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Government Recruitment in Ghana 2021/2022 and How to Apply Online

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Government Recruitment in Ghana 2021/2022 and How to Apply Online.

Federal Government Recruitment in Ghana… There are so many reasons why many people want to participate in the federal government recruitment 2020 in Ghana. You have probably considered this and that is why you searched this out on the internet. Even if you have not yet, you would likely consider it soon.

Federal Government Recruitment in Ghana

Government Recruitment in Ghana 2020

Even when you decide to apply for federal government recruitment in Ghana, there seems to be little information compiled on how to go about this on the internet. Not to worry, after this article, all that would end as we would be bring to you all the information you need about federal government jobs/recruitment in Ghana. Before we go into all of that, let us bring you up to speed with the advantages of and requirements for federal government recruitment/jobs in Ghana.

Advantages / Benefits of Federal Government Jobs in Ghana.

There are so many advantages or benefits of getting federal government jobs in Ghana and these advantages are the reasons why these jobs or recruitment processes are very competitive. Everyone is looking out to better their prospects. Now let us take a look at these benefits or advantages.

  • Job security

With federal government jobs in Ghana, job security is guaranteed as before workers are sacked, so many processes have to be undergone and aren’t subject to the discretion of one person or a few persons like it is obtainable in the private sector. Everyone seeks this guarantee.

  • Standard salary

The federal government of Ghana pays what is obtainable for every level and in each position regardless of the person. For example, entry-level salaries for federal government jobs are the same across departments and nobody is shortchanged.

  • Career promotion and advancement opportunities

Everyone wants progress and promotion/ advancement in their chosen career fields. It is guaranteed in federal government of Ghana jobs that once you meet the requirements for promotion and subsequent salary increase, you would be given what is due you.

  • Good welfare packages

This is actually one of the top reasons why people go for federal government jobs. The government makes arrangements for take care of the welfare of its employees. Paid sick leaves, maternity leaves, work leaves and so much more are guaranteed when in the workforce of the federal government. What’s more; you get paid for the time off too and would always get back to your job in due time.

  • Financial credibility

Have you ever wondered why civil servants are the first requirements when granting bail or similar agreements? It’s because they have financial credibility which can be depended on and can be traced.

FG Requirements for Eligibility

  • Applicants have to be a citizen of Ghana
  • Applicants have to proof that either of their parents must have Ghanaian citizenship by birth
  • Unless otherwise stated, candidates need to have at least a high school equivalent certificate of WASSCE or O’ Level certificate.
  • Applicants must possess no criminal history or be a convicted felon. Measures would be taken to ensure this and those who flout the rule would subsequently lose their eligibility.
  • Candidates must have good interpersonal skills and conduct themselves in ways which aren’t embarrassing to the organizations they work in.

How to Apply for Federal Government Jobs in Ghana

Advertisements are placed for recruitment schemes on many platforms such as main stream media (radio, television and newspapers) and on other platforms online like social media and websites.

Make sure you read the requirements and terms and conditions well enough before applying. Most of the federal government recruitment in Ghana can be applied for online so you would have to search out the necessary application websites/ online portals to start your registration. Lucky for you, we have also compiled a list of some of these websites for you.

  1. Ghana Police Service

Website:  http://www.ghanapolice.info/

  1. Ghana Revenue Authority

Website:  http://www.gra.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Standards Authority

Website:  http://www.gsb.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Tourism Authority

Website:  http://www.ghana.travel/

  1. Minerals Commission

Website: http://www.gsb.gov.gh/

  1. National Communication

Website:  http://www.nca.org.gh/

  1. Policy Evaluation And Oversight Unit

Website:  http://www.peou.gov.gh/

  1. Volta River Authority

Website:  http://www.vra.com/

  1. National Commission On Culture

Website:  http://www.ghanaculture.gov.gh/

  1. Bureau of National Investigations (BNI)

Website:  http://fic.gov.gh/#

  1. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

Website:  http://www.mot.gov.gh/

  1. Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO)

Website:  http://www.eoco.org.gh/

  1. Energy Commission

Website:  http://www.energycom.gov.gh/

  1. Environmental Protection Agency

Website:  https://www.epa.gov.gh/

  1. Export Development And Agric Investment Fund (EDAIF)

The EDAIF is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ghana. To learn more, visit the;

Website:  http://mofa.gov.gh

  1. Federal Intelligence Centre

Website:  http://fic.gov.gh/

  1. Forestry Commission of Ghana

Website:  http://www.fcghana.org/

  1. Geological Survey Department

Handled by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

Website:  http://www.mlnr.gov.gh/

  1. Get Fund ( Ghana Education Trust Fund)

Website:  http://www.getfund.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Aids Commission

Website:  http://www.ghanaids.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Education Service

Website:  https://www.ges.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Export Promotion Authority

Website:  https://www.gepaghana.org/

  1. Ghana Health Service

Website:  http://www.ghanahealthservice.org/

  1. Ghana Highway Authority

Website:  http://www.highways.gov.gh/subpages.php?id=31

  1. Ghana Immigration Service

Website:  http://www.ghanaimmigration.org/

  1. Ghana Institute Of Languages

Website:  http://www.gil.edu.gh/web/administration/vacancy.php

  1. Ghana National Procurement Agency

Website:  https://www.ppaghana.org/

  1. Ghana News Agency

Website:  http://www.ghananewsagency.org/

  1. Ghana Police Service

Website:  http://www.police.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Pensions Authority

Website:  http://www.npra.gov.gh/site

  1. Ghana Prisons Service

Website:  http://www.ghanaprisons.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Railway Development Authority

Website:  http://www.grda.gov.gh/

  1. Ghana Statistical Service

Website:  http://www.statsghana.gov.gh/advert.html

  1. Ghana Maritime Authority

Website:  http://www.ghanamaritime.org/programs_page.php?id=32

  1. Ghana Tourism Authority

Website:  http://www.ghana.travel/

  1. Grains And Legumes Development Board

Website:  http://secghana.gov.gh/soes/food-and-agriculture/grains-legumes-development-board/

  1. Kofi Annan Centre Of Excellence In ICT
  2. Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

Website:  http://kbth.gov.gh/index.php?id=350

  1.      Legal Aid Board

Website:  http://www.legalaidghana.org/

  1. Ghana Meteorological Authority

Website:  http://www.meteo.gov.gh/

  1. Minerals Commission

Website:  http://www.eservices.gov.gh/MINCOM

  1. Narcotic Control Board

Website:  http://www.mint.gov.gh/narcotics.htm

  1. National Accreditation Board

Website:  http://www.nab.gov.gh/

  1. National Council For Curriculum And Assessment

Website:  https://www.ncca.ie/

  1. National Commission for Civic Education

Website:  http://www.nccegh.org/

  1. National Population Council

Website:  https://www.popcouncil.org/careers

  1. National Service Secretariat

Website:  https://nss.gov.gh/

  1. National Sports Authority

Website:  https://sportsauthority.com.gh/

  1. National Vocational Training Institute

Website:  http://www.nvtighana.org/

  1. National Board For Small Scale Industries (Nbssi)

Website:  http://www.nbssi.gov.gh/

  1. Nurses And Midwifery Council

Website:  http://www.nmcgh.org/t3f/en/

  1. Public Procurement Authority

Website:  https://www.ppaghana.org/

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