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Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students

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Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students

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Wanting to know more about the Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students? If so, this guide is for you. Here, I will provide to you, the best update from our research on  Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students. That way, it would be easier for you to compare and contrast between Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students without facing much difficulties.

Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students

Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students

Compared to Countries such as USA, Canada and the UK- the new contender in the field Belgium is a wild card entry into the arena. Aside from the Low Tuition Universities And Colleges In Belgium For International Students, Belgium offers a cosmopolitan setting, multilingual community, castles, and rich culture, of course not to mention waffles!

Why Belgium University

First, attending Belgium universities allow international students to meet new people and experience a new culture. There are many who hope to experience what it would be like to be living and studying in another country. For those who are like that, studying in Belgium provides a great opportunity. Second, some international students wish to study there because excellent education can better prepare them to be successful than studying in their own country. For those who are in developing countries, studying abroad in an advanced nation such as Belgium will equip them to prosper in their own country and in all other countries. Third, some international students want to travel. Attending Belgium universities as an international student would allow them to easily travel to Belgium and countries in its vicinity.

List of Low Tuition Fee Universities in Belgium for International Students

University Name Tuition Fees

University of Antwerp

Description- University of Antwerp is a major institution in Belgium. Although the university was officially established in 2002, it was formed by merging three universities. It is ranked high in the global rankings, having been ranked 14th and 15th in the category for young universities. International students can attend this cheap university in Belgium by applying!


Hasselt University

Description- Hasselt University was founded as an institution that was focused on medicine, dentistry, and sciences. In recent years, it included engineering, business, economics, law, arts, and transportation science. This university is interested in globalization and desires that there would be more international students on its campus.


KU Leuven

Description- KU Leuven is one of the leading universities in Belgium. It has many campuses throughout Belgium, and international students can reside in any one of them. Over 50,000 students are enrolled, making it the largest university in the country. If you decide to apply and do get accepted, you can choose from many different majors that are offered.


Liege University

Description- Liege University is one of the cheap universities in Belgium. The language of instruction is French, unlike many other universities in Belgium where the language of instruction is Dutch. It has a large percentage of international students, which compose over 20% of the student body. Therefore, Liege University is an excellent Belgium university for international students because of the large international population.


Ghent University

Description- This university is a popular Belgium university for international students. A reason is that Ghent University is a prestigious university, its name being recognized by many leading scholars today. Another reason is the cheap tuition that the University charges to both domestic and international students. So, definitely consider this fabulous university!


Vesalius College

Description- Do you want to live in downtown Brussels, the capital of Belgium? If so, Vesalius College is for you! Students in Vesalius College have access to great food and attractions of Brussels because the campus is located in the middle. It also offers fabulous education in English to international students, which is a huge plus! So, if you want to kill two birds in one stone, apply!


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