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Make Money with GLO Affiliate Programs in Nigeria from Home

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Make Money with GLO Affiliate Programs in Nigeria from Home.

GLO Affiliate Programs in Nigeria… Yes, you read right. This is for real and you can make money from it. Just read further.

GLO Affiliate Programs

Make Money with GLO Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

GLO Nigeria, a subsidiary of GlobalCom, is one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and one of Nigeria’s top 3 telecommunications company too. Since it started operations in the country, the company has continued to roll out promotions of beneficiary programs for its loyal customers.  The GLOAffiliate Program is one of such reward programs by GLO for its customers.  First off, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a reward program where sellers or referrers get a percentage from products or services which are successfully purchased from their referrals. It is a performance-based money reward system for sales made through a referral marketing platform.

Basically, when you refer people to buy a business’ products and services, they pay you a fixed discount on what they recoup on each of the product sold. What you can make depends on how many customers you can refer to buy the products and the customers who actually buy the products.

If, for example, you sell Jumia’s products worth 300,000 naira where they had already stated a discount of 10% for affiliate referrals, you would get 10 % of the 300,000 naira which is 30,000 naira.

How to Make Money with GLO Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

GLO Affiliate Program is a reward-based program introduced by GLO where you can earn from each sale of GLO products that you make. Just in case you are wondering what exactly you would be selling? It is simple – recharge cards. You might be thinking whether it is actually possible to earn ON all the sales made; yes, it is actually possible.

What You Need to Make Money with GLO Affiliate Programs from Home

  1. A mobile phone
  2. A GLO SIM card
  3. Your time
  4. Dedication

The Glo affiliate program this time is actually Glo Mobile Money. Let me explain what Glo Mobile Money is about.

Glo Mobile Money and What it is about

A mobile money agent is a person or persons who is fully registered with any mobile money operator to provide mobile money services which is primarily registration, cash-in, cash-out, airtime selling and payments of bills. Customers go to mobile money agents as a walk-in place to get information or help as regards mobile money services.

There are more than 50% of adults in Nigeria who do not use financial services and this is a market you can take advantage of as a Mobile Money Agent

Benefits of becoming a mobile money agent

  • Mobile money agents benefit from the mobile money business in the following ways:
  • Increase of customers patronizing your shop to do business
  • Extra profit from engaging in mobile money commissions when you carry out successful transactions
  • Partnering with global brands
  • Benefitting from bonuses given by partner brands.
  • Good commission
  • Low cost of set-up
  • Business and Marketing support

Steps to Take to Get On the GLO Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria

To, register for the Glo Affiliate Marketing Program follow the procedure below

  1. Sign up to become Glo Mobile Money Agent
  2. Fill the following details on the form which would display correctly
  • Surname [ Father’s Name]
  • First Name [Your own Name]
  • Phone number [Your Glo Phone Number]
  • Email [Your personal email address which is valid and accessible by you]
  • Local Government [ the local government you reside in presently]
  • Your State [ the state you reside in presently]
  • Once you are done filling in all these details, cross-check to make sure they are correct then click on ‘Submit’.

Glo would reach out to you immediately either through the Glo phone number you provided or the email address you submitted.

Millions of Nigerians need mobile money services as the alternative financial service and some are those you see who live or dwell around you and from official statistics. These services and the potentials involved is an ever expanding market and a cash source.

The money to be made from this is unlimited as it solely depends on the number of people you can make transactions for. If you have lot of friends, family members or have good interpersonal skills, you could use it to your advantage.  Now imagine what is possible when you sell to many persons over time.

With the GLO Affiliate program, what you see is what you get and you can predict what you would earn way ahead of time.

You could also add it to your existing business and is a great source of getting money from the side and improving your revenue or profit. All you need do is sell from the comfort of your phone. You help those in need and get financial reward from Glo for it too. Get registering today and start making money!

NG Team.

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