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FedEx Career Guideline and Application Procedure Online

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FedEx Career Guideline and Application Procedure Online.

FedEx Career Guideline… Federal Express (FedEx) is the most popular delivery company in the world. This global delivery services company employs over 300,000 people at the moment and continues to expand.

FedEx Career Guideline

This article will guide you on how to apply for a job at FedEx, the requirements and the job descriptions.

Here is some information you need to know before applying for a FedEx job:

  1. You must be 18 years and above to be eligible for the FedEx employment process. Those younger than 18 can only apply for internship.
  2. The standard hours of operation at FedEx are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 7:00am-11:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

FedEx Employment Opportunities

You can search all current FedEx job opportunities on the FedEx careers portal at www.careers.fedex.com. Below are some of the lists of possible FedEx jobs:

  1. FedEx Corporation Careers
  2. FedEx Custom Critical Careers
  3. FedEx Express Careers
  4. FedEx Freight Careers
  5. FedEx Ground Package Handler Positions
  6. FedEx Ground All Other Positions
  7. FedEx Office Careers
  8. FedEx Services Careers
  9. FedEx Supply Chain Careers
  10. FedEx Tech Connect Careers
  11. FedEx Trade Networks, Inc. Careers
  12. FedEx Trade Networks Trade Services, Inc. Careers
  13. FedEx Trade Networks Transport and Brokerage, Inc. Careers
  14. FedEx Truckload Brokerage Careers

You can apply at FedEx for the following job categories:

  1. FedEx Careers in Accounting and Finance
  2. Administrative FedEx Careers
  3. Aviation FedEx Careers
  4. FedEx Careers in Communications
  5. FedEx Jobs in Customer Service
  6. FedEx Jobs in Electronic Commerce
  7. FedEx Careers in Engineering
  8. Handler FedEx Jobs
  9. FedEx Jobs in Human Resources
  10. FedEx Careers in Information Technology
  11. Internships
  12. FedEx Careers in Marketing
  13. FedEx Careers in Retail
  14. FedEx Jobs in Sales
  15. FedEx Jobs in Security
  16. FedEx Careers in Solutions
  17. Supply Chain FedEx Jobs
  18. Transportation FedEx Jobs
  19. Warehouse and Distribution FedEx Jobs

FedEx Application Procedure

The application is done online on the FedEx portal, www.careers.fedex.com. Once you have found the job opening of your choice, you can access the FedEx application Form through the button on the right of the job title. Then you can begin your application. You can also apply for multiple jobs at once. Below are the sections of the application Form:

  • Create Login

Before you can apply for a FedEx job, you need to create an account. This account enables you apply for multiple job openings and check your application status. The information needed to create an account is general, it does not count as your CV or resume. The details are merely for identification purposes.

  • Submit Resume/CV

After creating an account, you will be able to upload your CV. You will still have to fill in a FedEx application which covers most information that should be on your CV as well.

  • Personal Information

This section requires you to provide your complete contact details. Note that these will be used to contact you regarding the following steps of the hiring process.

  • Employment

This section requires you to create an outline of your professional career. Since most information are already provided on your CV, you will only be required to mention the companies you have worked for and the positions you held there.

  • Education

This section requires you to provide information on your educational background, relevant skills and degrees.

  • Job Specific Questions

This section includes a series of questions meant to check if you meet the requirement of the position and department you are applying for.

  • Source Information

This section requires you to mention your knowledge about the position you are applying for.

  • Additional Information

You may add additional documents to your resume such as transcripts, diplomas, and references. You can also provide information about your gender, race, veteran status, ethnicity and disability status. This section is optional.

  • Submission

This is the final section of the form where you are required to proofread your form and check for mistakes, then submit when you complete your review to the Human Resources department for assessment. If you are amongst those shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview. Below are some examples of FedEx interview questions:

  1. Why have you chosen to apply for FedEx employment?
  2. What makes you the right candidate for this FedEx job?
  3. What are the traits that make you stand out from the others?
  4. Have you ever been chosen as employee of the month in your previous jobs?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  6. Could you please tell me about a time when you have exceeded your employer’s expectations?

FedEx Job Openings

Material Handler-Job Description and Duties

This is the entry-level position at FedEx supply chain. They are required to perform tasks such as receiving, stocking, and shipping different types of materials. They also have duties in the company’s warehouses, cross docks or production support environment.

Salary and Compensation

The salary starts at $11.00 per hour up to $16.00 per hour. They are also entitled to bonuses and benefits packs.

FedEx Express Operations Manager-Job Description and Duties

Operation Managers are required to coordinate the development of all the FedEx departments to ensure that all deliveries are made in time, that customers have the best experience and ensure that the financial requirements of the company are met.

Salary and Compensation

The salary starts at $53,000 per year and gets as high as $95,000 per year. They are also entitled to bonuses and profit sharing.

Benefits of Working at FedEx

  1. Healthcare FedEx Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Plans.
  2. Insurance FedEx Benefits: Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance.
  3. Financial FedEx Benefits: Competitive FedEx Salaries, Performance Bonuses, Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  4. Retirement FedEx Benefits: Retirement Plan, 401(k) Retirement Plan.
  5. Paid Time Off FedEx Benefits: Vacation, Holiday, Sick Days, and Bereavement Leave.
  6. Special FedEx Benefits: Special FedEx Employee Discount, Mobile Phone Discount, Legal Assistance

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