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Egyptian Navy Recruitment 2021/2022 and Entry Requirement

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Egyptian Navy Recruitment 2021/2022 and Entry Requirement.

Egyptian Navy Recruitment 2020… The Egyptian Navy which is also referred to as the Egyptian Naval Force (ENF), is the maritime branch of the Egyptian military. It’s the biggest navy within the Africa and the Middle East, and is the 6th largest within the world measured by the quantity of vessels.

Egyptian Navy Recruitment

Egyptian Navy Recruitment 2020

The navy’s missions embody protection of two thousand kilometers of lineation of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore the sea, defense of approaches to the Suez Canal, and support for army operations. The bulk of the Egyptian Navy was created with the assistance of the USSR within the 1960’s. The navy received ships within the 1980’s from China and several western sources. In 1989, the Egyptian Navy had eighteen thousand personnel still as a two thousand personnel within the Coast Guard.

The ENF are underneath the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, that is controlled by the president that is understood to be the supreme commander of the military.

Still talking concerning the Egyptian military, it’s been recorded that the present day Egyptian military are concerned with various crises and wars since their independence, ranging from the year 1948 that was the Arab-Israeli war, that was followed by the Egyptian Revolution within the year 1952, Suez crises, the Six Day war, Sinai insurgence, Nigerian Civil War, North Yemen Civil War, War of Attrition, War of Attention, Yom Kippur war, Egyptians bread riot, the 1986 Egyptian conscripts riots, the Lybian-Egyptian war, the Gulf war, the war on Terror and therefore the Libyan war.

As aforementioned, the Egyptian military carries with it the Egyptian army, the Egyptian Navy, the Egyptian air force and therefore the Egyptian defensive measure command .I’ll shortly like to confer with speak on every of them and the way to affix every of them.

The Egyptian Navy

The Egyptian navy, conjointly referred to as the Egyptian service force, may be a maritime of branch of the Egyptian military. It’s recorded that the Egyptian navy is that the largest navy within the geographical region of continent. Talking concerning the Egyptian Navy, their mission is to shield quite a two thousand kilometers of coast-line of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, not simply that, conjointly to support the military operations and eventually to defend the approaches of the city. 

Chain of Command

Egyptian Navy ranks

Admirals Senior officers Junior officers
Shoulder straps
Title Admiral

Vice admiral

Rear admiral




Lieutenant commander




NATO code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 O
Under the officers and sailors
Title Chief petty officer

Petty officer

Leading seaman


NATO code OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1


Rank flags

Vice-admiral Rear-admiral Senior on the roads

The Egyptian Coast Guard

The Egyptian Coast Guard is to blame for the onshore protection of public installations close to the coast and therefore the patrol of coastal waters to stop importing. Presently consists of 105 ships and craft.

How to Be a Part of the Egyptian Navy

  1. Contact a recruiter in your locality: this is often the stage wherever you raise the varied queries you would like to grasp and conjointly get your answers. Here you’ll discuss numerous things concerning the Navy and obtain to possess a plan of however your life can after you become one.
  2. Discuss your choices along with your family and friends: Here you discuss your opinion with others, have a plan of what they place confidence in it, discuss things relating to your goals .With this you’ll have a far better understanding of what you wish to travel into, this is often conjointly vital, so you don’t regret after you get in there, with the excuse that you just ne’er had a plan of however the place was aiming to be like.
  3. Submit your application: once knowing the items you would like to understand concerning the Navy, and you’re feeling you’re snug with it, you’ll be able to currently submit your application letter to the correct supply, you don’t simply tell the recruiter that you just wish to affix, you are taking a step by applying, indicate the position you’re inquisitive about, at this time bound demand are going to be placed, like your credential, your medical reports and much additional.
  4. The procession process: this is often done once your application has been approved. Throughout this stage, you’ll take the Navy vocational aptitude, choose medicals, then complete a pre-enlistment interview, and attend the Oath of hitch ceremony.
  5. The training commences: this is often the stage after you get trained to be a robust body of the force. It usually takes the grace of God to go through this stage


The Egyptian Navy has adopted the 60m diesel-powered Ambassador MK III quick missile patrol craft. The development of the boats began in spring 2001. Egypt already had the older version of the Ambassador patrol craft in commission, however the new boats would contain update in style meant to form the vessels additional proof against measuring instrument detection. 

Design was made with the help of Lockheed Martin. Throughout recent years, Egypt has been constructing numerous Ramos-grade shipyards, that square measure capable of constructing more modern vessels like larger quick attack crafts, inferior craft carriers (such as Oryx-class or Nimitz-class) and nuclear submarines, but none of the said vessels are made there. 

The navy is presently undergoing a modernization of its surface fleet. On sixteen February 2015, the Egyptian Navy ordered one FREMM utile frigate from the French shipbuilder DCNS to enter service before the gap of the New Suez Canal, as a part of a bigger deal (including twenty-four Rafales and a offer of missiles) value €5.2bn.

Egypt has conjointly signed a €1bn contract with DCNS to shop for four Gowind two thousand five hundred ton corvettes with the possibility for 2 additional. The aging submarine fleet is to get replaced beginning in 2016 once the primary of 4 kind 209 submarine’s value €920 million begin getting back from Deutschland.

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