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Indonesian National Armed Forces Recruitment and Application Guidelines

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Indonesian National Armed Forces Recruitment and Application Guidelines.

Indonesian National Armed Forces Recruitment… Indonesian National defense force (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia, virtually “Indonesian National Military”; abbreviated as TNI) are the military forces of Indonesia. It consists of the Army (TNI-AD), Navy (TNI-AL), and Air Force (TNI-AU).

Indonesian National Armed Forces Recruitment

The President of Indonesia constitutionally the commander-in-chief of the Armed Force. In 2016, it includes around 395,500 military personnel together with the Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir), that is the branch of the Navy.

Insignia of TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces)

Political Role of the Military

During the Soeharto era, the military had a “dual function” (dwifungsi in Indonesian) outlined as: first off preservation and social control of internal and external security and sovereignty of the State and second, as associate degree superintendent and arbiter of state policy. This was wont to justify substantial military interference in politics.

Philosophy and School of Thought

The Indonesian military philosophy over-riding defence of the terra firma is summarily civilian-military defence, known as “Total People’s Defence”- consisting of a three-stage war: a brief initial amount within which intruder would defeat a traditional Indonesian military, an extended amount of territorial guerrilla war followed by a finish of expulsion- with military acting as a point for defence from grass-roots village level upwards.


The Indonesian defense force have long been organized around territorial commands.[ the executive structure of “HANKAM” consisted of a minister, Secretary General, officer, 3 directorates-general and variety of practical centers and institutes.

The minister, officer, and 3 administrators general were retired senior military officers; the Secretary General (who acted as deputy minister) and most practical center chiefs were active-duty military officers.

Then when 1998 (After reformation from Soeharto), the Armed Forces’ name modified to TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) virtually meaning: “The National Military of Indonesia” and therefore the freelance Indonesian law modified its name to POLRI (Polisi Republik Indonesia) virtually meaning: “The National law of Indonesia”. Currently specifically, though the defense force of Indonesia and therefore the National Police of Indonesia has been separated, they still work together and conduct special duties and tasks together for the sake of the national security and integrity of state.

Leadership Components 

The highest position within the Indonesian National defense force is that the Commander of the Indonesian National defense force (Panglima TNI), typically control by the four-star General/Admiral/Air Marshall appointed by and giving feedback straight to the Indonesian President.

Auxiliary Parts of Leadership

  1. Chief of the General Staff of the TNI
  2. Inspector General of the TNI
  3. TNI Expert Advisor
  4. TNI Advisor for Strategic Policy and General Planning
  5. TNI Intelligence Advisor;
  6. TNI Operations Advisor
  7. TNI Personnel Advisor
  8. TNI Logistics Advisor
  9. TNI Territorial Operations Advisor
  10. TNI Communications and Electronics Advisor

Service Components

  1. Communications and physical science element of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Satkomlek TNI)
  2. Indonesian National defense force Operational centre (Puskodalops TNI)
  3. Office of the Secretariat General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
  4. General headquarters and headquarters Services Command of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Denma Mabes TNI)


Indonesian Army troopers

  • The TNI-AD (Indonesian Army) was founded in 1945 following the top of war II and to guard the freshly freelance country, it’s ab initio consisted of native militia and grew to become the service of these days.

The TNI-AL (Indonesian Navy) was founded on twenty two August 1945. the present strength of the Navy is around up-to seventy four thousand. In distinction to several different nations and military traditions, the Navy uses Army vogue ranks. 

The Navy includes the Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir, or KorMar). it had been created in November 1945 and has the duties of being the most armed service foot and amphibious warfare force with fast reaction capabilities and special operations talents.

The TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its Order of Battle is split into 3 Air Force Operational Commands (KOOPSAU) (east, central and west regions).

Most of its airbases are placed on the island of Java.[24] Presently, the Air Force has up-to thirty four thousand nine hundred and thirty personnel equipped with 510 craft together with Su-27s, Su-30 fighters, A-4E Skyhawks, biochemist F-5s, F-16, KAI T-50 eagle. The Air Force alongside has air force foot corps that is thought as Paskhas that are tasked for airbase defense, mobile troops and division unit.

  •  Indonesian National Police (POLRI) usually operate in paramilitary roles severally or in co-operation with the opposite services on internal security missions typically in cooperation with the Indonesian National defense force (TNI).

The National Police Mobile Brigade Corps area unit the most paramilitary forces that area unit typically placed on to those roles and tasks with the service branches of the defense force. till these days, each the TNI and therefore the POLRI still holds sturdy ties and cooperation for the sake of the nation’s national security and integrity functions.

Special Forces Unit

  • TNI AD (Indonesian-Army): Kopassus, Tontaipur
  • TNI AL (Indonesian-Navy) & Indonesian Marine Corps : Kopaska, Taifib, Denjaka
  • TNI AU (Indonesian Air-Force): Paskhas & Bravo Detachment ninety

Military Branches

(Tentara Nasional-Indonesia) Army (TNI-Angkatan Darat (TNI-AD)), Navy (TNI-Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL); includes marines (Korps Marinir, KorMar), armed service air arm), Air Force (TNI-Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU)), National defense Command (Kommando Pertahanan Udara Nasional (Kohanudnas)). 

Military Service and Requirements

  • 18-27 years getting on for voluntary or mandatory military service;
  • 2-year conscript service obligation; seventeen year olds are eligible to become cadets at military institutes, wherever they’re classified as military personnel.
  • You have to be a citizen of Indonesia


To apply for the Indonesian National Armed Forces Recruitment, click here. Do use Google Chrome browser to help you translate the landing page. If you do not have Google Chrome browser, you could type in the website https://tni.mil.id into translate.google.com.

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