter-company management meets or negotiations.

How to Apply for Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

Vacancies for director and manager jobs are usually well-advertised. To find them out, you should check the pages of recognized newspapers for such advertisements. In Nigeria, some of the job advertisement websites are LinkedIn , Hot Nigerian Jobs , My Job Mag , Jobber Man , Ng Careers , Job Gurus, Careers24 , Jobzilla , Just Jobs , Joblist Nigeria , Naira Career , JobSpire , Job Center Nigeria , Jobemy , Naija Hot Jobs  and CareerNaija .

Consequently, you could apply directly by searching out the websites of the company you wish to apply to for director and manager job in Nigeria. Most people do not realize it but many companies are increasingly placing vacancies for jobs on social media. Apart from on mainstream media outlets like television, radio and newspaper, firms use other media outlets to.

LinkedIn is one platform you should register on and use as a professional. Companies maintain profiles on the social media platform and recruiting agents are constantly on the lookout for qualified persons to recruit. Register to the platform on the website or use the mobile apps available in the Google Play Store for Android phones or App Store for iOS or iPhone users.

On LinkedIn, after registering, fill in the information asked of you. Once you are  done with that, network and follow companies, search out job offers and apply.

List of Companies Which Advertise Vacancies for Director and Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

Here is the list of companies or firms with a proven history of advertising vacancies for director and manager jobs in Nigeria.

  • First Bank Nigeria
  • Zenith Bank Nigeria
  • Skye Bank Nigeria
  • FCMB Nigeria
  • Union Bank Nigeria
  • GTBank Nigeria
  • Sterling Bank Nigeria
  • Wema Bank Nigeria
  • Intel Nigeria
  • Crusader Insurance
  • Ibom Power Company
  • British American Tobacco Nigeria
  • Dangote Nigeria
  • Lafarge Cement
  • Golden Penny Nigeria Limited
  • Unilever Nigeria PLC
  • PZ Nigeria PLC
  • SeaBoard Overseas and Trading Group
  • Sujimoto Construction Limited
  • Schneider Electric
  • Cadbury Nigeria PLC
  • Nestle Nigeria PLC
  • Guiness Nigeria PLC
  • Nigeria Bottling Company
  • HoneyWell Nigeria Limited
  • Schlumberger
  • Halliburton
  • NestOil PLC
  • Nigerian Breweries PLC
  • Lafarge
  • MTN Nigeria
  • Airtel Nigeria
  • Globalcom

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