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History and Impact of Technology in Nigeria – Source from Wikipedia

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History and Impact of Technology in Nigeria – Source from Wikipedia.

History and Impact of Technology… The world is fast growing technologically, and as such everything encompassed in the world should grow alongside with it. There are a lot of developed countries in the world, and more are still striving to meet up with this development one of which is Nigeria.

Impact of Technology in Nigeria

History and Impact of Technology in Nigeria

Technology has found its way into Nigeria in order to assist carry out tasks and aid manpower and has majored in various aspect of life.

About Technology.

Technology is the use of practical sciences to industries or commerce. It refers to the methods, systems and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.

The term technology is very broad and people have their various ways to understanding technology. Technology aid in getting certain task accomplished faster and better.

Technology is a body of knowledge dedicated to creating tools, giving out actions and the extracting of materials . It is the involvement of science for solving  and caring out specific tasks. Technology is dynamic its keeps changing and improving as mans needs for it keep increasing too.

There are various forms of technologies which are all created towards assisting humans some examples of technology includes. Entertainment technology, business technology, assistive technology, information technology, medical technology, constructive technology, communicative technology, and educational technology.

Impact of Technology.

Technology is created to serve a purpose and create an impact to those consuming that which has been created. The existence of technology has created a lot of impact in the life’s of man, this is obvious in mans quest to keep creating machine which would be of aid to him, obviously if the initial did not have an impact, there would not be reason to making another.

Technology has impacted Nigerians across agriculture, business, education, entertainment, healthcare, government, and security.

Technology has made an impact in communication, as the use of communicative gadgets has brought to an end the rigorous method of putting words down into paper and delivering which takes longer than required, with the creation of cell phones, information are disseminated faster and less stressful than former.

Technology created telephone which the Europeans introduced to us and has limited the use of post offices.

Technology has also impacted life in the constructive aspect and companies. Technology has been built to assist manpower in getting difficult tasks done faster and more efficiently.

Certain construction machine have been made, machines like tractors, robots, and  pulls have been made to aid construction in construction sites and companies. A lot of companies use constructive technologies to fasten their work and task.

Technology has also being of great impact t the educational aspect of the country Nigeria, technology has brought about the introduction of digital learning in schools and the introduction of information and communication technology to widen the horizon of students.

Technology has brought about the idea of online classes and the idea of home lessons where individuals stay at home and still acquire knowledge on certain aspect of life using a phone of technology which could either be a personal computer or a cell phone.

Technology has as well made a great impacted in the medical field and aspect of life, as certain machines have been created to help check, examine and treat the human body when such needs arises, such machines are used mostly in the health centers and hospitals and are issued to patients as well who would be needing such machines. Medical technologies includes Termometers, x-ray machines, EKG (Electrocadiogram) and lots more.

Technology has been of immense impact in Nigeria in the information aspect. A place devoid of information is devoid of a lot, with technology information has not been an issue in the country as the dissemination of information has been, fast, efficient and effective, devices which have been used to dissimilate this information includes radios, television, audio clips which are placed in devices. With the advent of radio and television technology has indeed been of great impact

Technology has equally been of great impact in the agricultural sector, these is one of the most significant aspect to which technology has impacted a great deal, as farmers have leveraged the idea of technology to decipher and aid in making more farm produce and carrying out most  tedious and difficult task which man cannot indulge in.

These machines made from the existence of technology are of various types and styles and perform different duties to facilitate production, such machines are bulldozers, tractors, chainsaws ploughers’  harvester’s planters and a lot more.

This machines brought about by technologies have eliminated the use of hoes and cutlasses for agriculture especially when it involves production for commercial use.

Technology has been a great deal of help to the country Nigeria in security aspect as it has made available machines to which security in the country has been taken care off.

These machines have been of different types as they have been used in different places of need to check security and safe guard humans and resources.

History of Technology

Various sectors in Nigeria have its own history of technology. Technology in Nigeria cannot be attributed or likened to a particular origin or body.

The federal ministry of Science and Technology, this body is saddled with the responsibility of facilitating the development and deployment of science, technology and innovation increasing speed of socio-economic developments in Nigeria.

The federal ministry of science and technology was founded on the 1st of January, 1980. The ministry was amalgamated with the Federal Ministry of Education and renamed federal ministry of Education, Science and technology. The Federal ministry was scrapped out and again was reestablished on the 26th August 1993.

The history of Agriculture can also be traced to various purposes and aspect of which it has been of great relevance, importance and of great impact such as the history of blacksmithing in Nigeria, history of technology in transport system in Nigeria, history of agricultural sector in Nigeria, History of technology in food preservation and storage in Nigeria, history of communication technology.

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