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Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

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Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria.

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies… What most people say concerning central jobs is that the Federal Government of Nigeria doesn’t pay well, and also the chance of unpaid salaries is high. These are  enough to scare most Nigerians from taking up job offers in the federal government employ.

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

Nonetheless, there people who are ready to brace the odds, the bleak portray of a career with the Federal Government regardless.  For students whose minds and interests are set on getting jobs in Federal Government agencies once they graduate, I have listed below the highest paying jobs in Federal Government agencies.


  • Nigerian National crude Corporation
  • Bank of Industry
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service
  • Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
  • Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria
  • Nigerian Ports Authority

Best Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria.




This is most likely one among the very best paying agencies, if not the very best paying authority. Interns reportedly take in about thirteen thousand (13,000) naira every month, and even take home fourteen thousand (14,000) naira monthly.

A sales manager in this agency is paid about two hundred and eighty-six thousand (280,000) naira every month, and even three hundred and ten thousand (310,000) Naira. Economists are said to be paid between three million five hundred and thirty thousand naira (3,533,000), and three million eight hundred and twenty thousand (3,820,000) naira ever year.




The Bank of Industry is also one of the highest paying federal government agencies in Nigeria. An analyst reportedly makes about two million, eight hundred and eighty thousand (2,880,000)naira on the average annually.

Analysts in this parastatal earn about three million, one hundred and forty thousand (3,140,000) naira annually as salary at the highest, which is not paltry if you ask me. A banking officer goes home with a minimum of five million four hundred thousand (5,400,000) yearly with a high cap of about five million eight hundred thousand (5,800,000) every year.




Making the salary structure and actual take home pay public isn’t what the Central Bank of Nigeria is known for. Nonetheless, it is not possible to hide such information from the ever curious general public in this digital age.

A worker at the entry level gets paid forty-three thousand Nigerian (43,000) throughout the period the training lasts. When the worker becomes a staff at the entry level, the pay is one hundred and twenty-two thousand (122,000) every month.

A loan officer (which could be a rank you’ll be able to get promoted to from entry level) is paid five hundred and seventy-three thousand (573,000) naira per month.

The next accessible rank is becoming the credit analyst. A credit analyst gets paid six hundred and forty-seven thousand (647,000) per month. This is more than seven million (7,000,000) annually.

The position which is the toughest to get to within the financial organization workers structure is that the Branch Manager position. This is often because of the actual fact there aren’t many branches of the Central Bank of Nigeria which increases the . A Branch Manager (where it exists) in the financial organization is paid seven hundred and thirty-two thousand (732,000) naira per month. This averages at about eight million ( 8,000,000) naira annually.  All accounting and banking and finance students must surely be salivating while reading these figures.




The Federal Inland Revenue Service is another of such agencies by the federal government which is quite closedlipped concerning their pay packages. There’s no limit to the reach of technology although.

It has been revealed that entry level workers are paid between one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) and one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) naira every month.

On promotion to Officer One, the pay package goes up to between 100 and cardinal and 100 and 84 thousand Nigerian monetary unit.




Like many federal government agencies, NIMASA keeps its pay package secret. Their entry level salary (level eight) was found out though. It’s rumored that entry level workers at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency earn between two hundred and two hundred and forty thousand (200,000 – 240,000) monthly.




It was quite tough to find this out as most Government agencies are quite closelipped concerning their salaries. Asset Management Company of Nigeria is reported to pay around one hundred and thirty-two thousand ( 132,000). It is not clear, at that level what regular payment accrues to since it cannot be confirmed.




Although it’s tough to ascertain at salaries of most government agencies, that of the Nigerian Ports authority was a bit easier. Over the previous few years, there are numerous advertisements of job vacancies at the Nigerian Ports authority that publicized the outlook of regular payment.

A counselor within the health, nursing or social care department will expect a minimum of four hundred thousand (400,000) naira every year. An IT or e-business manager will expect a step-up between four hundred thousand and six hundred thousand (400,000 – 600,000) yearly.

A deck plebe within the energy, oil or gas department will expect between eight hundred thousand and one million(800,000 – 1,000,000)  naira as a regular payment package.

The senior creative director within the marketing, advertising, or publicity department will expect between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 naira m.

A HSE officer within the supply chain will expect between 3 million and 4 million naira p.a. as regular payment.

A control designer takes home from 5 million naira and beyond yearly.

Note that while most of the salaries are not exact, they are close to accurate.

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