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List of Courses in Faculty of Agriculture

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The official JAMB brochure for the Faculty of Agriculture shows the list of available courses and course requirement for courses in the Faculty of Agriculture.

At the end of any course from the Agriculture faculty, successful graduates will be presented with certificates bearing a title of either; B. Agric. [B.Sc. (Hons.), B. Tech. (Hons.), B. Agric. Tech.] DVM, depending on the institution.

List of Courses in Faculty of Agriculture

» Agric- Business
» Agric. Meteorology and Water Management
» Agricultural Administration
» Agricultural Business and Financial Management
» Agricultural Co-operative
» Agricultural Economics
» Agricultural Economics and Extension
» Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
» Agricultural Economics and Management Studies
» Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology
» Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
» Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
» Agricultural Extension Services
» Agricultural Resource Extension
» Agriculture
» Agriculture and Development Extension
» Agriculture and Fisheries Management
» Agriculture Cooperative Management
» Agronomy
» Animal Breeding and Genetics
» Animal Nutrition
» Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology
» Animal Physiology
» Animal Production
» Animal Production and Fisheries
» Animal Production and Health
» Animal Production and Health Service
» Animal Production with Nutrition
» Animal Science
» Animal Science and Fisheries
» Animal Science and Fisheries Management
» Animal Science and Production
» Animal Science and Range Management
» Animal Science and Technology
» Animal Science/Nutrition
» Aquaculture And Fisheries Management
» Biotechnology
» Crop And Environmental Protection
» Crop Production
» Crop Production And Horticulture
» Crop Production and Landscape Management
» Crop Production And Protection
» Crop Production And Soil Science
» Crop Production Technology
» Crop Protection
» Crop Science
» Crop Science And Biotechnology
» Crop Science And Horticulture
» Crop Science And Production
» Crop Science And Technology
» Crop Soil and Environmental Management
» Crop, Soil And Environmental Science
» Crop, Soil And Pest Management
» Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Management
» Environmental Management and Technology
» Environmental Management And Toxicology
» Family, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences
» Farm Management and Agric. Extension
» Fisheries
» Fisheries and Aquaculture
» Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology
» Fisheries And Aquatic Environment Management
» Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Management
» Fisheries and Wildlife Management
» Fisheries Management
» Fisheries Technology
» Food Science
» Food Science And Nutrition
» Food Science And Technology
» Food Science with Business
» Food Services and Tourism
» Forestry
» Forestry and Environmental Management
» Forestry and Environmental Technology
» Forestry and Fisheries
» Forestry And WildLife
» Forestry And Wildlife Management
» Forestry And Wildlife Technology
» Forestry and Wood Technology
» Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries
» Forestry/Forest Resources Management
» Home And Hotel Management
» Home Economics
» Home Economics And Food Management
» Home Science
» Home Science and Management
» Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
» Horticulture
» Hospitality And Tourism Management
» Hotel Management and Tourism
» Livestock Production Technology
» Nutrition And Consumer Services
» Nutrition and Dietetics
» Pasture and Range Management
» Plant Breeding And Seed Science
» Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
» Plant Physiology and Crop Ecology
» Plant Physiology and Crop Production
» Plant Science
» Plant Science and Biotechnology
» Plant Science and Crop Production
» Public and Community Health
» Soil Science
» Soil Science and Environmental Management
» Soil Science And Land Agro-Climatology
» Soil Science and Land Management
» Soil Science And Technology
» Soil Science Management
» Veterinary Science
» Water Resources And Agrometeorology
» Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology
» Wildlife Management

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