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The Definition and Effect of Cultism In Nigeria; Interesting Facts

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The Definition and Effect of Cultism In Nigeria; Interesting Facts

Are you inquiring to know more about “THE DEFINITION AND EFFECT OF CULTISM IN NIGERIA” you will find all the information here.

With the help of this articles, you will be able to gather some advance and better information about the definition of cultism in Nigeria as well as its effect on the life of their prospective confraternity members.

Definition and Effect of Cultism In Nigeria

Definition and Effect of Cultism In Nigeria

Cultism has been a major problem affecting Nigeria for close a decade now and we don’t need to be told that its perils and scourges are beyond imagination. The question now will be what is cultism? In my own term, I will define cultism as any group with its ultimate motive centered on violent and other related unlawful act. In most cases, this group has the same activities, the same color of dressing, and the same talking language. The next question we will be answering now is what is the effect of cultism? Read through this article to know all of this

Effect of Cultism on Individuals/Nation


Have you ever been in an environment where cultist activities are rampant? If you’ve not, trust me you don’t want to because it’s definitely not a good experience. The last time cult rivals fought in my neighborhood, I couldn’t go out for like two days because I was scared of getting shoot or stabbed. One of the obvious effects of cultism is that it fosters social chaos in the society which we all know will ultimately result to under-development in the country.


My best friend was shoot by a cultist group four years ago, this is actually one of the reasons am writing this article. It has killed a whole lot of people and it’s still killing them. And you know one thing I’ve discovered is that this killing is even more on those people who join this cult group. Every day they engage in fighting  and they end up killing themselves, they are regularly been killed by police men but what gets me surprise and annoyed is the fact that despite this killing, majority of them still choose to join this cult group. And the effect of this is obvious, they do thing things they shouldn’t do and engage in activities they shouldn’t engage in.


The bible actually made a stand on this, it say no home divided among itself, will stand. We can rephrase this bible portion to our country. No country divided among itself will stand and this is so true.  It’s a natural phenomenon that any place there is constant violent, killing, shooting and fighting won’t grow. You would agree with what am saying if you look at countries today at are fighting every now and then, they are so backward, because no foreign investors will want to establish business in a violent place, it won’t grow.


According to statistics conducted on people that are in one cult group or another, it was found out that most of them indulge in unlawful activity like stealing, raping,assault, weed smoking. In the area where I live, people are been arrested on daily basis because of one offence they committed and this is not a good thing for our country. I was watching an interview conducted on a notorious cultist the other day when he was asked how he started, he mentioned that just as he newly joined, he was given a gun to steal from people, that it was a test to prove his courage, what nonsense!!  With the large number of youth joining this cult group, I wonder what this country will be like in years to come


One place you can find cult group easily in Nigeria is in schools. Wellam not surprise because it all started in school and you don’t need to be school to know this and what it has caused in our schools. If you’ve not experienced it in school before, you have at least watched it in Nigerian movies. They act such movies every day.  Cult groups have made school unbearable for student , last time my cousin was beaten up for merely wearing a red dress  with a red hang glove, I wonder when wearing red cloth has become an offence in Nigeria. Not only that but they attack fellow student, rub them of their money and even rape the female ones and added to this is the fact the attack lectures, height of it all, some of this lectures can even give birth to their father, but they  still talk to them recklessly and attack them


This is the crucial of them all, the after effect. What becomes of our country and our youth? What will they become in the next 10 to 20 year after all of this?  This is the reason for everyday robbery, kidnapping and ritualism you see all through Nigeria. After spending years of their live achieving and accomplishing nothing, they turn to other alternative which is normally not good. The agboro boys you see around, the truck pushers,  The handicapped man you see sitting and doing nothing was probably a cultist who was in the course of doing something wrong was disfigured.

Remedy for the Situation of Cultism in Nigeria


The way forward is to come with a campaign to this regards. This campaign should educate people on the impending dangers of cultism. In every state, local government and village, the youth should be made to know what cultism can cause the effect it has on their career and dream and provide shelter for those who joined but want to take a new live. Emphasizes should be placed on Nigerian schools especially Nigerian universities. Added to this, groups should be created in schools to tackle this situation. Some school is actually adapting this view and are forming groups to this regard which is a good thing

Also, security should be made tight in schools, town and villages. And for those who would not want to take a new live, they should be apprehended and made to face the course of law. After all of this is done, we can now boast of a Nigeria free from cultism and its impending dangers and we can be rest assured that that Nigerian will be that country we have always wanted it to be

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