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Parents should allow children study courses of their passion – VP

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Vice-Principal, Corona Secondary School, Mr. Paul Oba has
urged parents to allow their children study whatever course
they are good at, nothing that success in does not only
depend on your discipline but on what you have passion in.
He stated this during Corona Secondary School’s three days
Art Exhibition held at Gbagada branch of the school to mark
the school 60th anniversary.
He urged parents to let go of their child who have talents in
art. Records abound out there about people who went
through education to do what their parents want them do. At
the end of the day, they still came back to what they have
passion for. People are earning their livelihood on things
they take as hobby. Oba said: “It is not about forcing the
child to do what you want, if you do, the child will not be
happy. Some people who obeyed their parents doing what
they want, ended up dropping it for what they love. We have
a lot of parents in our school who came to us to say, “I went
through this and I don’t want my children to go through
Lamenting the erosion of Art in Nigeria, Oba noted that Art is
more visible in music than it is in art. In Nigeria today,
people are beginning to appreciate art. People are beginning
to let their children study art, which was not so in the time
past. Telling your parents that you are going to study art is
not what is easy to do. But we have many more people
doing that today. That we could get so many things from our
learners is evidence that parents are letting go the students.
There are many who studied art and are earning their
livelihood through art.
I major in art. Honestly it is not about ability, because every
human being has a talent. I am not going to tell a child who
show interest in art not to toll that way. I will ask him to go
ahead if he has the talent and passion for art. Speaking in
same vein, Mrs Yanju Olowodola, an alumnus whose
children are also in Corona said that the world is innovative
and dynamic such that you can excel in whatever thing you
According to her, you can do different things to make you
excel. “Academic education is the foundation for success.
However, if you are gifted in any area, work to develop
those gifts. I know the faces of some who is who in Nigeria,
not because of their education, but because of their talents.
You can go places with your skills,” she added.
Meanwhile, Oba went further to explain that the art
exhibition held in Corona School Gbagada is a collections of
works from all branches at Gbagada, Apapa, Victoria Island,
Lekki, Ikoyi and Agbara. He said exhibition of art is about
celebration of talents, adding that they are celebrating the
talents that Corona has brought forth over the years. His
words: “We have some art here that are more than fifteen
years. What we have here today are just selections of works.
Our primary schools and secondary school celebrate art
yearly because of its importance, however, this is the first
time all our schools are coming together for art exhibition to
mark its 60th anniversary.


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