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Switzerland Army Recruitment 2022 and Application Guide

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Switzerland Army Recruitment 2020 and Application Guide.

Switzerland Army Recruitment 2020… Switzerland’s defence systems were once the responsibility of individual cities and cantons. A properly organized army initial came into existence throughout the Helvetic era (1798-1803).

Switzerland Army Recruitment

Switzerland Army Recruitment 2020

The event of a gray was one among the most things on Switzerland’s political agenda throughout the decades once 1798. In 1815, Europe’s major powers recognised the neutrality and independence of nation Confederation. Consequentially, national defence – reassuring domestic law and order and defensive the territory of nation Confederation – advanced to become a definitive strategic objective of the military.

During the last half of the twentieth century, and particularly once 1980, the long run and alignment of nation Army progressively became a problem of political dispute. Whether or not ally or opponent of the military, whether or not educational or “simple” recruit: each interested party will realize documents on the history of “their” military within the Swiss Federal Archives.

Swiss Army

Switzerland encompasses a well regulated militia army. The military have a little nucleus of concerning 4200 skilled employees, half that are either instructors or employees officers, with the rest principally being facility guards. Men on active service in Switzerland’s military personnel are allowed to keep their army-issue weapons reception however most aren’t allowed to stay army ammunition reception. 

The military has nearly no regular active combat units however is capable of full mobilization at intervals seventy two hours. Females are part of the military and, as of the last count there were over one thousand active-duty members of the Swiss Army.  Switzerland has been a Partnership for Peace (PfP) member since 2006. The Swiss army has 220 military personnel deployed in support of KFOR peace-keeping operations in state. 

Tasks of the Military

Three tasks – one goal: Security for our country. Swiss military defends our country and other people against a military attack. It supports the civilian authorities in managing natural disasters and in countering serious threats to internal security. And it assists at intervals the context of international peace support and humanitarian aid.



Under “Armee 61” the military was organized into Field Army Corps one, two, and four, and Mountain Army Corps three. This structure was outdated by the “Armee 95” and thenceforth the “Armee XXI” structures.

Since the military XXI reform in 2004, the essential structure of the military has been organized within the following units: foot brigades (2 and 5); mountain foot brigades (9 and 12); armoured brigades (1 and 11). In addition 2 massive reserve brigades (Infantry Brigade seven and Mountain Brigade 10) exist. 

Four territorial divisions link the military with the cantons by coordinative territorial tasks within their sector and area unit straightaway liable for the protection of their regions, relying solely on the choices of the Federal Council.

Senior Staff Officers

Senior staff officers are career officers within the rank of general officer, major general or general officer. they’re appointed by the Federal Council underneath special written agreement terms from the national as their leader. the overall is elective  by the Federal Assembly as shortly as a widespread military call-up is foretold or declared. Senior employees officers occupy key command appointments and central employees functions.




Switzerland has obligatory military service for all healthy male nationals that are conscripted after they reach the age of majority, but girls could volunteer for any position. Individuals determined unfit for service, wherever fitness is outlined as “satisfying physically, intellectually and psychological needs for military service or civil protection service and being capable of accomplishing these services while not harming oneself or others”, are exempted from service however pay a third extra annual tax till the age of thirty, unless they’re laid low with a incapacity. 

About 2% of all conscripts were found unfit for military or civilian service in 2008; the speed is usually higher in urban cantons like urban center and Geneva than within the rural ones. Swiss voters living abroad are typically exempted from militarization in time of peace whereas twin citizenship by itself doesn’t grant such exemption.

Swiss living abroad are essentially free from being recruited and serving within the military throughout times of peace as long as they continue to be abroad. Some limitations apply to those living in border zones on the point of European nation. 

Under sure conditions and procedures, Swiss living abroad could voluntarily participate within the Swiss military. You have to be of Swiss nationality. He’s duty-bound to sign up military service reckoning on age and capabilities. 

Having another citizenship doesn’t, in general, influence Swiss military needs. Swiss that will show they have dual-citizenship and have consummated military service needs, officialdom or different connected duties in this country area unit exempt from Swiss military obligations in keeping with accords signed with those states. Agreements exist with, among others, Germany, France, Austria, European nation and also the United States.

How to be Part of Switzerland Army

You must have Swiss citizenship and be of a correct age to affix nation Army. Know that each one Swiss man should serve an obligatory term of military service once they reach the age of nineteen, though they’ll be part of voluntarily at the age of eighteen. 

Girls aren’t needed to perform obligatory terms, though they’ll be part of voluntarily at the age of eighteen further. Apply for citizenship if you are doing not already hold full citizenship or twin citizenship. Bear in mind that subaltern officers should be between the ages of nineteen and thirty-four and staff officers or higher should be age fifty two minimum.

Decide what branch of Switzerland Army you would like to apply for. Make a choice from the Army, the Air Force, the military provision division, Command Support or the NBC Defense Forces. Discuss the assorted choices with a recruiting officer either at one among nation Army headquarters or by contacting nation Army directly via its information processing system or by phone or email.

Complete any pre-service coaching once you have got mentioned your chosen branch of nation Army along with your recruiting officer. Discuss the assorted needs with the recruiting officer, because the preservice needs vary reckoning on the branch of the military you have got chosen.

Conscripts receive eighteen weeks of obligatory coaching, followed by seven 3-week intermittent recollects for training throughout future ten years.

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