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Kogi State University Academic Calendar – 2021/22

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Kogi State University, KSU  academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Kogi State University academic calendar

This is to inform both fresh and returning students of the Kogi State University (KSU) that the authorities of the institution have released the academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic session as follows.

KSU 1st Semester Academic Calendar.

Sunday 10/01/16-Arrival

Monday 11/01/16-Normal Registration begins

Friday 29/01/16-Registration ends

Monday 18/01/16-lectures begin

Monday 01/02/16-late registration begins

Friday 05/02/16-late registration ends

Friday 12/02/16-submission of registration forms

Saturday 09/04/16-lectures ends(12 weeks of lectures)

Monday 11/04/16-revision week

Saturday 16/04/16-revision ends

Monday 18/04/16-Gst Exams Begins.

Monday 25/04/16-Other Exams Begins

Saturday 07/05/16-Exams/Semester ends
(Faculties Of Natural science and Education to round up the following week because of some Peculiarities)

Mon 09/05/16-Sat 18/06/16-Marking of scripts week result preparation (6 weeks)

Monday 20/06/16-Consideration of Ist Semester Results by

KSU 2nd Semester Academic Calendar.

Sun 22/05/16-Arrival

Mon 23/05/16-Normal registration /lectures begins

Mon 06/06/16-late registration begins

Fri 10/06/16-late registration ends

Fri 17/06/16 Submission of Registration form ends

Sat 20/08/16-Lecture ends(13 weeks)

Mon-22/08/16-Sat 27/08/16- Revision week

Mon 29/08/16-Exams begins

Mon 12/09/16-Gst/Eds exams begin

Saturday 17/09/16 Exams/Semester ends
(Faculties of Natural science/Education to round up the
following week because of some peculiarities)

Monday 19/09/16 – Saturday 29/10/16 marking of scripts and result preparation

Monday 31/10/16- Consideration of 2nd Semester result by


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  1. Faith Ufedo Ochai says:

    Pls when is 2017/2018 freshers going to resume

    6 years ago

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  2. daniel itodo junior says:

    Please answer faith cause that the question I was about to ask

    6 years ago

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  3. ahmed nasiru says:

    when 2017 to 2018 go resume

    6 years ago

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  4. Babatunde says:

    Please when will 2017/2018 fresher are to resume??

    6 years ago

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  5. moses says:

    that question need an answer pls.

    6 years ago

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  6. Ityav Wizzkid says:

    when is new admitted/freshers in 2018/2019 academic session resuming school, from kogi state university, pls get me informed…

    6 years ago

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  7. Moses amed says:

    Thank for the Information

    5 years ago

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  8. Ejeh Christian says:

    when will 2020 fresher’s start coming

    5 years ago

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  9. Jennifer says:

    I think is better for primary schools to start first term properly on that 14th September else it won’t be easy

    4 years ago

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Make sence

    4 years ago

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  11. nasiru says:

    Please when is admission list going to come out

    4 years ago

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  12. ibisagba bosede phebian says:

    when is resurmtion date for this 2021

    3 years ago

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