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How Much Does China Visa Cost in Nigeria

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How Much Does China Visa Cost in Nigeria.

If you are searching for “How Much Does China Visa Cost in Nigeria” this page is all you need. Explore.

How Much Does China Visa Cost in Nigeria

When it comes to luxury, amazing ancient autocrat and undying culture and tradition, the first country that comes in play is china also known as the people republic of china. A country located in the East Asia with the highest population in the world. China is a wonder to behold, its culture and ancient craft is what brings thousands of people to the country, so it’s no surprise that lots of people from Nigeria and other country want to travel to the people’s republic of china.

Traveling to china tend to be harder compared to other country and the reason is because of the over population in the country, I mean the number is just too much, people traveling there will only increase the number so what other will they adapt than to limit the number of people that travel to china than adapting a strict way to get visa? But that doesn’t change the fact that china is a amazing place. There are amazing reason why you should travel to china, for example; the amazing giant panda you have been hearing and watching is actually in China, you’ve probably watched the movie THE GREAT WALL, it was acted with reference to the great china, the wall is so great that you would open your mouth when you see it, china has the second largest economy in the world after USA,  china has one time zone, china has one of the most amazing festival in the world, china also have the largest dam in the world, china railway system is just too good, sounds crazy but books are sold by weight. There is countless reason why you should travel to china and perhaps you’re thinking of traveling there and you’ve got no idea about the traveling fee; there is no problem because I will be showing you the traveling fee from Nigerian to china.

Hong Kong and Macao Visa

The visa fee for traveling to china differs depending on the type and category of the of visa you’re applying for. For instance for Single-Entry with 3-month Validity, the amount is 14,000 Naira. For a Double-Entry with 6-month Validity, the amount is 21,000 Naira.  For a Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity, the price is 28,000 Naira. That of a Multi-Entry with 12-month Validity is 42,000 Naira.  Renewal fee for the various visas is 11,200 Naira .notarization (civil servant) cost is 8,400 Naira and lastly the notarization (business affair).

For the expedient category, the fee for 3 or 4 working day processing is 9,500 naira while for a working processing is 14,000 Naira

Basic Requirement

You should fill and complete the application form with a recent passport photograph. All information given most is true and accurate. Untrue details will not be accepted

Requirement for Business Visa

  • You should have a confirmation from the federal ministry of foreign affair or should be given a letter of duly authorized unit and a  conformation latter from a partner in chine
  • Applicant should get an introduction latter from his or her company. The applicant identity is also needed alongside the reason for his visit and the duration of his or her stay in china
  • The applicant should come with certificate of incorporation at the interview, one original and one photo copy.
  • Applicant should come with a  recent bank statement showing that there was a deposit In the account with a period of six month

Requirement for Student visa

  • You should come with the later showing that you got admission( admission later)
  • You should come alone with your academic record
  • Original and photocopy of certificate of degree is needed
  • A Guarantee bank statement showing that there have  been deposit in the account for at least 6 month

Requirements for Work visa

  • You should have one of these; an alien work permit, foreign expert certificate or a registration Certificate of Foreign Enterprises Permanent Office in China
  • You should also have a letter of invitation or Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit

Procedure for Application

– The first requirement is for the applicant or someone else should go to the embassy on the specified time and day, with the required document for interview

– At this second stage, the applicant himself and not some other person on his behalf should go for interview. The time and day for the interview depends on the appointment time. Document provided at this stage must be real; any fail document will make your application refused. There is an exception however as with holder of official or diplomatic passport

– At this stage, the applicant should come and check the result of the interview. The time for collection is specified in the form. if the result is positive, you can pay the fee with either an ATM or a debit card.


China is an amazing place to travel to, getting a visa is kind of strict but if you follow the procedure well and you have a honest reason why you want to travel, you will surely be granted a visa. The most important thing is, your document and the information in them should be true. Doing the contrary will put down your application  and even if you have travel, would lead to you been arrested.

You should also know that china is looking for a way to reduce its population, so any mistake will disqualify you from traveling there. And about the traveling aspect, you don’t need to worry because china has the amazing things that would make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Their food, culture, ancient craft is just wonderful. The have amazing school for those traveling for school purposes. For those traveling for business purposes, I don’t need to tell you that china is one of the best to travel to for business purposes, the have what you want and in a cheap rate, shoes, phones, cloths and electronic are all there and if it’s for holiday purpose, you sure will be having a great time there because they have you need to make you stay memorable.

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