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How to Join the Egyptian Armed Forces

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How to Join the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Join the Egyptian Armed Forces… The Egyptian Armed Forces could be seen as the state military organization responsible for Egypt’s defense.

Join the Egyptian Armed Forces

How to Join the Egyptian Armed Forces

It might interest you to know that the Egypt armed forces are among the largest in Africa and also the Middle East. Not just the largest, it was also ranked as the 13 most powerful forces on the entire globe.

The Egyptian force is said to have been established in the year 1922, the force is comprised of several others, which include: The Army, The Air force, the navy and finally the air defense forces.

The Egyptian forces are under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, which is led by the president who is known to be the supreme commander of the armed forces.

Still talking about the Egyptian armed forces, it has been recorded that the modern Egyptian armed forces have been involved in numerous crises and wars since their independence, starting from the year 1948 which was the Arab-Israeli war, which was followed by the Egyptian Revolution in the year 1952, Suez crises, the six day war, Sinai insurgency, Nigeria civil war, North Yemen civil war, war of attrition, war of attention, Yom kippur war, Egyptians bread riot, the 1986 Egyptian conscripts riots, the Lybian-Egyptian war, the Gulf war, the war on Terror and the Libyan civil war.

Like I earlier said, the Egyptian Armed Forces consist of the Egyptian army, the Egyptian Navy, the Egyptian air force and the Egyptian air defense command .I’ll briefly love to talk to talk on each of them and how to join each of them.

♦ The Egyptian Navy

The Egyptian navy, also known as the Egyptian Naval force, is a maritime of branch of the Egyptian armed forces. It is recorded that the Egyptian navy is the largest navy in the Middle East of Africa. Talking about the Egyptian Navy, their mission is to protect more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and the red Sea, not just that, also to support the army operations and finally to defend the approaches of the Suez.


  1. Contact a local recruiter: This is the stage where you ask the various questions you need to know and also get your answers. Here you’ll discuss various things about the Navy and get to have an idea of how your life will when you become one.
  2. Discuss your options with your family and friends: Here you discuss your opinion with others, have an idea of what they think about it, discuss situations regarding your goals .With this you will have a better understanding of what you want to go into, this is also important, so that you don’t regret when you get in there, with the excuse that you never had an idea of how the place was going to be like.
  3. Submit your application: After knowing the things you need to know about the Navy, and you feel you are comfortable with it, you can now submit your application letter to the right source, you don’t just tell the recruiter that you want to join, you take a step by applying, indicate the position you are interested in, at this point certain requirement will be placed, like your birth certificate, your medical reports and lots more.
  4. The procession process: This is done when your application has been approved. During this stage, you will take the Armed forces vocational aptitude, go for medicals, then complete a pre-enlistment interview, and attend the Oath of Enlistment ceremony.
  5. Your training begins: This is the stage when you are trained to be a strong body of the force. It normally takes the grace of God to pass through this stage

When you succeed in this five stage, you can now find yourself as a proud member of the Egyptians navy.

Like I earlier said the Egyptians have several forces, not just the Navy we also have the Army.

♦ The Egyptian Army.

The Egyptian Army, also known as the Egyptian Ground forces, is seen to be the largest branch of service within the Egyptian Armed Forces.it was founded during the lordship of Mohamed Ali Pasha 1805-1849, and he is also said to be the founder of modern Egypt.

The Egyptian Army was engaged seriously in the protracted North Yemen Civil war, and the Libyan Egyptian war which took place in the July 1977. It might interest you to know that the Egyptian Army constituted the second largest contingent of the allied forces in the year 1991 after the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Their mission is also to protect their country Egypt, and fight for their right, freedom and way of life.


  1. Ask yourself some necessary questions: Before you choose to join the Army make sure you ask yourself some certain questions like, am I really comfortable with the pay? Not just the pay, their life style will I also be comfortable with it? Will I adapt fast, what will the environment look like? What are my benefits and the opportunities I will have?  When you ask yourself these questions, and you feel you are ok with it, you then move to the next step.
  2. Make a choice: There are three categories of soldiers in the Army; the enlisted soldiers, the warrant officers and commissioned officers. Each of them has their specialized training, their different responsibilities and their areas of expertise.
  3. Talk to a Recruiter: Just like it is done in the Navy, the same is also doe in the Army. In this stage, you are free to ask questions and get your answers. Once you get along with a recruiter, you will get to know more about the Army, their wants and needs. Through this you will be able to set your goals. And through this you will also get to know their benefits and their rights around the community
  4. Apply: If you application is being granted, your name will be shortlisted, with this you can then move to the next step.
  5. Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery[ASVAB]: This is an examination set to text your skills/knowledge in that area, then your score will determine if you are qualified to get the job or not.
  6. Military Entrance Processing Stations: If you were among those enlisted in the Army, you are now qualified to enroll in his stage. Here you will be checked if you are physically fit, and these choose an MOS [Military Entrance Specialty]. This is when you will be sworn into the Egyptian Army.
  7. Choose your Army Job
  8. Get ready for boot camp: This is where you will be trained for nine weeks and you are expected to be the best you can to succeed. After you have gone through these steps you can now find yourself an Army.

♦ The Egyptian Air Force

This force is responsible for all airborne defence, and operates all the military aircraft, including those used in support of the Egyptian Army. The Egyptian Air Force was established in 1932 and became an independent force in the year 1937. They were involved in the Second World War. Their mission I to provide official government transport that carries out international search and rescue operation in the desert.


  1. You must be a good citizen of Egypt.
  2. Take the Air force AFOQT [Air force Officer Qualifying Test]
  3. Pass the air force physical fitness test
  4. Score well on the Scholastic Aptitude Test
  5. You must be at least within the age of 18-35.
  6. You must have good schooling qualifications.

♦ Egyptian Air Defense Forces

This is an Anti-aircraft ware branch of the Egyptian force. Their mission is to protect the Egyptian airspace against any dangerous air attacks. It is founded on the 1, February 1968. Officers are usually graduates of the Egyptian Air Defense Academy. You must have to undergo the same steps those going into the Air Force do undergo.

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