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Top 10 Fast Small Moving Business In Rural Area

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Top 10 Fast Small Moving Business In Rural Area.

Fast Small Moving Business… Talking about the top ten fast moving business in rural areas, I mean the best business which operates well in villages, we have several business in rural areas, such as farming, saloon business, phone call business, bakery, restaurant, painting, clothing boutique, ice cream and so on but not all are moving.

Fast Small Moving Business in Rural Area

Fast Small Moving Business In Rural Area

Some are just there for the sake of owning a business, but gets customers once in a long while. Such business are said to be stagnant. In this article, I will be talking about the top ten business in rural areas, and how they satisfy customers, and why they are said to be the best.

But before I go into this I will like to make you have an idea of what rural area is.

Rural area in general, it is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities, to crown it all, rural areas are villages. Rural areas are also called country side. They are traditional areas which are not included in the urban areas.

In villages, they are lots of people there that are not exposed, so not all business that operates in the city might be of value to them, they believe in ancient traditions and are not civilized in rural areas.

When we talk of fast moving business, we are talking about the business that are active in the village, business which people need to be available, in order to make their day to day activities complete.

It is a little bit difficult to determine the best business in rural areas because there are lots of business that moves well, let’s say they are lots of competing business but I’ll bring to our notice the top ten.

  • Farming [agriculture].
  • Selling of provision and food stuffs.
  • Establishing of schools.
  • Tailoring.
  • Palm wine joint/bar.
  • Barbing Salon.
  • Hair dressing saloon.
  • Bakery.
  • Betting centers.
  • Phone call business.

1. Farming Business [Agriculture]

This is the best business one can ever establish, because it is really necessary for our growth. When we talk about farming, we are talking about the raw feeding materials which are being processed to become edible goods.

Farming business is really important because without food new will be unable to carry out our day to day activity successfully. We need food to be strong and also to keep us healthy. This type of business, grow food and live-stock and distributes in large quantity.

This type of business, all kinds of foodstuffs are made available not minding the year and season.  In rural areas, farming is one of the best business one can ever think of because they are enough and good soils to cultivate crops.

Almost everyone in rural areas do engage in this business, farming business is so unique in the sense that it is necessary for our every-day growth unlike other business. Agriculture is the best because it covers almost all other business, it supplies food, clothing, medicine and food security to human population.

Farmers   benefit a lot because their products are being bought each day. Farming business tops every other business in the villages because they deal with food, and food is really essential for all living things.

2. Selling of Provision and Food Stuffs

This is also one of the best business in rural areas. Just like farming, selling of food stuffs and provision, are also very important to our ever- day living. Most of these food stuffs are bought from the farmers and are sold to consumers for consumption.

Selling of these items really moves because each day people get to buy things especially food stuffs and other necessary items needed for our up keep. In a provision shop not only edible stuffs are sold , items like cream, which is needed always to keep the body fresh and healthy, beverages,  tooth wash, bathing soap and so on.

3. Establishing a School Business

This is another business that moves well in the village. The population of children in villages is high. Everyone loves to have an educated child. At least even if the child is not able to pass through all, that child must have passed through the foundation which is the nursery and primary stage.

In villages, school fees are set at affordable price to ensure that a large number of children pass through it.  Most time most parents send their children to school at an early age, so as to have space and time to run their day to day activity, while a large number send their kids to acquire knowledge.

4. Tailoring

Tailoring business is one of the best moving business in rural areas, because without tailors, they would be no one to amend clothes, patch clothes and sow new ones especially for occasions. Tailors make lots of money because each day people sow at least one new clothe. This business also moves during occasions like wedding burial and so on, such occasions do have their different uniforms to be sown. Tailors deals with cloth, and we wear clothes each dear to cover our body.

5. Palm wine Joint/Bar

This is another moving business in the village, opening a palm wine join and bar. In our today’s society our youth young men, old men and even women can go a day without drinking at least a bottle of beer and palm wine.

This business moves very well because this is a point where most people do go to relax, and in the process of doing that, they order for something to keep them busy.

Some of them go there to discuss and have fun, while others keep bar as their meeting point. Palm wine is really valued by people in the villages, especially the fresh palm wine.

People get themselves occupied by drinking two bottle, three bottles and lots more. Some get drunk at the end of the day. This is one of the best moving business because our youth and men value drinks even more than the food they eat.

6. Barbing Saloon

This is another moving business. Here boys, men children and even women go to have a hair cut in order to look neat. Students really go there especially those in schools that don’t braid hair. This place is set aside for the purpose of making people have neat looks.

7. Hair Dressing Saloon

Just like the barbing saloon, the hair dressing saloon is meant for ladies. Ladies do go there to braid and weave their hair to have neat looks. Every one loves to look good, presentable, charming and gorgeous.

8. Bakery

This is where you can be offered fresh bread, cakes pastries and lots more. People love baked foods. Especially the fresh baked ones. Baking business really moves market.

9. Betting Centers

This is another moving business in the village. Here you find our youth and young men betting a football game to get money if won. Here men do spend their money for an irrelevant game, some loose and some win.

This business gains a lot because the betting is being done with money and you stand a little chance to win. Jobless people and those who feel like having football fun do go there.

10. Phone Call Business

This is another good business that moves in the village. Those in the village don’t really have what we call phones. So this business is meant for anyone without a phone, and wants to pass information across or talk to a love one.

In conclusion, we have been able to know the top ten moving business in villages and why they are the best. This 10 business are really necessary in our daily activities.

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NG Team.

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