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Evaluating Your Past Years And Forging Ahead

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The greatest joy of most people presently is the grace to witness the last month of the year 2020.

Most people desired to be a partaker of this celebration but death has smiled at them. Most are tied down by the cold hands of sicknesses in the hospital.

The only reason why you get to see each day up to this minute is a chance to become better and affect your world.

It is a pity that most people has become useless to the world and even to God and still rejoice every time. What is the joy of your existence when you are not fulfilling the purpose for which you where created.

Life is not just a dumping ground or where God just put people to stay and watch. If it where to be so, we should all be in heaven.

Most people has retained their position since the past year or more and are not even moved.

Have you tried asking yourself

• How old am I ?
• Have I even discovered my purpose of living ?
• Am I even working towards them ?
• How long do I still have to live ?

We no longer want people who will just litter the world without use.

The joy of celebrating each day is being able to account that you have spent the previous years or day making a change and working towards your purpose in life.

» Some don’t even know where they are going even at this age,
» Some are just embedded with gift and has decided to waste the resources of heaven.

Do you know how many peoples destiny are tied to yours ?

Do you know some people are waiting for your inspiration and motivation ?

Do you it has been planned that, that your gift will pave way for someone else’s success, and you are there idle and not only wasting away your life but also of those that are tied to it.

It is not about seeing every day,week, month, or year that matters but what you have been able to do with each day.

Why must we continue to rejoice stagnancy?

Why must we continue to rejoice ignorance ?

Why must we continue to rejoice failure ?

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