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The Friends You Keep Today, Infuences Your Tomorrow

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The type of friends you keep is a great determinant of who you are or who you are going to be.

The popular saying ” show me your friend and I will tell you who you are ” is a perfect saying that must be taken dearly.

Do you know that some friends you keep,due to the fact that they don’t have the opportunity you have,they will want to discourage you and bring you down to their level.

I will quickly highlight you the three(3) major types of friends we have.

• Friends that adds to you,
• Friends that takes from you,
• Friends that has no impact on you.

Sometimes it is better you never met some people and on the other hand,the best that will ever happen to you it to meet some people.

This is why very soon, I will be dropping an article here in kayodesblog.in on “Top Things To Look Out For Before Choosing A Friend. ”

» Friends That Adds To You :-

There are some company of friends you keep that adds to you but note that what they add to you can either be
> Positive or
> Negative.

Some friends often take positive impact in your life. Those are friends that encourage you to become great and better, they are always there to see you develop in all ratification. This are friends who are always there to help you out in times of need.

Friends that shun negative living,advice you even on the other friends you keep.

On the negative, this are friends that all they no is socialising, they are in no way bothered about the future. They encourage rugged life and implore you to enjoy the present at the expense of the future.

This is the more reason why most times, you see a childs character begin to change, this is due to people he has met and the influence they have on them.

» Friends That Takes From You :-

Here is another category of friends. This set of friends are only interested in what they can get from you. Most of them don’t have anything to offer or add to you. They probably don’t even have a bearing for their life.

Friends that are not bothered if you end up empty and emptied. They often reduce your value. They rob you of your cahs,standard,values and respect and take a walk.

» Friends That Has No Impact On You :-

This class of friends are present in your life like they are absent. They neither add to you or reduce you. Anything you say or do is a yes and a carry go for them. No action to correct you or set your part right.

You need to be very strict when it comes to choosing friends. There are some friends you keep that might end up making you a regret living.

There is 100% possibility for you to take most of your friend character and immediately you pick the wrong one, it might be difficult to put up with it.

I in person has met lots of friends, some tried to twist my ways but I stood my ground to trail the right part because I could visualise where I am going.

Choose friends that you know has the zeal for greatness like you do.

” Birds of thesame birds they say flock together ”

When a sheep starts making friends with a dog,there is no way it will not become become like a dog.

If you get too noticed with a thief, when the thief gets caught,you will be called upon to defend your innocence.

Analyse The Friends You Have Today

What Group Out Of The Above Do They Belong ?

Is There A Possibility For You To Move Forward Still Having Them Close To You ?

Cought the relationship if you need to. Failure is an orphan, month one will associate with you if you end up failing yourself, they wiil all run.

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