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How to Pass any Kind of Examination Within 24 Hours

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How to Pass any Kind of Examination Within 24 Hours.

Examination Success Tips… The importance of education can’t be overemphasized. Every student’s dream is to pass examinations in flying colours, have high grades and graduate successfully from any school he or she is enrolled in.

Pass any Kind of Examination

How to Pass any Kind of Examination Within 24 Hours

It has been proven that even the smartest and most intelligent students do not pass examinations sometimes and average students can even score the highest grades in an examination. You might have asked, “Why is this so?”

This article would be addressing this issue and more. We would be addressing in many ways how to pass any kind of examination in Nigeria 2020.

How to Pass Any Kind of Examination.

There are so many steps you need to take to pass any examination whether it is a professional examination, a scholarship examination, degree examination or even a high school test or examination.

Before the examination;

  1. Attend lectures
  2. Read regularly
  3. Keep a healthy lifestyle
  4. Revise what you have studied
  5. Study past questions
  6. Check the examination timetable or schedule

On the day of the examination;

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. Be punctual
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Attempt all questions
  5. Avoid distractions
  6. Submit your answer booklets properly

If you are a student the importance of attending lectures cannot be overemphasized. Your tutors are in the best place to explain the topic to you, answer questions you do not understand and explain everything better than on your own. Also it has been proven that people remember and learn better when they are taught with voice and what they can see ( audiovisual) which attending lectures readily provides.

Read regularly;

Most people read and try to memorize key points of a subject matter only when examinations are around the corner. While this works sometimes, it is better to read well ahead of time after every lecture, during your free time and once you are aware you would be writing any examination months ahead. This way would help you not just pass the examinations but you would understand better.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

You need to be fit mentally and physically before any examination. Ill health physically and/or mentally would definitely affect your approach to any examination. If you are sick make sure you see a doctor and get treatment before the examination. Eat well too.

Revise what you have studied

Before the examination, it is important that you study and revise all the topics you have read on to see refresh your memory. Revise what you have studied over the months a few days before examinations and even the day before to assimilate the points better. Read all your notes, take note of all the formulas and definition of terms well enough. You could even form a study group with your colleagues or peers to read together and give each other mock examinations.

Study past questions

Certain examination questions are usually repeated in examinations. Also certain subject matters or topics usually get more attention than other in certain examinations.  Past questions are basically a compilations of the questions for each examination of different types of different years, sessions, and semesters.

For example WAEC past questions for English Language would be a compilations of WAEC English Language past questions for previous years until the immediate past examination.

You can buy some past questions for examinations such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, University admission aptitude tests (PUME/Post UTME) School of Nursing and much more on different websites at a given fee on websites like school.naijagreen.com.ng

Check the examination timetable or schedule

Check the examination timetable or schedule so you prepare well to know the venue, time and duration of the examination.

On the day of the examination.

1. Eat a healthy diet

On the day of the examination, as always, eat healthy. It is not advisable to go for any examination without eating your meal especially breakfast and remember not to eat a meal which would make your bowels uncomfortable.

2. Be punctual

Be punctual. Arrive earlier enough for examinations at least 20 minutes before the examinations begin so you would be relaxed. If you have to rush to an examination, the unsettling and tiring effect would make you lose concentration and perform badly. What’s worse, you could be penalized by the invigilators!

3. Fill in the required details

Fill in all the required details where need be. The examination date, venue, your names, registration number and other such details. Not doing this totally renders your efforts during the examination null and void.

4. Attempt all questions

All questions carry marks. Follow the instructions. Attempt the easiest questions first before progressing to the more difficult questions. Write out all steps when explaining an experiment or carrying out a calculation. Make sure your answers are not vague and written legibly. If the questions require you choosing options make sure the options are properly chosen or shaded as the case might be.

5. Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions which might make you lose concentration. If noise is being made beside you, call the attention of the invigilator to attend to it. Make sure you don’t let yourself get distracted by other persons writing the examination. Your primary aim is to successfully write the examination.

6. Submit your answer booklets properly

Make sure your answer booklets are submitted properly where the examination is paper format or electronic format online. If you have issues when submitting call the attention of the invigilators to address them, not your colleagues to avoid being penalized.


The keys to passing any kind of examination are proper preparation and following the necessary instructions. Once you do these you’d be closer to passing your examinations that ever. Remember to seek necessary help before the examination and make sure you steer clear of examination malpractices has the penalty for it carries a jail term in Nigeria. Good luck in examination you write!

NG Team.

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