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Royal Malaysian Police Recruitment 2021/2022 and Application Guide

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Royal Malaysian Police Recruitment 2021/2022 and Application Guide.

Royal Malaysian Police Recruitment 2020… The Royal Malayan Police (Abbreviation: RMP; Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM;) could be a a part of the protection forces structure in Malaya. The force could be a centralized organization with responsibilities starting from control to intelligence gathering.

Royal Malaysian Police Recruitment

Royal Malaysian Police Recruitment

Its headquarters is situated at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

The enforcement and civilian policing governmental agency in Malaya is understood because the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). It’s a national agency with an estimation of 102,000 workers operating in one thousand police stations across the country.

The slogan of the RMP is “Firm, Fair and Prudent”. Bukit Aman, Kuala Lampur is that the location of the most head quarters for the RMP. The Royal Malaysian Police closely coordinates with the Indonesian National Police, Royal sultanate law, Royal Thai law and also the Singapore law. The military officer of Police (IGP) is that the head of the RMP.

In closing its responsibilities, the regular RMP is additionally assisted by a support cluster comprising of additional Police Constables, Police Volunteer Reserves, Auxiliary Police, Police Cadets and a civilian service component.

Rakan Cop could be a community interactive programme launched on the 9th of August, 2005.

The RMP perpetually co-operates closely with police forces worldwide, that embrace those from the four close countries countries that Malaysia is a neighbor with: Indonesian National Police, Royal Brunei Police Force, Royal Thai Police and Singapore Police Force.

The modern police organization in Malaya started in twenty five March 1807 once the Charter of Justice in Penang was granted.

Most of the officers were of British origin. Later this organization was developed within the Straits Settlements and several Malay State, significantly the Federal Malay States.

At that point, police organization was restricted to their individual states.

Only following WWII, one police organization with maiden administration of the centre was established and it absolutely was referred to as the Civil Affairs law.

This organization was shaped in Asian nation with H. B. Longworthy leading it. 

The British colonial had to stabilize the police organization following a nationwide riot happened throughout Japanese state time.

One of the issues encountered by the police then was the rebellion of the Communist Party.

During the confrontations of the forces of Malaysia and Indonesia from 1963 to 1965, the police joined by the military forces fought against the infiltrations of Indonesian forces within the states of Johore and North Borneo (Sabah).

Almost a year following the Independence Day on July 24, 1958, the King of Malaya, Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhamad (late) conferred the Royal title to the Malayan Federations Police Forces. 

In 1963, the Royal federation Of Malayan Police (RFMP), the Sabah Armed Constabulary and Sarawak Constabulary was integrated and shaped the Royal Malaysian Police.

RMP Organisational Structure

Apart from the 2 departments concerned within the administration: Management Department and provision Department. The RMP have six departments concerned in crime prevention: Criminal Investigation Division, Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division, Internal Security and Public Order Department, government department, industrial Crime Investigation Department and Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department.  

All departments are managed by by the administrators with the rank of Commissioner of Police (Army Equivalent rank of 3 Stars General or Lieutenant-General)

Police heads

Appointment Rank Abbreviation
Inspector-General of Police Inspector-General of Police IGP
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Deputy Inspector-General of Police DIG
Perlis Police Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner SAC
Kedah Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Penang Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Perak Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Kelantan Police Chief Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP
Terengganu Police Chief Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP
Pahang Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Selangor Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Negeri Sembilan Police Chief Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP
Malacca Police Chief Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP
Johore Police Chief Commissioner of Police CP
Police Commissioner of Sabah Commissioner of Police CP
Police Commissioner of Sarawak Commissioner of Police CP

Requirements to Join Royal Malaysian Police

To work for the Royal MP, people should complete the net form through the govt. web site. the subsequent area unit the essential needs to be a productive applicant:

Age: Aged between eighteen and twenty-eight years recent

Education: Must have high school certification.

For officers; must have PMR, SPM, STPM, Diploma, Bachelors or Masters

Personal qualities

  • Be of good character
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal skill
  • Be intelligent, show judgment, maturity, and customary sense.

Citizenship: should have Malaysia Citizenship or legal permanent standing before employment.


  • Must be medically and physically with no medical conditions that may limit your ability to securely complete recruit coaching and perform all aspects of investigating.
  • Meet visual sense standards.

Driver’s License; Possess a totally authorised category five licence [must NOT be a Graduated Driver’s License] with no quite 5 demerit points. Out of province candidates ought to make certain that they possess the equivalent of this unrestricted drivers allow before submitting their application.

Criminal record;

  • No criminal convictions that a pardon has not been granted.
  • No criminal charges unfinished before the courts.
  • No criminal activity at intervals of a minimum of 3 years preceding application together with any detected or undetected crime and/or involvement at any level, together with illicit drugs

Work experience:

  • Minimum of 2 years post high school and/or consistent employment history
  • Volunteer expertise within the community.
  • Work expertise involving an edge of responsibility and trust.


  • Duties that involve vital interaction with the general public.
  • Applied data of computers, together with however not restricted to, MS Windows, Word, Outlook, etc, and basic typewriting skills.

Each department of local government has their own list of qualifications. Most law enforcement officials can got to have a sheepskin or GED and no arrests.

Individuals that would like to be employed in the Royal MP will enter the service at 3 totally different levels:

  1. Constable
  2. Constable Sergeant
  3. Inspector

Selected candidates area unit needed to require a course for an amount of 3-12 months. This includes variety of coaching sessions and education, together with the following:

  • Study of law
  • Police science
  • Marching
  • Weapons
  • Physical exercise e.g. martial arts

In addition to that, the individual also will be expected to travel through sensible coaching in police districts for a amount of nine months. Upon completion of the coaching, the candidate would be on probation for three years before their post is confirmed for good.

Apply Join Royal Malaysian Police

To apply to join the Royal Malaysian Police, visit the official Royal Malaysia Police website. Make sure you meet all of the requirements. You can also contact the recruitment office in the ‘contact us’ section of the website to make more enquiries.

For a lot of please go Royal Malaya Police official website.

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