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Humana Hiring Process 2022 and Career Guide Requirements

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Humana Hiring Process 2020 and Career Guide Requirements.

Humana Hiring Process 2020… Humana Inc. is an American health insurance company. The company has over 13 million customers and over 52,000 employees. The company is currently ranked 56 on the Fortune 500 list. If you seek to work in this health insurance company, this article will guide you on the hiring process, the requirements and job openings.

Humana Hiring Process

Humana Hiring Process 2020

Note: The minimum age for employment in this company is 18 years old.

Humana Employment Opportunities

Humana offers some very attractive employment opportunities. You can log into the company’s careers portal to find the complete list of available positions. The following are some of the main career departments you can apply to:

  1.    Finance/ Accounting – Excellent career options in the financial department of a top health insurance company.
  2.    Marketing – Opportunities for marketing specialists a top Fortune 500 company.
  3.    Strategy – Stellar careers for strategy experts in managed health care.
  4.    Technology – Attractive positions for technology professionals who specialize in the health industry.
  5.    Pharmacy – Tremendous career opportunities for pharmacy specialists.
  6.    Clinical Innovations and Health Practitioners – Tremendous employment offers for the top professionals in the health field.

Humana Hiring Process

The first step to this is the application process which is done on the company’s online portal at www.humana.com/about/careers. You can explore the list of jobs available on the portal, and then click on the job titles to read the full description and requirements of the job.

To be able to apply for a job position on the portal, you will have to sign up and create your profile. Then, you will be redirected to the online application form, where you will fill in your personal information for employment.

The application form has 11 sections and they are as follows:

  1.    Resume Upload

This is the first section of the form, which requires you to upload your resume to use the data-fill tool on the portal. This tool will automatically transfer relevant information from your resume to appropriate sections in the form. However, using the data-fill tool is not mandatory. You can opt to fill out your form manually.

  1.    Candidate Information

This section requires you to provide your contact information, including your address, phone number, and email address. You may choose to include information about your gender, ethnicity, and race for the Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire.

For the following parts of this section, you are required to three general questions related to any precious employment you may have had in the company, as well as your social security number.

This section also features a comprehensive questionnaire comprised of 30 questions regarding your ability to work in the United States and your veteran status.

  1.    Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

This section is part of the Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire. You may choose to disclose information about your disability status.

  1.    Veteran Status Information

This section is also part of the Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire. You are required to mention any previous military experience you may have. However, you are not obligated to disclose this information.

  1.    Role Specific Questions

This section requires you to mention how you learned about the Humana career you are applying for. This section also features a short questionnaire on the professional requirements of the Humana careers. You will have to answer these questions to proceed to the following sections of the form.

  1.    Work Experience

This section requires you to provide information about your professional experience.You should include relevant information about your previous positions beginning with the most recent one, and then continue to list the others in reverse chronological order. You must make a separate entry for each position.

  1.    Education

This section requires you to provide information about your educational background. You must make separate entries for each program and also begin with the most recent program.

  1.    Certificates/Licenses

This section requires you to mention the certificates and licenses you have earned throughout your formal training. You are required to make separate entries for each of the certificates and licenses you mention.

  1.    Attachment

This section requires you to provide documents that you deem relevant to the hiring process. You can choose to provide your resume, cover letter, diplomas, or transcripts, cover letter. You can also include personal or professional references.

  1.    E-Signature

This section requires you to read the formal “Application Acknowledgement” on the careers portal. Then provide your electronic signature which proofs that you have understood the terms in the statement and accepted the terms.

  1.    Review and Submit

This section requires you to read and review your application form and make corrections where necessary, and then submit to the Human Resources department. You will receive an email confirming the successful delivery of your online application. After this, the company’s hiring specialist will contact you regarding further steps of the hiring process.

Other steps regarding the hiring process include:

  • The Phone Interview: The hiring specialist will contact you if you have been selected to schedule a phone interview or an On Demand or Voice Interview.
  • The Hiring Manager Interview: The hiring manager will conduct a thorough selection based on the interviews. Then he/she will schedule a job meeting with you to review your skills.
  • The job offer: After the hiring manager makes the final assessment, you will receive a formal job offer from the Talent Acquisition Team.
  • Onboarding: If you accept the job offer, you will be formally welcomed to the Humana team.

Humana Job Openings

1. Administrative Coordinator-Job Description and Duties

The role of the Administrative Coordinator is to provide support for Bold Goal communities. He/she is also responsible for offering staffs support services, scheduling and coordinating details regarding Bold Goal events. The Administrative Coordinator also logs Board of Directors and Health Advisory Board Meetings and provide follow-up information for the committee members.

Salary and Compensation

The salary for this position is $38,000 per year and can get as high as $53,000 per year, while the average salary is $44,000.

2. Project Manager-Job Description and Duties

The project manager oversees the development of important Humana Projects. The task is to identify any errors or inaccuracies and find suitable solutions. The project manager interacts with employees and the lower-level managers to ensure that projects achieve their targets and deadlines.

Salary and Compensation

The salary for this position is $55,000 per year and can get as high as $115,000 per year, while the average salary for this position is $83,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Humana

The benefit packs include competitive wages, insurance, generous healthcare, and paid time off options. However, the specific benefits depend on the professional levels of the employee and duration with the company.

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