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How to Contact Uber Customer Care in Nigeria for a Deal

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How to Contact Uber Customer Care in Nigeria for a Deal.

Contact Uber Customer Care in Nigeria..Uber Nigeria is the Nigerian subsidiary of the car ride service in Nigeria. It is part of the Global Uber brand company.

Contact Uber Customer Care


Uber was start in 2009 as an online car ride service then added mobile car ride service and mobile app service was also added. Uber has no taxis if its own it hires out but it us a platform for you to hire a care ride by just asking for it on the online platform using the Ubb app. All you need do is order for a driver who is nearest for you and you pay with your debit card or pay in cash.

Uber was started in Paris by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp to easy their difficulty in find cabs or taxis for hire in the city and after much brainstorming, the idea of a mobile app which all you need do is tap on the app installed in your phone to find a taxi or cab was born.

From just a few cities in the world, Uber is now available in about 600 cities in different countries of the world, with Lagos and Abuja being the designated cities in Nigeria. Uber cars are required to be painted black to provide car services as an Uber partner.

As long as you have a car which meets the requirements Uber wants, you can partner with the car service brand regardless of your gender, age, educational qualifications or social level and you can start making money offering rides to customers who contact you through the Uber app.

Advantage of Being an Uber Partner as a Driver.

  • You become your own boss and driver at your own pace with no pressure
  • You get paid at the end of a car ride which means immediate money made
  • You can do it part time with other jobs and thus, increase your over all revenue.

How to contact Uber customer care in Nigeria for a deal

Uber is operational in two cities in Nigeria which are Lagos and Abuja.

Uber Lagos Customer Care Details

Uber Lagos Head office Address

Retail unit no. 5. Second Upper Floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road, Lagos

Email address: [email protected]

Greenlights Sessions to book an appointment : Office Hours from Monday to Friday is 12:00pm to 2:00pm

On-boarding Sessions to book a session: Office hours from Monday to Thursday is 2:30pm

Uber Abuja Customer Care Details

Uber Abija Head office Address

29, Mambilla Street, off Aso Drive, Maitama (Former American Embassy)

Email address: [email protected]

Greenlights Sessions to book an appointment : Office Hours from Monday to Friday is 12:00pm to 2:00pm

On-boarding Sessions to book a session: Office hours from Monday to Thursday is 2:30pm

Email address: [email protected]

Greenlights Sessions to book an appointment : Office Hours from Monday to Friday is 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

On-boarding Sessions to book a session: Office hours from Monday to Thursday is 2:30pm.

How Uber Works

After you have downloaded the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore, you have to sign up with the required details. To get a ride on Uber you have to follow the steps below:

  1. A rider opens the mobile app

As a rider to get a ride on the Uber service, you have to enter your destination to into the Where to? box on the Uber app which is at the uppermost part of the screen.

Tap on the Each Ride option to check wait time, the car sizes available, the cost of the ride. Once you have done those, you confirm your pickup location and tap on Request.

  1. The rider is paired with a driver

Once the rider has done the above, a nearby driver would see and choose to accept or decline the trip request of the rider. If the driver accepts the trip request, the rider would be notified automatically when the driver’s vehicle is just a minute away from him or her.

  1. The driver picks up the rider for the rider’s location

Once the driver and the rider are done verifying each other’s names and tell destination to reach, the driver would then begin the ride

  1. The driver drives the rider to the stated destination

The driver has the option of using the turn-by-turn directions which is an option in the app. This allows the driver concentrate on reaching the destination and the rider can settle in to enjoy the ride comfortably.

  1. The driver and rider leave ratings and reviews

Once they have gotten to the destination, the driver and rider(s) would have to rate each other starting from 1 to 5 stars. A Rider can also compliment the driver and give tips if tipping is available in that  particular city. Note that tipping even when available in the city is wholly voluntary and it is the rider’s prerogative to choose to do so or not.

Requirements to Register as an Uber Partner

The following are requirements you would have to meet to become an Uber partner:

  1. 100,000 km is the maximum mileage allowed to be eligible to install the Uber system in your vehicle
  2. Functional air conditioners and radios which are in good conditions have to be present in your vehicle
  3. Your vehicle model must be a least 2009 model at the latest
  4. The requirement for providing UberX and UberBlack service is than you must have a sedan vehicle
  5. All drivers must have valid driver’s licenses
  6. Full-size vehicle (15-passenger vehicles) are not allowed in the Uber service
  7. Salvage vehicles are not accepted in the Uber service
  8. Seat belts must be available for all passenger with the driver included in the vehicle
  9. Uber would conduct an absolute background check which all drivers must subject themselves to
  10. Except in the even of riders complaining, your vehicle must remain on the Uber system
  11. Uber allows only one driver per account

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