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Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed? – Read Here

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Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed? – Read Here.

Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed… While he has been living a lavish lifestyle on Instagram for a few years, Hushpuppi really gained attention when he dissed Ice Prince and Phyno for wear supposedly fake watches in their photoshoots.

He went on to post real photos of the original version of the watching and it became a social media war with countless persons taking the sides of either Ice Prince and Phyno or Hushpuppi.

Ever since then most people have mostly met a brick wall when they try to trace Hushpuppi’s source of income or wealth. They have been countless speculations, rumours and the likes but the fact is, Hushpuppior Ray Hushpuppi as he is widely a mystery. As much as most people have dug, now body send to know what businesses he does, where he gets his money from…but all everyone knows is that he lives an extravagantlifestyle. So, who really is Hushpuppi?

Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed

Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed?

Hushpuppi Real Names and Rise to Fame

Hushpuppi or Ray Hushpuppi’s real names are Raymond Igbalodely. He was born on the 14th of June and he is a Nigerian. Little was known about him in the popular circles until he traveled to Malaysia years ago, acquired wealth then fame and he has continued to be famous since then.

He is mostly mysterious because his wealth seems to be sudden and nobody k ow how he made his money. What is out in the public sphere is that he became known when his moved to Malaysia and his lavish lifestyle became a thing on public know and with time he has become know as one of the rich Nigerians living luxurious lifestyles abroad.

Hushpuppi Source of Wealth Revealed

If you visit his social media page of which Instagram is the most popular and on which he is most active, you would realize the photos and videos are set in posh places and the background, items and places are very expensive.  You would find pictures and videos of Hushpuppi in luxury jets, expensive cars which he owns, in the most expensive hotels around the world( he seems to favour Dubai), in exclusive clubs, in the most fanciful of clothes and he has even termed himself a Gucci ambassador. He favours Gucci over other brands and it is rumours that Gucci considers him a VIP customer.

Hushpuppi elicits different reactions from people on social media; while some dislike him, some admire him but what everyone seems to agree on his that his lifestyle is a dream one of luxury they would all love to have.

Hushpuppi: Source of Income

Recently, it was reported that Hushpuppi spent as much as #11 million at the popular Quilox Night Club in Lagos so it is safe to say he spends heavily to maintain his luxurious lifestyle.

He is known for having a source of humour and very sarcastic as he even mocked everyone who has been too curious to know his business ventures, touting himself as an enigma.

Hushpuppi never tires of letting everyone know of his rags-to-riches story but when pressed to reveal what business he did to become as rich as he has become, he gives vague answers, become sarcastic or never even replies.

They only thing people have to hold on to about Hushpuppi’s source of wealth are titbits of rumours, half-truths, speculations and guesses. Some of the rumours and speculations flying around are that Hushpuppi has very rich patrons, friends and associates, while others think he must have funded his interested in a high-profit-margin business which has earned him a lot of money.

One thing most people have come to realize about Hushpuppi is that he is unfazed about the rumours or perception people have about him and relentlessly flaunts his luxurious lifestyle on Instagram and never stalls from doing so.

How Much Is Hushpuppi Worth?

When lists of the richest Nigerian celebrites, Hushpuppi has continued to be high on any of such list and even surpassing highly rated celebrities you might think of. From musicians ton actors to sportspersons and more. While Davido and Wizkid and nearly always rated as either number 1 or 2 on such lists, it isn’t surprising these days to find Hushpuppi ranking high as number 3 or close.

Ray Hushpuppi has been estimated to have a net worth of $20 million which when converted to naira or the net worth of other Nigerian artistes is really much. To arrive atthat estimated net worth, the value of the expensive cars he rides in and the estimated cost of his lifestyle we’re taken into account.

Hushpuppi never lets personal information slip into the public sphere.

Rumours, Facts and Assumptions About Hushpuppi

After his beef with Ice Prince and Phyno came to a head, people started taking note of Hushpuppi and his lifestyle. Even celebrities took notice of him and the media too. Some criticize him too.

Falz the Bahd Guy who real names are Folarin Falana has criticize Hushpuppi several times, asking why he, Hushpuppi, who has questionable wealth has the right to ridicule and mock celebrities who work hard to earn what they do in legitimate ways. Falz made a reference in his hit remake of America musician Child Gambino’s “This Is America”, titled “This is Nigeria”. He reference Hushpuppi in the lyrics “…Person wey no get handwork dey check if you watch na original o”.

The above line is a reference to the beef Hushpuppi had with Ice Prince and Phyno as started earlier on mocking them for wearing fake watches.

Recently, it seems Hushpuppi has been trying hard to rebrand his image in the public sphere after gaining attention as he posts inspirational messages an posts to encourage youths. When the #EndSARS saga was at its head, Hushpuppi defended popular Nigerian rapper Rugged man who was being criticized for asking everyone to join the #EndSARS movement.

After that beef with Ice Prince and Phyno, he has hardly ever had any disagreement with any Nigerian celebrites but the mystery surrounding his source of wealth still remains.

Whatever it is, Hushpuppi is still very rich and his luxurious lifestyle continues.

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