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List of 30 Spinning Machineries Used in Textile Industry

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List of 30 Spinning Machineries Used in Textile Industry.

30 Spinning Machineries Used in Textile Industry… In the textile industry, spinning is top on the list of the most important processes. Spinning is basically the conversion or transformation of fibre to yarn which consecutively is converted to textiles immediately after it is put through different spinning processes.

30 Spinning Machineries Used in Textile Industry

List of 30 Spinning Machineries Used in Textile Industry

  1. Winding Machine

Winding machine is used in the winding process as the last step during spinning to move the spinning yarn from one package to a different large package or it is used to move yarns from ring bobbin and the likes to a package which is more convenient.

Winding is basically the process of accumulating yarn on a package to assist the successive process.

Objective of using the winding machine

  • To move yarns from the spinning bobbin package to a more suitable yarn package
  • For yarn quality improvement
  • For dust removal and yarn cleaning
  • To be more cost effective
  • To reduce the cost of production.
  • For improved yarn efficiency

  1. Draw Frame Machine

Draw frame machine is utilized to convert the sliver produced from the carding to become draw sliver in a raw cotton spinning mill. This is done by processing called blending, doubling and leveling.

The two types of draw framers are

  • Non-autoleveler draw framers
  • Autoleveler draw framer

  1. Bale Opener Machine

Bale opener machine is a group of blenders which is good for processing different type of Cotton’s when the fiber condenser supplies the cotton which is plucked by the auto bale plucker to get more blending, opening and cleaning and the cotton would be transferred to the successive machine for additional process.

  1. Rotor Yarn Spinning Machine

A rotor yarn spinning machine is basically used for open-ended spinning which is otherwise called “break spinning”. In rotor yarn, the combed yarn and carded yarn are more than the total process flow chart.

The input in a rotor yarn is drawn silver which gives an output of rotor yarn.

The quality of yarns produced in this machine range from low quality to medium quality, and the rotor yarn is used to produce dungarees, chinos, denims, twills and any fabric which is heavy.

The machine in the rotor spinning process has an higher production rate and it does little waste when compared. The product (denim) is what is used to make blue jeans.

  1. Simplex Machine

A simplex machine is used to convert sliver to roving via the spinning process, and used during the carded and combed yarn process.

The simplex has three functions which are:

  • Drafting
  • Twisting
  • Winding

  1. Fiber Blender

A fiber blender is basically a mixing machine for combining various fibres in one to produce a product of the operator’s desire or having the desire characteristics

  1. Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine

The jute apron draft spinning frame machine is use to obtain fibre from the base layer if the jute plant.

There are two types of jute spinning which are a. Sliver spinning b. Roving spinning.

Main parts

  • Retaining roller
  • Bobbin rail
  • Tin cylinder
  • Flyer
  • Drawing roller

  1. Step Cleaner Or Ultra-Cleaner Machine

Step cleaner or ultra-cleaner machine is top on the list of textile industry spinning machines. It is also called a super cleaner.

It is utilized to open and clean the impure parts or particles from a cotton turf.

The step cleaner or ultra cleaner or super cleaner which is utilized in the textile industry has four main parts which are: 1. Feed roller 2. Six beaters 3. Battle plate 4. Grid bar

  1. Carding Machine

Carding machine in the textile industry is used for the carding process (or heart of spinning process) which is the reduced of entangled mass of fibres to become filmy web which is produced by working between 2 closely spaced and relatively moving surfaces clothed with the sharp wire points.

As long as new spinning systems are concerned, the significance of carding would be higher.

Importance of the carding machine

  • Opening into independent fibers
  • Use to extract neps
  • Removing of short fiber
  • Fibre blending
  • Orientation of fibre
  • Silver formation

  1. Comber Machine

A comber machine is used to spin yarn containing comb to make the fibres become straight and extract neps, impurities and short fibres. It is used to produced finer yarns by keeping only long fibres.

  1. Lap Former Machine

Lap former machine is used to form lap by doubling a limited amount of silvers (from 16 to 32) formerly subject to a drawing passage.

Importance of lap former machine

  • Used to reduce the strains to delicate comber reduce
  • Use for waste control
  • Fibre damage reduction
  • Sorting out good fibre from wastage
  • Reduction of short fibres

Features of the lap former machine

  • It has a delivery speed of 120 metres every minute
  • The belt drive is complete
  • Auto spool changer is present
  • Up to 80 grams every minute can be achieved for the ball weight
  • Lap trolley is used to carry out lap transportation
  • The lap former machine is where the integral top roller is released

Other top 30 Spinning Machinery Used in Textile Industry

Asides the once that have been listed above, other of such spinning machinery used in the textile industry are as follows:

  1. Jute Slip Draft Spinning Frame Machine,
  2. Polyester Fiber Making Machine For Textile Manufacturing,
  3. Coir Fiber Rope Making Machine,
  4. Crighton Opener Or Vertical Opener Machine,
  5. Ball Fiber Making Machine For Garment Industry
  6. Maize Fiber Making Machine For Textile Industry,
  7. Recycled Cotton Fiber Making Machine For Textile Industry,
  8. Polypropylene Staple Fiber Making Machine For Textile Industry,
  9. Cotton Cleaner Machine For Yarn Manufacturing
  10. Hopper Bale Breaker Or Hopper Bale Opener Machine
  11. Axo Flow Cleaner Machine
  12. N Beater Machine
  13. Mono Cylinder Beater Machine
  14. Cottonfiber Making Machine For Textile Manufacturing
  15. Krishner Beater Machine
  16. Bladed Beater Machine
  17. Coconut Fiber Making Machine For Industrial Automation
  18. Hopper Feeder Machine
  19. R.L.L Cleaner Machine


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