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Parents Should Stop Doing This Because Of Their Children Future (READ)

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Whether educated or not… This post or thread is directed to all
parents and even the intending parents can learn one or two
things from this while those who were victims may also share
theire experiences.
I was in SS1 to introduce the newly promoted students to
Physics as a subject… I felt there is the need for me to ask
them why they chose the science department even when some
of them know how demanding the department could be… I was
taken aback with some of the response i got from some of the
students. A female told me categorically that her passion is to
become a writer in the nearest future as she love reading poems
and Novel but her mother was against it. I asked her what was
on her mother’s mind when she said no and she told me that
her mum told her emphatically that there is no Nurse in the
family and as such she has to be a nurse to fulfil her mum’s
wish… I was left dumbfounded as the girl has no other option
but to obey her ‘dear mum’.
As if it wasnt enough, another told me he loves designing but his
dad want him to be a Pilot and he doesnt have any option.
The matter above is somehow sensitive as even the so called
educated fellows make the mistake of ‘departmentalising’ their
kids if that Word exist in the english context.
The scenario reminded me of the movie 3 idiots that i watched
back then and i had to prescribe it to the students to go watch
with their parents…
Imagine what disastrous effect it would have had on their
careers if MOHAMMAD ALI’s father had forced him to be a
musician and MICHEAL JACKSON’s father had forced him to be
a boxer…
I Shared my impression with a friend and he stated point blankly
that this is one of the many reasons why our educational sector
keeps falling beyond expectation… It isnt about what they want,
rather, it is about what we the parents want.
Parents have totally forgotten that they are suppose to CHOOSE
WITH their Children and Not CHOOSE FOR them when it comes
to their careers…
We might be vastly experienced but we still need to respect the
passion of our children…
Let the children know that they need to follow excellence and
success will chase them pants down as stated by Ranchoddas
Chalmadas Chanchad…
I have spoken…

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