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How to Become a Popular Model in Nigeria – Must Practice Steps

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How to Become a Popular Model in Nigeria – Must Practice Steps.

Do you have well-toned abs and curves and you’ve been encouraged to take modeling seriously? Consequently, you would considered modeling as a profession. To become a model, looking like a Roman god or goddess isn’t a must.

Become a Popular Model in Nigeria

How to Become a Popular Model in Nigeria

With the correct skin treatment, diet and exercise, nearly anyone will become a model. You might not be a professional right now but there’s no stopping you from being the model you dream to be. All it takes may be hardwork, dedication and luck.

How to Become a Model in Nigeria.

♦ Work On Your Physique.

One of the attributes that sometimes set models apart from the rest of us is their physique. Their looks are their assets and once it’s out of proportion, it will spell doom. As a young man, be certain than your abs, chest, butt and legs are worked on. If you’re a girl, your greatest assets are your boobs and butt and thin waist.

♦ Work On Your Face.

To become a top model – not simply any model , you should work to accentuate the attractiveness of your faced. We tend to all have our flaws, it’s your duty to attenuate them and enhance the qualities that make you handsome or beautiful. It can be your eye, your nose, your lips. Whatever brings makes you look more attractive should be worked on.

♦ Your Hair.

Not all hairstyles would fit you. Most of those are sometimes determined by your head size and form. Hit the salon to seek out which is best for you. Experiment with completely different hairstyles till you discover which suits you naturally well.

♦ Your Style of Walking.

The beauty that comes with an excellent style of walking cannot be overstated. Take tutorials to make sure your walking style is good. Countless materials and videos which will assist you actualize that abound. Promising runway models have lost their contracts because they don’t walk correctly. I actually have additionally seen several others fall on stage. Practice. Keep at it until you get better. Though this can be principally for runway models, however whichever type you aim to be in, having an excellent walking step is a bonus.

♦ Build Your Portfolio.

Arming yourself with a packed portfolio gives you an advantage when seeking to work with any modeling agencies. Social media has made this easier to achieve. Get an honest and inventive cameraman and have him take shots from completely different angles. Don’t be scared to experiment with new ideas.  Having a personal website boosts your portfolio.

Types of Models in Nigeria.

To become a model, you’ve got to work out that niche you would like to work in. Below are the types of models in Nigeria.

♦ Fashion Models.

This type of models include top rated fashion models who usually are on the cover pages of famous magazines like Genevieve Magazine and that they work principally for high fashion designers like Gucci, Valentino, Prada etc. To be enter into this modeling niche, you’ve got to be 6’0″ high and very slim. Their body measurement is 33-23-33.  Different options additionally may be needed but this depends solely on the requirements of each modeling agency.

♦ Commercial Models.

The requirements for this niche aren’t as stringent as that of Fashion modeling. Your height, color or size regardless, you can still be a successful model depending on how well you get publicity.

♦ Glamour.

Playboy Magazine and the likes feature this category of models belong to this  class and the require strict features though. You’ve got to possess a tremendous physique with a cute sleek face. Their aim is to look horny and seducing.

♦ Runway.

They are sometimes named as catwalk models and that’s in all probability owing to how they walk throughout a runway exhibition. Their height can be a bit lower that of typical fashion models, like 5’9″. They need a tremendous body that may match into any cloths they’re to demonstrate. Their measuring is 34-23-34. To become a model, you’ve got to reach for it by meeting the necessary requirements.

Choose which category suits you.

Modeling Agencies in Nigeria.

To become a model, you’ve got to figure underneath some agencies.. Here may be a few estimable modeling agencies in metropolis, Nigeria and their order of listing is predicated on their google business rating.


Address: Kayode Animashaun Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Review: This agency has a reasonably high rating on Google business listing and their location will simply be found on Google Map.


Address: 5B Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Review: From the numerous reviews found on the internet, this agency appears to be doing well within the modeling agency business.


Address: Suite 005 One Nation Garden Hotel – Fourth Avenue,  Festac, Lagos

Review: This Nigerian modeling agency has a four star rating and looks to be doing well within the business.


Address: 276, Tosin Adesola Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Review: The name of this agency feels like one owned  by one individual. The truth is that it isn’t. They are rated highly on the list of modeling agency here in Nigeria.

Becoming a model here in Nigeria isn’t a fearful journey. All you wish may be a positive outlook and an excellent look. Once you’ve done your preparation, you’ll simply become a model, not simply a model, but one who’s  super within the country. Work on yourself, discover your niche and take a step. It all begins with a step. There’s no stopping you now.

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