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Letting Go Of Your Past And Setting The Pace For A Better Tomorrow

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The major problem behind some peoples set backs is that they have failed to get their past behind them.

The mistake you made in the past is not a go ahead for you to give up your quest. Your past is something that has gone into your history and can never be replayed again.

They say,

The Past + The Present = The Future

¤ Do you know your wrong past can be corrected?

¤ Do you know your then mistake can become a light to your way now?

¤ Do you know that rough past does not guarantee the end of the journey?

Making a mistake is a sign that you have not clearly gotten the rules and there are room to make amendments, but making a mistake and sinking in it is an invitation to failure.

There is always a chance to turn your past mistakes into a stepping stone ahead but it all lies in your hand.

I would like you to know that nobody ever existed without a past,and if we all capitalized on our past mistakes,none will move forward or higher.

Will an athlete that is running a race say because he made a mistake of crossing to the next line quit the race ? NO!

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As far as he has not been disqualified,he needs to return back to his lane immediately and aim for the grand price. Then why are you disqualifying yourself when life has not given up hope on you?

Where you are coming from now is not what really matters, the main thing is stop where you are,

• Check the direction you are going

• How close are you to your destination?

• Is it the right way ?

• Do you have to make some turns ? Or

• You just have to keep going straight

Looking back to see the hard times you have gone through should be a motivation to keep you going so that you hardship will not be in vane.

The fact that you are pregnant at a young age due to some carelessness does not mean that is the end of the road, neither is the fact that you already have a baby at a young age a reason to collapse.

Seat up and become strong, pick up the scattered bones and head for the greatness ahead,it is never over untill it is over.

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    yeah you are right our past are meant to keep us going and strong

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