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Top 10 Free Business Listing Websites in Nigeria for 2022

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Top 10 Free Business Listing Websites in Nigeria for 2020.

Free Business Listing Websites in Nigeria… If you are a business owner, you have probably thought of taking your business online and one of the most popular ways of giving your business a visible internet presence on Nigeria is putting it on business listing websites. A lot of businesses get customized websites for their businesses but that isn’t enough.

Free Business Listing Websites

Top 10 Free Business Listing Websites in Nigeria

People actually have to know about your business to search it out. Due to how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work which is how websites are ranked when searched on the internet, the likelihood of many business websites getting the much needed visibility on the internet is low.

Some persons choose the options of promoting their businesses on social media but it takes a lot of consistency for years even to get the much needed attention your business seeks. You also have to employ social media influencers who would manage your business social media accounts and / or promote them.

For SMEs (Small and Medium-Scale Enterprise) owners, employing social media influencers to manage and promote their business social media accounts and business services or products would mean extra costs which they might not be able to afford or which is outside their budget.

The questions usually asked by these owners of SMEs are, “How do I give my business a visible internet presence? What are the top free business listing websites in Nigeria?”

In this article we would be address all of these and list such business listing websites which would suit your business needs and give your business the visible internet presence it needs.

Below are our picks of the top 10 free business listing websites in Nigeria in 2020 based on many factors such as:

  • High search engine ranking
  • User-friendliness
  • User or customer reviews
  • Dependability
  • Number of users
  1. Google Local Business

Google Local Business is an initiative by the technology search giant, Google on its online search portal Google.com . Take advantage of people seeing your business when they make use of Google services and platforms such as Google Local Finder, Google Local Park, Google Maps, and website ranking on Google.

With Google Local Business, you can update register your business, update your business listing, build a website and

communicate with clients from the comfort of your internet enabled devices such as your smart phones, talents, laptops and desktops.

You’d get free listing on the Google platform which would require you to include information about your business such as contact address, contact numbers, and the modes of payment you accept.

  1. Facebook Business Page

You probably already know about this if you are use Facebook already. It is free to use and you need to have a registered Facebook account to create a page so register if you haven’t to create a page.

On your Facebook Business Page you can promote your business products and/ or services by posting them and engaging with the public by making announcements of your activities, getting their feedbacks and more.

You should get people to follow the Facebook business page by liking it.

Grow your followers list and encourage your followers to invite other Facebook users to like your business page.

Note that people are more likely to trust your business and patronize it if previous customers give you great reviews so do well to have great customer service.

  1. Vconnect Nigeria

Vconnect is arguable the most popular and top free business listing website in Nigeria for several years, including 2020.  The website is a business engagement platform which is especially designed for Nigerian business (and SMEs) to have an internet or online presence.

On Vconnect, you can search out even businesses in your neighbourhood or locality and narrow down your search to the particular business service you seek. When registering, you would be asked a few details about your business to help you get it listed in the right category so you can connect with the right prospective clients that might seek the services or products your business offer.

There are countless top brands and companies registered on and even partnering with Vconnect Nigeria such as RenMoney, Nobel Carpets & Rugs, Jumia Travel, Stallion and so many others.

There are even options to hire people too! You can also put details of your business and website too! That is greater visibility for your business.

  1. Business List

On Business List you don’t need to pay any fee. The site isn’t just user-friendly, it is also mobile-friendly with all the right information and listing of business services in a way which can be easily searched out by users.

  1. DealDey Nigeria

Most people who know DealDey just think it is just an e-commerce website where you buy and sell on the internet in Nigeria but, amongst, other things, it doubles as a free business listing website in Nigeria.

DealDey has great support for local businesses and since a lot of persons visit the website to buy and sell, the likelihood of your business being found increases, coupled with its high ranking on search engines online.

  1. Finelib

Finelib.com is especially noted for its professional look which it gives to even local business that might be startups or small-scale.

Another beautiful thing about Finelib.com is, it is highly ranked on search engines like Google.com. Being highly ranked means your business would get more visibility on the internet.

Other top 10 free business listing websites in Nigeria are as follows;

  1. Nigeria Business Directory
  2. SME Arena
  3. NG Contacts
  4. Connect Nigeria

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NG Team.

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