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Graduate Trainee Jobs in Nigeria 2022 and How to Apply Online

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Graduate Trainee Jobs in Nigeria 2020 and How to Apply Online.

Top 20 B.Sc Job Vacancies in Nigeria 2020… Before you pay the time and cash to accumulate a Bachelor’s degree and pursue a career, it’s best to require a glance at potential salaries. Whereas there are many high paying jobs out there, several of them need a minimum of a Master’s degree for entry.

Graduate Trainee Jobs in Nigeria

Graduate Trainee Jobs in Nigeria 2020

This list ranks the fifty highest-paying careers that solely need a Bachelor’s degree.  Licensing, and work experience are quite necessary for some of them. Having Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree is the basic requirement for most.

1. Information and Technology Systems Managers

Computer and knowledge systems managers handle the technological wants of firms and organizations through coming up with and coordinative laptop and technological activities.

Example Job Titles: Info Systems Manager; Info Systems Director; Information Operations Director.

Personal Characteristics: laptop and knowledge systems managers would like leadership and business skills, also as a flair for analysis and decision-making, organization, and communication.

2. Natural Sciences Managers

Natural sciences managers manage groups of scientists in numerous disciplines, guiding analysis activities, publication activities, and more.

Example Job Titles: Geochemical Manager; geology Manager; Ocean Program Administrator; Agricultural supervisor.

Personal Characteristics: Natural Sciences Managers ought to have robust skills in important thinking, downside determination, time management, and leadership.

3. Sales Managers

The duties of a sales manager embrace overseeing sales groups and personnel, analyzing and setting goals, analyzing past performance, coaching sales representatives, and coverage on sales performance.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Management.

Personal Characteristics: Sales managers ought to have robust communication, leadership, client service, and analytical skills.

4. Compensation and Edges Managers

Compensation and edges managers manage compensation programs in organizations to create certain workers are paid on time, and receive their full worker edges

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Management;

Personal Characteristics: people during this field ought to have a flair for leadership and business, also as robust communication skills, analytical skills, and decision-making skills.

5. Purchase Managers

Purchasing managers direct the acquisition of products or services for organizations to use or sell, also as manage buying groups and agents.

Example Job Titles: buying Manager; Sourcing Manager.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Management.

Personal Characteristics: buying managers would like robust negotiation, communication, and social skills, also as mathematical skills, and also the ability to create key selections.

6. Aeronautical Engineers

Professionals within the field interact in analysis, design, prototyping, testing, and different duties to create certain their styles operate as planned.

Example Job Titles: Flight check Engineer.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in physics Science; Bachelor in Physics.

Personal Characteristics: part engineers would like robust mathematical, analytical, important thinking, and downside determination skills, also as business and communication skills.

7. Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers direct body personnel functions for organizations. people during this field manage human resources workers.

Example Job Titles: Human Resources Manager;

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Accounting; Bachelor in info Technology.

Personal Characteristics: Human resources managers would like robust leadership and social skills, also as decision-making and structure skills.

8. Software System Developers

Software developers within the system program field style, test, and develop software system for laptop programs to fulfill their company’s wants.

Example Job Titles: software system

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in engineering science.

Personal Characteristics: software system Developers should be inventive and detail homeward, with robust analytical and problem-solving skills.

9. Development Managers

Training and development managers manage workers, making certain that their skills and information meet the organization’s standards and desires.

Example Job Titles: worker Development Manager; worker Development Director; E-Learning Manager; Labor coaching Manager.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Human Resources;

Personal Characteristics: Would like robust leadership and business skills, also as communication, decision-making, collaboration, and educational skills.

10. Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear engineers work with nuclear materials in an exceedingly form of laboratory and industrial settings to analysis energy sources. people during this field develop and utilize instruments and processes for harnessing atomic power.

Example Job Titles: Nuclear Engineer; Nuclear Radiation Engineer; Radiation Engineer; Reactor Engineer; Atomic method Engineer.

Recommended Degrees:  B.Sc physics.

Personal Characteristics:  Be analytical, mathematical, and downside determination skills, also as communications skills.

11. Network Architects

Computer network architects work with information communications networks in settings of all sizes. Network architects build and maintain communications systems to confirm the economical transmission of knowledge, most frequently to serve the requirements of firms and organizations.

Example Job Titles: Network Developer.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in info Systems;.

Personal Characteristics: network architects ought to be detail homeward, and have robust analytical, social, structure, and leadership skills.

12. Actuaries

Actuaries assess risk and uncertainty in relevancy finance, serving firms, organizations.

Example Job Titles: Health Actuary

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Mathematics; Bachelor in Statistics;

Personal Characteristics: Actuaries ought to be detail-oriented, with robust mathematical, analytical, problem-solving, computer, and communication skills.

13. Software System Developers

Software developers within the applications field style shopper software system, together with productivity software system and gambling software system, for software system firms to publish and sell

Example Job Titles: software system Applications Designer;.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in software system Engineering.

Personal Characteristics: should be inventive with robust analytical problem-solving skills, communication skills.

14. Materials Scientists

Material scientists study the chemical and molecular structure of producing materials, with the goal of developing higher, a lot of economical, and a lot of reliable materials to be used altogether industries

Example Job Titles: Materials Scientist;

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Chemistry

Personal Characteristics: Be analytical, and with communication skills.

15. Medical and Health Services Managers

Medical and health services managers direct health services and health services facilities

Example Job Titles: Health Services Manager

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Nursing; Bachelor publicly Health Administration;

Personal Characteristics: should have robust leadership, communication, social, and analytical skills.

16. Physical Scientists

Physical scientists add fields of science that traumatize physical, non-theoretical subjects, like chemistry, materials, and also the setting.

Example Job Titles: Environmental Scientist; Chemist;

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor of Chemistry.

Personal Characteristics: Would be very analytical.

17. Info Security Analysts

Information security analysts work for firms and organizations with the goal of making certain the protection of their info and knowledge systems.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in laptop Science;

Personal Characteristics: ought to be detailed.

18. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts add organizations to maximize the potency of their laptop systems.

Example Job Titles: Computer Systems Analyst;

Recommended Degrees:

Personal Characteristics: laptop systems analysts got to be inventive and detail homeward, with robust technical analytical, and communication skills.

19. Info Directors

Database directors manage the operation and maintenance of infos and database technology for firms and organizations.

Example Job Titles: Info Administrator.

Recommended Degrees; Bachelor in info Systems.

Personal Characteristics: Should be detail homeward, with robust analytical, communication, technical, important thinking, and downside determination skills.

20. Medical Laboratory Scientists

Med. Lab. Scientists ar positively in high demand in African country from the non-public to public sectors.

Recommended Degrees:  B.Sc in biology, biochemistry and Med. Lab. Science.

Personal Characteristics: Med. Lab. Scientists

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