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Grand Canyon University Hiring Process 2022 and Application Requirements

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Grand Canyon University Hiring Process 2020 and Application Requirements.

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Grand Canyon University also called GCU or Grand Canyon is a privately owned and a Non-profit Christian university in Phoenix Arizona.  Grand Canyon University is presently the largest Christian university in the world.

GCU Hiring Process 2020

Grand Canyon University Hiring Process 2020

In August 1949, The University was created by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention in Prescott, Arizona as Grand Canyon College. In 1951, the college relocated to its present location in West Phoenix.

In 1984, the college’s representatives voted to the change of the college to a university for the 40th anniversary of the school in 1989, at which time it also reformed ascendancy from the Southern Baptist Convention to the GCU Board of Trustees.

In 2000, the university finished its association with the Southern Baptist Convention. Facing financial  and other difficulties in the first part of the 21st century, the school’s representatives approved its sale in January 2004  Educational institution located at California, LLC, making it the head for-profit Christian college in the United States  Following that procurement, the school became the first, and only profit school to partake in NCAA Division I athletics.

In the end of 2014, the school declared the exploration of a return to non-profit status. In 2020, the university was given approval from its accreditors to go back to non-profit status, which became authorized on July 1, 2020.

The university gives via its nine colleges including doctoral studies, business, education, , humanities and social sciences, nursing and health care professions, science, theology, engineering and technology.

The university has over the years created employment platform for people around the world and perhaps you are looking for an job in this university, I will be giving the relevant information about getting a job in this university, the requirement  and hiring process

Job position available at Grand Canyon University

1. Academic Records Specialist 

The Academic Record specialist have the following responsibility;

  • Solve  intensified matters from Student Service Counselors using critical thinking and problem-solving skills, including but not restricted  to degree progression associated matters
  • Process applications give in to by Student Services Counselors within decided upon Service Level Agreement depending on nature  of request
  • establish resources and associate  to make sure adequate knowledge sharing occurs between departments relating to  degree progression related information
  • Assess coursework from other institutions to define an Institutional choice for future application of the course to university degree programs.
  • Reply to requests and investigations directed to the Office of Academic Records from students and other entities
  • Works with professionalism and honesty as a representative of the Office of Academic Records.
  • Organize with management and other departments, as necessary.

2. Academic Records Specialist II

The academic record specialist have the following responsibility;

  • Review student records to define if they have met degree necessities using established University policies
  • Check and make diplomas and final transcriptions sent to graduates
  • Solve  intensified issues from Student Service Counselors using critical thinking and problem-solving skills, including but not restricted to graduation related matter
  • Make available data concerning graduated students and future projections to different departments
  • Process tickets give in to by Student Services Counselors deliberated upon by  Service Level Agreement depending on type of request
  • Decide beginning eligibility all through the year and organize with Commencement Events Team.
  • Organize with management and other departments in the event students are not qualified to have their degree given to them
  • Make resources and cooperate to insure necessary  knowledge sharing occurs between departments relating  to graduation related information
  • Response to needs and inquiries routed to the Office of Academic Records from students and other bodies
  • Process incoming transcription requests, as needed, to assure all requests are processed within the proper timeline.  He or she is also responsible for identifying when this is essential and anticipating departmental needs.

3. Irrigation Technician

The irrigation Technician have the responsibility of;

  • Checking all necessary and existing systems all over the campus to check systems for effectiveness, and to check whether they are working properly or need for repair.  Guarantees systems are working within state criteria
  • Connects new systems and assists with renewal of systems for each architect drawings and plans and guarantee proper functioning.
  • Decides cause needed for renovation and self-regulating repairs or makes commendations to supervisor of repairs needs beyond capabilities.  Fix and retains valves, installing and initializing clocks and timers, tracing electrical components, , locating existing zones and valves and carrying out pump repairs.
  • May make us of computerized apparatuses to analyze irrigation systems for complications. He or she also assists in the upkeep of parking lots and other surfaces, plus asphalt repairs and minor masonry or plastering work as necessary
  • Bring out  pipe along selected pipeline settings in field; connects pipe
  • Connects sprinkler heads to pipe at selected points.
  • Initiates and disables irrigation systems in accordance to seasonal priorities or pre-established agendas.

Make sure even distribution of watering to all areas.

  • Commends buying or ordering of parts needed to repair, create or renew irrigation systems while maintaining a precise inventory.
  • Discerns safety measures at always and is in charge of personal safety performance.
  • Supports with landscaping/grounds keeping duties as necessary

 Job requirement to Work in Grand Canyon University

  • Having an educational qualification of bachelor’s degree or a master degree is one vital requirement to work in Grand Canyon University. This educational qualification however is not necessary for other job position for example , the position of an irrigation technician will not demand a bachelor or master degree
  • Work experience is an essential requirement to work in Grand Canyon University. You should have a teaching experience or your experience should relate to the type of job you are applying
  • You should have a strong knowledge of the use of computer or material related to the kind of work you are applying for

Hiring process to get a Job at Grand Canyon University

– Applying process

Applying for a job in Grand Canyon University is done on the schools website and it involves filling the application form on the university website and submitting same

– Interview process

Your application will be thoroughly checked and observed by the university recruiter and if your application is accepted, you will be notified for interview.

– Drugs test

You will be tested to determine if you’re drugs free or not.

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